Taurus is the second zodiac sign of the astrological calendar and is ruled by the planet Venus. This Earth sign is depicted as a Bull, which represents Zeus during the abduction of Europa. In this article, we look into the meanings behind Taurus birthstones and other healing crystals that a Taurean should wear.

Taurus zodiac sign

Dates: April 21st - May 20th
Symbol: Bull
Zodiac Element: Earth
Associated Colour: Green
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus Personality Traits: Intelligent, down to earth, hardworking and loyal

What Is the Taurus Birthstone?

Many zodiac signs have two birthstones: one for each month that the sign crosses over. However, with Taurus, this is not the case. Although the Taurus season begins in late April and ends in late May, there is only one primary birthstone for Taureans - the Emerald.


An emerald birthstone

Emerald is known as the main birthstone for Taurus. This gorgeous green gemstone is a variety of Beryl and has been worn by rulers of various global civilisations for thousands of years, including Cleopatra. To this day the stone is still associated with prosperity and wealth. As well as being the birthstone for Taurus, Emerald is also linked to Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus, making it the perfect match for those born under this zodiac sign.

When it comes to healing properties, Emerald stimulates the heart chakra and heals the emotions and heart of a Taurean. It promotes unconditional love within friendships and relationships, with loyalty at its foundation. Wearing an Emerald can give a motivated and hardworking Taurean the boost of energy they need to complete a task, bringing positivity into each action.

What Are the Best Crystals for Taurus?

Many other crystals can also enrich the life of a Taurean. The gemstones listed below are some of the most compatible for this zodiac sign, and - when combined - create a powerful collection.


An aquamarine crystal

Harnessing the powerful energy from the ocean, Aquamarine soothes the intense emotions that can build up in the mind of a Taurean. It teaches one to loosen up and go with the flow of life, rather than being caught up in unnecessary stresses. Toxicity is therefore washed away and the wearer is left with a much clearer and open mind,


A topaz crystal

Topaz cleanses the mind, helping Taureans to improve their concentration. It soothes and recharges the body and mind, and directs its healing energy to the areas that need it most. Topaz is also considered to be a lucky stone for Taureans, bringing good health and abundance to their lives. Wearing it around the neck can invite the crystal to activate the throat chakra, allowing for better communication.


A carnelian gemstone

The deep orange Carnelian crystal sparks confidence in Taureans who are on the quiet side, helping them to overcome their fears and take the first step towards achieving their life’s dream. This stone is all about taking action and passing this feeling and motivation onto its wearer. At the same time, it inspires them to be open to spiritual transformation.


An amethyst crystal

This crystal protects and guards a Taurean against unwanted stress and negative ill-wishers. It is also known to relieve the wearer from symptoms of insomnia, which can be frequent for the dedicated and extremely hardworking Taurean. Although Amethyst provides a blanket of security, it also encourages its wearer to step outside their comfort zone every now and then.

Rose Quartz

A rose quartz crystal

The stone of love and emotional healing. The Rose Quartz crystal is one that shouldn’t be left out of a Taurean’s crystal collection. Its most notable quality is being able to envelop its wearer in healing energies, providing much-needed comfort during times of grief. It also promotes self-care and reminds its wearer to take time off for themselves during their busy schedule.


A malachite crystal

Malachite acts as a protector for a Taurean. This deep green decorative stone collects and expels negative energies by strengthening the wearer’s aura, creating an unbreakable shield. It also assists them to say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs, paving the way for them to explore new opportunities and reach greater heights. Wearing Malachite in a necklace keeps this healing crystal close to your heart, allowing it to energise the heart chakra.


A peridot crystal

It can be natural for a Taurean to fear change and resist moving forward once they have settled in their comfort zone. However, by wearing green Peridot these limiting beliefs are slowly dissolved, creating a fresh new mindset filled with optimism and a zest for life. This crystal also symbolises focus and purpose, giving its wearer the energy and endurance to continue working towards their life goals.

Lapis Lazuli

A lapis lazuli crystal

Taureans share their wisdom qualities with Lapis Lazuli, nicknamed the Wisdom Stone. When a Taurean wears Lapis Lazuli the third eye chakra is stimulated, releasing intuition, truth and psychic ability. These gifts allow the Taurean to have a better understanding of their own strength and see things more objectively, leading to better judgement and decision-making.

Which Crystals Should Taurus Avoid?

In isolation, most crystals bring forth their own fortune and gifts. However, as a Taurean, you may wish to steer clear of pairing certain crystals together, as you could find yourself stepping into unnecessary negativity and problems.

Carnelian & Amethyst

As described above, Carnelian and Amethyst have their own special healing properties that can help a Taurean to feel secure and confident. However, these crystals should ideally be worn separately. Energy is believed to be boosted by Carnelian and calmed by Amethyst, so combining the two could lead to disorder and confusion.

Tiger’s Eye & ​​Malachite

Tiger’s Eye can help a Taurean to feel protected and safe, strengthening their inner security. However, conflict arises when this stone is paired with Malachite. Despite their individual qualities, these two stones conflict, as one attempts to channel the energy and convert it into something useful, while the other attempts to block it. Taureans should ideally keep these two gemstones separated.

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