An Examination of Extreme Weather; From Tornadoes to Tropical Cyclones

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One of the male Peacock praying mantis insects (Pseudempusa pinnapavonis) in defensive display with colourful wings.

The Secret Life of Insects and Their Many Defence Mechanisms

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Botany Horror Stories: Carnivorous Plants and Their Prey

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Dramatic dusty sandstorm illustrating the climate changing

Why Is Earth’s Climate Changing?

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Valentine’s Day Ideas - A Heart Contained Within a Crystal Ball

7 Valentine’s Day Ideas to Bring the Va-Va-Voom

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Metaphor for leaping into the new year - silhouette of a woman leaping from one cliff to another

Leap into the New Year with 60% Off Courses

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Thank You

Thank You!

2018 has been another incredible year for us at Centre of Excellence. We’ve launched dozens of new courses, welcomed ... Read More

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How to Be Happy: Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing

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Positive Thinking 101: Techniques for Starting a Vocation

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Voice & Vote - Vote 100 Commemorative Album

Vote 100 – Come on the Girls!

You may remember an article we published in February – Centre of Excellence Featured in Vote 100 Album. In the article, we ... Read More


Centre of Excellence Featured in Vote100 Album

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Kick-start Your Commute

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