Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar, ruled by the planet Saturn and stemming from the constellation “Capricornus”. In this article, we delve into the meanings behind Capricorn birthstones and discover some of the best crystals for Capricorn (and those to avoid!).

Capricorn zodiac sign

Dates: December 22nd - January 19th
Symbol: Sea-Goat
Zodiac Element: Earth
Associated Colour: Grey
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Virgo
Capricorn Personality Traits: Ambitious, logical and hard-working

What is the Capricorn Birthstone?

Capricorns have a great list of crystals that are favourable to them, and many stones can expel negative energies from their life. As with all zodiac signs, there are usually two birthstones linked to them - one for each month the zodiac crosses between.


A garnet birthstone

Garnet is associated with Capricorns born in January and is usually known as the primary Capricorn birthstone. It’s favoured above all others.

Garnet is a fiery red-coloured gemstone that directly captures the energy from Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, making it one of the most powerful healing crystals that a Capricorn can possess. It has held the status of a gemstone for jewellery and decorative purposes since the Bronze Age, and takes its name from the Latin word “Granatus”. This means “pomegranate”, due to its resemblance to the seeds of that fruit both in terms of colour and shape.

It also holds many healing powers; wearing a Garnet replenishes and energises the spirit, alleviating any heavy or pessimistic thoughts. It cultivates your creative power and gives your self-confidence a boost, along with elevating courage and hope for your endeavours.

Blue Sapphire

A blue sapphire birthstone

Likewise to Garnet, Blue Sapphire also attracts healing energy from Saturn. This auspicious gemstone honours those born in December under the Capricorn sign.

It’s been worn throughout history as a symbol of royalty, wealth and power: attributes thought to be most desirable for a Capricorn. Sapphire also symbolises love and commitment, and is commonly used for engagement rings and to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary.

When it comes to its healing abilities, Blue Sapphire dispels confusing thoughts and feelings of depression and replaces them with joy and light. When worn as a necklace, this ‘wisdom’ stone can activate your throat chakra, giving you the confidence to speak your truth, voice new ideas and ease communication with others.

Which Are the Best Crystals for Capricorns?

Many other crystals are known to bring beneficial gifts to the Capricorn who acquires them. Having any of the following crystals in your Capricorn gemstone collection can only enrich your life further.


A peridot crystal

A gorgeous green gemstone and a variety of the mineral Olivine, this crystal will drive its Capricorn wearer to accomplish their goals through increased concentration and motivation. Contrastingly, Peridot also possesses softer healing powers and encourages you to let go of your past and move forward, allowing you to gradually heal with time.

Black Onyx

A black onyx gemstone

Black Onyx’s bold and strong appearance translates into the mindset of its wearer and induces self-confidence. It’s also a strong ally for Capricorns. Black Onyx ignites inspiration and helps set the course to achieving your goals, whilst protecting you and keeping you grounded on the journey there. When your mind is feeling chaotic, having a Black Onyx close by can offer you tranquillity and bring stillness to your thoughts, easing the process of decision-making.

Blue Topaz

A blue topaz crystal

This clear blue crystal gifts its bearer with clear-headed energy and helps enhance focus to improve concentration. Due to its close relationship with the throat chakra, Blue Topaz can dissolve throat blockages, thus helping you to develop communication skills – encouraging meaningful conversations and deepening your relationship with those close to you.


An agate crystal

The Agate gemstone takes you on an inward journey to rebalance and harmonise the body and mind. This cleansing stone has many healing properties, and is best known for its stabilising and strengthening powers during periods of mental exhaustion. You’ll feel safe and secure when wearing Agate, and enjoy peace of mind as negative energies are shaped into positive ones.


A fluorite crystal

Known as the ‘aura cleanser’, this gemstone clarifies your mind and detoxifies unfavourable thoughts and energy. It welcomes a fresh new way of thinking and washes away negative thought patterns. It can be obtained in a variety of different colours, with each possessing its own unique quality. Fluorite works best when worn as a pendant close to your heart or throat.


A malachite crystal

Malachite is an ancient stone that is associated with the afterlife and resurrection. It has a gorgeous, rich green colour with wisps of a lighter green shade that can sometimes resemble the shape of an eye. It’s therefore believed to protect against the ‘Evil Eye’. This protection crystal also absorbs heavy energies that could otherwise draw a person into depression. You should wear Malachite as a necklace to maximise its healing benefits.

Which Crystals Are Unlucky for Capricorns?

As with all the zodiac signs, there are crystals which bring prosperity to some but disruption to others. If you are a Capricorn, there are two crystals that should be left out of your crystal collection, as they could do more harm than good.

Yellow Sapphire

A yellow sapphire gemstone

Yellow Sapphires are the lucky birthstone for Virgo, with Mercury being their ruling planet. Capricorns are not favoured by the planet Mercury, which is why there is a conflict when wearing Yellow Sapphire.


A ruby crystal

It’s advised that Capricorns should avoid wearing Ruby, as the stone is closely related to the Sun, which conflicts with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. As the Earth and Fire elements have opposing energies, Ruby can bring about conflict, invoke hostility and bring bad luck to a Capricorn.

Not a Capricorn? Find out what the most powerful crystals are for a variety of circumstances, or discover your Zodiac Birthstone and explore the healing crystals that favour your star sign.

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