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The Perfect Festive Flowers for Your Unique DIY Christmas Wreath

An artfully designed Christmas wreath is the introductory craft piece to your festivities this — and every — year. Placed ... Read More

A woman in the process of cutting slices as she learns how to make soap.

Your Essential Guide on How to Make Soap You Can Sell

So, you want to make soap and turn it into a life-changing business? You have come to the right place! Soap has a long and rich ... Read More

A graphic of many polyglots saying hello.

Meet the Polyglots: Incredible People Who Can Speak Many Languages

They say no man is an island. Indeed, we rely on interaction with our fellow humans to survive modern life. Communication is key ... Read More

Sabrina Clarke, a student of candle making at Centre of Excellence.

Candle Making Changed My Life: One Woman’s Sweet-Smelling Journey to Independence

Scent can be a powerful evocation; a memory, a feeling, or even a fresh start. Candle making certainly offered just that to ... Read More

Portrait of a seal taken by Scott Duffield that has been selected as finalist for the Outdoor Photo of the Year 2021.

Seal of Approval: From Digital Photography Course to Outdoor Photo of the Year Finalist

When you embark on transformational learning and personal development, you can expect to become knowledgeable or even an expert ... Read More

How Sacred Geometry Informs This Artist’s Incredibly Beautiful Sculptures

Nikki Ella Whitlock was intuitively and subconsciously harnessing sacred geometry in her artwork before she was even aware that ... Read More

Exploring Earth’s Beautiful Biomes

Over thousands of miles, across arctic tundra, dense rainforests, arid deserts, and open oceans, all the different biomes of our ... Read More

A couple stand under a tree and look up into the night sky at the Milky Way galaxy.

Finding the Milky Way and Other Observable Galaxies

You’ve probably heard of the galaxy far, far away called the Milky Way — but did you know that there are billions of galaxies ... Read More

A woman learning how to sew cutting fabric at her sewing kit.

How to Sew an Adorable Pin Cushion for Your Sewing Kit

Learning how to sew is a mindful yet practical pursuit that can give you hours of joy, some interesting challenges, and a home ... Read More

Skin Anatomy: An Examination of the Body’s Largest Organ

Your body is an incredible thing; a system of approximately 10 trillion cells divided into structures and mechanisms that make ... Read More

The Ultimate 8-Step Digital Photography Starter Kit Guide

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, with so many options on the market, and a few camera myths floating ... Read More

Dramatic dusty sandstorm illustrating the climate changing

Why Is Earth’s Climate Changing?

Earth’s climate — in other words, the average weather patterns across the world — is changing. Life has witnessed the ... Read More