Gemini is the third of the twelve zodiac signs and Mercury is its ruling planet. It symbolises the twins named Pollux and Castor, which are also the two brightest stars within Gemini’s constellation.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Dates: May 21st - June 21st
Symbol: Twins
Zodiac Element: Air
Associated Colour: Yellow
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Aquarius and Libra
Taurus Personality Traits: Social, versatile and intelligent

In this article, we explore Gemini birthstones and the meanings behind them, including other healing crystals that a Gemini should own.

What Are the Gemini Birthstones?

The Gemini zodiac sign falls between the months of May and June, and there are not one, but two birthstones for Gemini: one for each month the zodiac crosses. These birthstones are Emerald and Pearl.


Emerald birthstone

The Emerald gemstone favours Geminis born in May. For centuries, Emerald has been worn as a symbol of royalty and elegance, and it’s widely known that Cleopatra of Egypt was extremely fond of this crystal and wore it in many forms of jewellery.

Aside from its obviously gorgeous physical properties, this stone has many beneficial healing properties for a Gemini. It sparks the use of the mind in a greater capacity, enhancing psychic abilities and stimulating the wearer’s analytical thinking skills. At the same time, Emerald can develop a Gemini’s creative side, ensuring the mind is fully exercised. When it comes to others, this powerful gemstone attracts loyalty in any friendships and relationships a Gemini is developing.


Pearl birthstone

Formed by various species of mollusc, Pearls are neither stones nor crystals, but actually gems. In Ancient Rome and Ancient China, Pearls were gifted to royalty and symbolised high status, and they’ve since remained a representation of wealth, status and femininity.

The Pearl is believed to attract and enhance the energy of Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet), automatically making it a positive ally for this zodiac, especially those born in June. For a Gemini, Pearls are believed to bring multiple positive qualities to their lives. For example, this gleaming gem can help a Gemini maintain stability and assist in balancing the polarising moods that they’re prone to feeling. It also symbolises purity and innocence, and its close link to the third-eye chakra allows it to bring transparency and honesty to its wearer. It’s a natural regulator for opposites – transforming negative energy into positive and balancing the ego and modesty.

What Are the Best Crystals for Gemini?


Agate crystal

This gemstone is also ruled by Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet), instantly connecting itself to this zodiac sign. Geminis are very quick to learn new things and love to participate in intelligent conversations, and Agate helps to compose their fast thinking and active mind, allowing them to maintain focus more easily. This crystal also possesses a magnetic energy, keeping its wearer grounded and calm.


Celestine crystal

The Celestite crystal is a popular stone amongst collectors. Its Latin name translates to ‘heavenly’, matching its blue and clear cloud-like appearance. Celestite has the ability to protect your inner world from outside influences and darkness, and attempts to uplift your mood. It is linked closely with the third-eye chakra, lighting the path towards spiritual enlightenment. For a Gemini, keeping Celestite close would restore harmony and bring peace into their life.


Serpentine crystal

Serpentine is a powerful gemstone, as it assists in aligning all of the chakras. For a Gemini, it can help to bring perspective on what’s truly important in life, allowing them to let go of a fear of change and embrace the magic that life has to offer. Through activating the Crown chakra, Serpentine breathes confidence into the wearer, giving them the strength to be less sensitive to the opinions of others and become more confident in themselves.


Moonstone crystal

Moonstone symbolises new beginnings. This translucent, off-white crystal is a Gemini’s best friend, as it’s able to help regulate conflicting emotions and create balance throughout the mind, something that Geminis usually struggle with. It helps bring clarity when it comes to decision making or feelings of being lost.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian jasper gemstone

The Dalmatian stone is named after its canine lookalike. The black spots on this gemstone are believed to absorb negative energy, freeing its wearer of heavy and dark thoughts. Its qualities focus on effort and reward, teaching a person to practise patience and showing them the value of determination. For the hardworking Gemini, keeping the Dalmatian stone on hand during a new business venture can work wonders.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal

Clear Quartz, sometimes referred to as the ‘Master healer’ is a stone of clarity and focus, qualities that a Gemini would greatly benefit from. Its ability to absorb, release and regulate energies is what makes it the ultimate healer. As descendants of this zodiac sign tend to be extremely versatile and usually hold multiple interests and hobbies, Clear Quartz can complement all this whilst also preventing their focus from straying too far.


Sodalite gemstone

Even the most sociable and energetic Gemini can feel overwhelmed at times. Wearing Sodalite can soothe these feelings of anxiety and calm the mind, preventing the onset of a panic attack. Other benefits of this crystal include its ability to promote rational and logical thought, which makes it a great aid for a Gemini that’s studying or starting a new role.


Aquamarine crystal

This healing crystal is a great addition to a Gemini’s collection. Among its benefits are the ability to slow an overactive mind, clear confusion, and overcome fears, as well as the ability to speak truthfully and from the heart. Despite their excellent communication skills, Geminis can be quite direct in their approach but, wearing Aquamarine, they can more easily express themselves in a gentle, considerate manner.

Which Crystals Should Gemini Avoid?

Among the great list of healing crystals for Gemini, there are a couple of stones that they should stay clear of if they wish to avoid bad luck and adversity.

Black Onyx

Black onyx gemstone

Black Onyx is believed to create conflict in a Gemini’s life. Although it has many great individual qualities, it has connections with bad luck and unfortunately does not sit well with Geminis. For users born under this zodiac sign, Black Onyx can attract fear into their lives and heighten discontent.

Red Coral

Red coral gemstone

Red Coral represents the planet Mars (a planet named after the God of War, Ares). Unfortunately, Mars can promote disagreement, meaning Red Coral is unlikely to bring its positive qualities to a Gemini. Instead, Red Coral could cause aggression and anger to surface from the Gemini descendant and may make them extremely irritable.

Not a Gemini? Find out what your Zodiac Birthstone is and explore the most powerful crystals that favour your star sign.

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