Do you feel drawn to crystals, but aren’t sure where to begin? The world’s most powerful crystals come in many forms, and these incredible stones can give you the boost that you need in numerous aspects of your life. Our Guide to The World’s Most Powerful Crystals will introduce you to some of the best crystals to make use of if you’re looking to:

A collection of the most powerful crystals

The most powerful crystals possess such a myriad of properties that we could have quite easily included certain stones in more than one of the categories below. For instance, the benefits of Clear Quartz are manifold, and it’s a mainstay as a money crystal, a manifestation tool, and a creative aid, not to mention being perhaps the most powerful healing crystal of all! However, to avoid repetition, and to give you the broadest introduction possible, we’ve included these beneficial gemstones in just one category.

10 Powerful Crystals for Confidence

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies, falling into patterns of self-sabotage or doubting our abilities. Working with certain crystals can help us to tap into our inner strength and restore a healthy balance. They can protect our energy from the taint of negativity, especially when they are worn against the skin, placed on our chakras or kept close during meditation or in situations in which we lack confidence.


Aquamarine is said to have brought maritime merchants courage as they traversed the seas of ancient history. It calms our fears and helps us to trust ourselves. Aquamarine is especially effective if you lack the confidence to communicate effectively, as it activates the throat chakra.


Known as the “stone of hope”, this stone brings balance amid chaos. That balance allows you to negotiate life with certainty and clarity, free from erratic thoughts or uncertainties. This beautiful stone, which is also thought of as a wealth crystal, even looks a bit like the calm waters that serve as its namesake.

Black Tourmaline

Capable of cleansing the first, or root, chakra, Black Tourmaline boosts your confidence by relieving fears and anxieties, helping you to feel secure and grounded. It guards against negative energy and, by placing it close to electrical devices, it will also shield you from EMF pollution.


A spiritual talisman for bravery, boldness and power that’s been used for centuries. This is an excellent stone for empowering you to reach the finishing line and increasing your levels of bravery and determination. Carnelian combats apathy and is closely linked to the sacral chakra. Cleansing this lets your inner light shine brighter and instils faith in your abilities.


Garnets light a fire in the soul and can help to eliminate deep-rooted patterns of self-doubt. There are 6 variants of Garnet, and each has prominent powers of manifestation. Garnets can encourage you to stride outside of your comfort zone, embrace opportunities, and stop wondering about “what may have happened” if you’d taken a different path.

Rose Quartz

Colloquially known as a “love stone”, Rose Quartz boosts your levels of love, self-love and happiness, making it much easier to stay motivated. When you don’t struggle with love, you’ll also be more inclined to have more confidence in yourself, your abilities and your choices. Rose Quartz is an excellent complementary stone for other confidence-related crystals.


Inextricably and exclusively linked to the heart chakra, rubies assist you when you want to focus your passion to achieve a goal in your life. As well as deepening your passion, they also promote boldness and can sharpen your zest for life and love.


A key helping hand for someone who’s looking to express themselves better and set off in a bold new direction. This stone is infused with healing properties and enhances intuition, helping you to break boundaries and give you greater self-assurance. It’s even said to improve your immune system and quality of sleep.


A promoter of energy that especially aligns with lower chakras (such as the sacral and solar plexus chakras). Sunstone has strong links to happiness and optimism, and helps to “shine a light” on our inner gifts. The ability to embrace yourself is key for working on confidence. It’s greatly beneficial for those who struggle with self-assurance or setting boundaries.

Tiger’s Eye

Linked to prosperity, power and the solar plexus chakra, this “stone of leadership” is fantastic for washing away feelings of lethargy. It helps us to channel the confidence of the tiger and serves to protect us. It’s long been said to ward off the evil eye. Tiger’s Eye guides us to own our creativity and take responsibility, it drowns self-criticism, and lets us trust in our own power to embrace whatever is needed to attain our desires.

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

A selection of powerful crystals being charged

Keeping your crystals cleansed and charged is vital. As part of the natural process of working with crystals, they can absorb a lot of negative energy. After all, sometimes the crystal is being employed for that very purpose, allowing you to embrace your potential! But if your crystals become full of negative energy, their capacity to help can be exhausted. You’ll need to flush this out so that they can communicate with the universe again without disruption.

Different crystals respond best to different treatments, but some useful ways to cleanse them include:

  • Smudging them using sage sticks or another of your favourite herbs
  • Rinsing them under clean water
  • Placing them in a bowl of sea salt

To charge your crystals, you could try to:

  • Leave them in the sunlight, but not for too long! Some crystals may fade in the sun
  • Leave them in the moonlight, preferably during a new moon or a full moon
  • Bury them in the soil overnight or place them directly on the ground
  • Let the wind blow over them
  • Position them close to quartz stones

10 Powerful Crystals for Creativity

There’s no substitute for putting in the effort when it comes to tapping into your creativity. Waiting for an elusive “bolt from the blue” can lead to a lot of unfulfilled potential, but certain crystals are very effective at unlocking creative doors or cleansing creative blocks. Work with them in your creative space, wear them against your skin, sleep near them, or place them on your sacral chakra to invite the flow of creativity!


A stone with healing properties, Apatite is the friend of creative problem-solvers, giving you the clarity to find the path you need to take. It also assists with time management, helping you to efficiently tap into your creative wellspring.


A “warrior’s stone” that encourages boldness and purpose. Helping to relieve stress, self-doubt and anxiety, the Bloodstone calms feelings of anger and is also linked to inspirational dreaming and manifesting an abundance of meaningful treasures.


This gemstone is said to bring peace and quiet amid the hustle and bustle of life, letting us connect with our deepest selves. It helps us to cleanse our inner palate and make space for that moment of new creative inspiration to flourish.


A key stone for crystal healing, and also a promoter of positivity and contentment. The “Merchant’s Stone” is possibly the single most powerful crystal for attracting money, but another of Citrine’s lesser-known powers is its ability to help us to overcome inner demons and refresh our inspiration. It awakens your confidence and personal power, but also adds a dash of good luck into the mix!

Clear Quartz

Quartz is the master healing stone and is possibly one of the single most powerful crystals we can think of. It’s famous for its ability to suppress negativity and promote optimism and peace. That healing capacity is a breath of fresh air for the creative soul. Clear Quartz is among the best-known amplifiers, both for your vibrations and those of other creative stones, effectively doubling their potential.

Rainbow Moonstone

Infused with feminine energy, this stone promotes the wisdom to accept the rise and fall, as well as the changing cycles in creative life. Constantly forcing creative energy can actually hold us back – this potent crystal helps us to go with the ebb and flow.

Red Jasper

A powerful reinforcer of physical and emotional strength, Red Jasper is a root chakra stone that can awaken your kundalini serpent. It provides the courage and energy to think big, but will also keep you grounded whilst your creativity flows, showing you that you need to keep going to realise those goals. It can also work wonders for removing stubborn feelings of self doubt.


An iridescent stone of almost infinite colours, Labradorite therefore speaks of similarly infinite possibilities. It is a fantastic stone to encourage the exploration of new possibilities, giving us the courage and the transformative power to do so.

Lapis Lazuli

A cleanser of the throat chakra that prevents harmful self-talk, the “wisdom stone” can boost your memory and capacity to learn and communicate. Lapis Lazuli has an ancient history of being used for artistic expression and connects with the third eye to help us share our vision.


“Fool’s Gold” to some, yet infused with protective qualities and good luck, Pyrite is like a magnet that helps us to manifest and draw in an abundance of good things. To some people, that translates as material wealth or the realisation of a growing business, but to others that’s the worth of self, rich relationships, more connections, or the energy to nurture a new seed of creativity.

10 Powerful Crystals for Prosperity

Prosperity in life means different things to different people. It could be material wealth, spiritual wealth, or simply the capability to become a master manifester. When worn against the skin, certain crystals sync your vibrations with theirs, allowing this energy to be transmitted to the universe. You can also hold such crystals while you meditate or build an altar to house them. When these crystals are combined with visualisation, gratitude, goal-setting and other practices, their effects on prosperity can be startling.


Agate is a stone that speaks to the desires within us all. The Green Moss Agate can help you to manifest more connections in life, including the vital connection to long life and health. Fire Agate is all about kindling dormant dreams within us. Regardless of the variant, Agate helps us to tap into our inner strength to step into our dreams as a reality.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian speaks of stability, and also has great power to clear obstacles in life and guide you to new opportunities. Such new opportunities will serve you better than the shackles of old habits, and ultimately spin a web that will hold you far more securely. This crystal can teach you to embrace the journey of life with bravery, and not fear risks.


A stone of manifestation, harmony and wisdom, the Emerald is a useful tool when you’re trying to tighten your focus on what you really want. It even improves your memory! It also aligns you with your desires, which leads to fewer distractions as you pursue them. Better alignment also leaves us more able to receive all that the world wants to give us, which is a key principle in manifestation.

Green Aventurine

Known as the “gambler’s stone”, Green Aventurine brings luck, and helps to improve your physical energy, increasing your capacity to get up and go. This air crystal stimulates creative thinking and is the go-to talisman when it comes to manifesting magic. As a heart chakra stone, it encourages prosperity in love, both towards life and within relationships, and aids decisive action when sweeping the path in front of you clear.

Green Jade

Often used within ancient Chinese healing practices, Green Jade is often considered to be “a money stone”. It’s said to bring wealth or other forms of prosperity to anyone who wears it or keeps it close. In fact, most green crystals are linked to prosperity in some form. Associated with good luck, it’s perhaps more important to note that Green Jade gives us the peace we need to avoid self-sabotage. In a sense, it helps us to “make our own luck”!


Hematite’s radiant energy can help to pick you up during trying times, giving you the ability and self-esteem to take control and move on. However, it’s also a grounding stone, enabling you to keep a strong tether as you leap into the unknown to realise your desires. Hematite helps you to shake off limiting behaviour patterns and stokes a can-do spirit within you.


Malachite is a transformational stone that dissolves self-limiting beliefs. An energy magnet, Malachite is a heart chakra stone that motivates you to step out, explore your situation, and elevate it to the next level. Its effect on your motivation stems from the boost that it lends to your strength, endurance and perseverance. It also increases intuition.


A guiding light, Moonstone can always show you the pathway back to your true self. Steeped in the energy of the divine feminine, Moonstone guards us against attachment thinking and the perils of getting stuck in the same old rut. It works with the heart, third eye and crown chakras to give us clarity of sight as we move through cycles of change in our lives.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz’s lesson for prosperity is that you shouldn’t mute your feelings, and should instead channel all your energy into self-worth. This helps us to clear our minds of clutter and stops us from feeling overwhelmed. Blue Topaz assists communication: an unbroken line of energy between our heart, throat and head means we can clearly share what we want with the world.


A true wealth stone, Turquoise is an excellent choice of crystal to wear when your income is less than you’d like. It’s perfect for motivation and self-empowerment, as well as giving you a greater awareness of the value of what you have. Turquoise is renowned for its calming energy and offers protection to the owner too.

How to Find Your Wealth Corner

A bowl of powerful crystals in a wealth corner

Stand at the main entrance of any room, facing inwards. The corner of the room that’s furthest to your left is known as the wealth (or money) corner. Wealth or prosperity crystals that are placed within such a corner will have a greater capacity to make your wealth desires come true. Why not place an amplifier like Clear Quartz alongside them for even more energy?

15 Powerful Crystals for Motivation

Motivation helps us to strive for our goals. Certain crystals can help you to feel more motivated. In fact, if you’ve read this far you’ll have already spotted a few! If you keep these crystals in your pocket, sleeping space, or simply your hand while you meditate, their energy can have an instant impact, boosting your determination, ambition, productivity, and confidence levels, or lifting your mood and giving you a fresh perspective.

Almandine Garnet

Great for giving you the motivation to conquer physical exploits and training sessions.

Blue Apatite

The key to this crystal is its ability to help you to embrace new ways of being successful, enabling positive choices and attracting good news.

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal can sharpen your focus and clarity of thought, giving you the vision and determination to achieve your ambitions.

Bumblebee Jasper

Bestowing the positive energy (and boundless energy and focus) of its namesake, Bumblebee Jasper also cleanses both the solar plexus chakra and the third chakra.


Famous for giving you the creativity you need to manifest - and realise - new ideas, even when you’re feeling low.


Opening the third eye chakra, Jade’s energy promotes an abundance of good fortune, healing, and a desire to grow and improve yourself.

Leopardskin Jasper

Said to increase personal magnetism, this protection stone can help to bolster your courage and will to succeed.


Lepidocrocite encourages self-worth, inner strength and your desire to achieve your goals with hard work.


A crystal of balance, capable of restoring and calming both your mind and your emotions.

Orange Calcite

If you find it hard to muster up the passion to motivate yourself, this stone can help you to change that.

Red Aventurine

A stone of enthusiasm, Red Aventurine will rekindle your interest in life, helping you to find the path that suits you best.

Red Calcite

This stone boosts your mental focus and capacity to be creative, helping to empower you to reach your goals.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Helping to balance several lower chakras and boasting numerous properties, Red Tiger’s Eye also has a specific effect on your motivation for financial success.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz opens the heart chakra to create change and stimulates enthusiasm and confidence levels.


A popular good luck charm with spiritual energies that go way beyond luck, Tanzanite promotes peace and bestows a feeling of being “at one” with the universe.

Powerful Crystals for Stress & Healing

Crystals can inject a peaceful and soothing aura into your home or workplace. Certain stones can bring a sense of awareness and clarity that lets us better control fiery emotions, like anger, which in turn helps us avoid a life of continuous stress and poor decision making.


One of the best stones for stress relief, the Amethyst cleanses the crown chakra, which enables enhanced levels of consciousness and greater levels of positivity. Essentially, it connects you to what fulfils you, prompting spiritual discovery and guiding you on how to let go of anything that’s not good for you. It's also used in Feng Shui to attract abundance.


A stone with a calming effect, Howlite can not only help to dispel anger or resentment, but also self-hatred and wider negative energies. It won’t help overnight, but with practice and the assistance of Howlite you can learn to transform these harmful emotions into tranquillity. This stone is ideal to hold in your hand while you meditate or focus on taking deep breaths.


Sometimes unfairly referred to as a “poor man’s emerald”, the Peridot is a happy stone, and is something that brings protection and balance. It helps to clear blocks and encourages you to discard dead energy, so you can embrace your true self. It’s renowned as a mood improver, transforming angry energy into calmness, and teaches you that abundance is your birthright.

Smoky Quartz

A powerful crystal healing aid, Smoky Quartz has all of the healing power of generic quartz and the ability to transform negativity into positivity. It’s an ideal crystal if you need to release anger, frustration or resentment, and can be a great help alongside breathing techniques and mediation. Smoky Quartz is a staple tool for Reiki masters or energy healers when they seek to reduce stress.

Crystal healing in a wider sense is a topic that fascinates many and is deeply connected to the concept of auras.

Scientifically, an aura is an electromagnetic field that emanates from the atoms that make up everything within our world. Spiritually or metaphysically, an aura consists of seven energy layers that relate to health in a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional sense.

Healing crystals can work with these auras to bring about measurable changes in certain individuals who make use of them. Some believe that the power of these crystals comes strictly from their user’s mind (i.e. a placebo effect). However, whether positive changes occur as a result of that or as a consequence of the healing crystals themselves, a great many positive changes in people’s lives have been attributed to crystals.

A selection of crystals around a stone candle

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