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The Untold Benefits of Learning British Sign Language

Contrary to popular belief, speech is not a language. Speech is actually a medium by which many of us communicate. But speech ... Read More

the largest earthquakes can cause untold damage, as in this image.

The Largest Earthquakes in History: From Chile to Alaska

Planet Earth proves a beautiful but sometimes unstable and cruel home for the human race. The geological mechanisms that make our ... Read More

A ea turtle with a plastic bag in its mouth demonstrating the importance that we save our seas from damage.

Threats to the Oceans and How We Can Save Our Seas

The oceans comprise about 70% of the world’s surface and are vital to the delicate balance that aids life on Earth. The oceans ... Read More

Centre of Excellence Is Pleased to Announce the Winners of the 2021 CoE Awards

It’s that time of year again! The Centre of Excellence learners have submitted entries to the COE Awards in their hundreds and ... Read More

A woman smiling at a rainbow as a gratitude journal entry.

The CoE Gratitude Journal: 2021’s Best Moments

What a year! There is no doubt, 2021 has been tough for many. However, much like life, the year has been one of highs as well as ... Read More

A list of online course gifts from Centre of Excellence to give your loved ones this Christmas by interest.

The CoE Christmas Edit of Online Course Gifts For Every Loved One In Your Life

As last year’s lockdown Christmas gifts gather dust — that pizza oven and hot tub definitely felt like a good investment at ... Read More

How To Have a Sustainable Christmas You Can Feel Good About

Christmas has become a time of mass consumption. Don’t get us wrong, the joy of gift-giving, eating and drinking, and ... Read More

Sara Jones, the CEO of Centre of Excellence, the EVAs award-winning eLearning business.

Centre of Excellence Wins Internet Industry of the Year Award At The EVAs

Centre of Excellence is delighted to report that the judging panel at the Enterprise Vision Awards (the EVAs) selected our ... Read More

An Examination of Extreme Weather; From Tornadoes to Tropical Cyclones

Since the dawn of time, humans have been forecasting the weather and long-term climate changes. Often, it’s just to avoid ... Read More

One of the male Peacock praying mantis insects (Pseudempusa pinnapavonis) in defensive display with colourful wings.

The Secret Life of Insects and Their Many Defence Mechanisms

You might not pay much notice to insects but their secret little lives are likely beyond the realms of your imagination. Indeed, ... Read More

Botany Horror Stories: Carnivorous Plants and Their Prey

For thousands of years, plantlife has been nourishing animals and humans. These green beings quietly grow around us, largely ... Read More

Dramatic dusty sandstorm illustrating the climate changing

Why Is Earth’s Climate Changing?

Earth’s climate — in other words, the average weather patterns across the world — is changing. Life has witnessed the ... Read More