Leo is the fifth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar and its ruling celestial body is the Sun.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Dates: July 23rd - August 22nd
Symbol: Lion
Zodiac Element: Fire
Associated Colour: Orange
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Aries and Sagittarius
Leo Personality Traits: Confident, protective and dramatic

In this article, we explore the Leo birthstones and the meanings behind them, including various other healing crystals that Leo should wear!

What Are the Leo Birthstones?

The Leo zodiac sign crosses over two months: July and August. Since birthstones are assigned according to both month and zodiac sign, Leo has more than one birthstone.


Ruby birthstone

For a Leo descendant born at the tail end of July, the Ruby crystal is the favoured birthstone. It is one of the four main precious stones of the world and represents the power of the Sun (Leo’s ruling celestial body). Many of Ruby’s meta-physical qualities complement those of a Leo; it can instil inner self-confidence and boost mental energy, both of which tend to be existing traits for a Leo. Its close connection with the heart chakra further brings out the desire for a Leo to protect their loved ones and - underneath all of the playfulness and extroverted tendencies - their empathy and passion are developed.

This fiery stone of passion can also bless a Leo with qualities such as self-esteem, communication and hard work. As natural-born leaders, these aspects can propel Leos to achieve great success in their lives.


Peridot crystal

Peridot is the birthstone for Leos born in August. It has been linked to the Sun throughout history and is believed to protect against dark spirits and dangers that await when the Sun has set. As Ruby enhances the existing qualities of a Leo, Peridot helps heal the unfavourable traits they may possess. For example, a Leo’s confidence can sometimes come across as arrogant and ego-centric, but wearing Peridot can instead instil humility and understanding, and encourage their nurturing side.

As Leos tend to be the centre of attention and make a deal of effort to keep up appearances, Peridot can release them from the pressure of needing to accommodate others, and instead allow them to be their true selves.

What Are the Best Crystals for Leo?

There is a range of healing crystals that would positively impact and benefit a Leo. When searching for crystals to add to your collection, consider the below.


Carnelian gemstone

This fiery orange gemstone is known to ignite creativity and passion within a Leo descendant. This boost of energy can aid a Leo in all aspects of life - from friendships to careers - enriching their experiences further. Carnelian also drives courage and determination for those who wear it, qualities that most Leos are born with.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye gemstone

Tiger’s Eye acts as a manifestation gemstone for a Leo. As they are naturally ambitious and determined, Leos are more likely to chase and achieve success. When worn, the Tiger’s Eye recognises this determination and works to realise their owner’s goals. Rather than providing something new, this gemstone activates a Leo’s natural qualities such as self-drive and willpower, and inspires action instead of thoughts.

Red Agate

Red agate gemstone

The deep Red Agate gemstone contains many healing properties. Its connection with the sacral chakra allows it to improve fertility in Leo women and ignite passion in Leo men. Despite its fiery personality, this crystal is known to also bring forth a calming presence to its wearer. Especially during times of stress, wearing Red Agate can melt negative feelings and form a protective shield, banishing further unfavourable energies.


Pyrite crystal

Pyrite is a powerful fire stone. Its strength lies in its ability to resolve fear, such as fear of failure or fear of how the world may see us. For Leos who are usually self-assured and confident, Pyrite can maintain this quality within them, preventing any fears from destroying their confidence. Through wearing this crystal, a Leo can focus on achieving their goals with the reassurance that they’re supported in their journey.


Larimar crystal

The Larimar crystal is a must-have for anyone born under this zodiac sign. Its relaxing nature promotes balance and calmness to an over-energised and excited Leo. When worn, it allows its wearer to release their emotions and clear their mind of unhelpful patterns. As Leos tend to be more talkative and high-energy in nature, the Larimar crystal can assist them to become better communicators so that they can express their thoughts in a clearer way.


Citrine crystal

This cleansing crystal always has a home in a Leo’s gemstone collection. It radiates positive energy for all those who come into contact with it and is powerful enough to rescue a Leo from dark thoughts. Not only does it expel negativity, but Citrine has the ability to repurpose it into fruitful energy such as abundance and wealth. For a Leo who’s hoping for some good luck in the near future relating to career or finance, wearing Citrine can provide positive results.


Sunstone crystal

The strong relationship this crystal has with the Sun (as its name suggests) makes the Sunstone a powerful ally for Leo. As watching a sunrise can clear the morning mind of worries and generate an overall feeling of stillness and peace, the Sunstone has a similar effect on a Leo, revitalising the mind and providing the clarity and necessary optimism to have a good day. For a Leo that’s especially sensitive to adversity, the Sunstone soaks up the warmth of the Sun and blankets its wearer in this comforting energy, helping them to overcome stressful feelings.

Which Crystals Should Leo Avoid?

We’ve revealed some of the best healing crystals for Leo, but, as with all the Zodiac signs, there are always some crystals to stay clear of. For Leo, these are Black Onyx and Aquamarine.

Black Onyx

Black onyx gemstone

Black Onyx is traditionally used to access our past in order to heal traumas, but this energy can feel overwhelming for a high-spirited Leo. Despite its powerful healing qualities, this crystal can sometimes drown its wearer in heavy energy and bring forth nightmares; this is especially true for Leo descendants.


Aquamarine crystal

As a water stone, Aquamarine clashes with fiery Leos. For other zodiac signs, this crystal is beneficial for relaxing the mind and promoting calmness, but for a Leo, who is by nature lively, passionate and high in energy Aquamarine can instead dampen these great innate qualities.

Not a Leo? Find out what your Zodiac Birthstone is and explore the most powerful crystals that favour your star sign.

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