Concept art of a man practising memorisation and mentalism.

Mentalism: The Art of Memorisation, the Memory Palace and Memory Manipulation

The most common synonym for mentalism is mind reading. But actually, the art of mentalism is so much more than that. From ... Read More

Black and white portrait of a woman doing shadow work - her eyes are closed and her face partly obscured by shadow.

What is Shadow Work?

Demons. Shadows. Skeletons in the closet. We all have them. And you can’t just get rid of your shadow, no matter how far you ... Read More

Woman homeschooling her daughter

Homeschooling: Why the Numbers are Rising

Home education, typically called homeschooling, is on the rise worldwide, and the UK is no exception. In three years, the number ... Read More

Man listening to philosophy podcasts being in deep thought

Thinking Aloud – The Best Philosophy Podcasts

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Student Testimonial – Alex Warner

Student Testimonial – Alex Warner

Centre of Excellence student, Alex Warner, shares her thoughts on using our services. Studying the Advanced Nutrition for Weight ... Read More

Relationship philosophy - Paper hearts on a brown paper background with the words 'Thinig of you' written below them

Relationship Philosophy: Using Mind Over Heart

Philosophical thinking, whether we are aware of it or not, informs the way that we think about relationships. When people ask for ... Read More