Aries (Latin for “ram”) is the very first zodiac sign in the astrological calendar and originates from the constellation of the same name. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the ancient Roman god of War, and an active and passionate influencer.

Aries zodiac sign

Dates: March 21st – April 20th
Symbol: Ram
Zodiac Element: Fire
Associated Colour: Red
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius and Leo

Aries Personality Traits: Ambitious, brave, confident, competitive, impatient, optimistic, and natural leaders.

What is the Aries Birthstone?

Aries is the eldest child in the zodiac family and therefore sets the pace for the rest of the world. Those who are born under the house of Aries are highly-driven leaders, not followers, so you’d expect them to have some wonderful birthstones associated with them, and you’d be right. Like all zodiac signs, Aries spans two months. The bloodstone serves as the Aries birthstone for those born in March, with the diamond for those with birthdays in April.


A bloodstone birthstone

A fire birthstone that ideally complements an Aries and a traditional stone for them in Hindu astrology. Because the passion of an Aries tends to burn strongly, they can very easily burn too much energy too quickly. The bloodstone has a balancing effect on the chakra system, plus the emotions and feelings of an Aries. Full of the energy of Mars, it offers healing for an Aries by fuelling their already strong levels of courage, determination and stamina.

The Bloodstone was worn by warriors in antiquity to not only enhance their strength but also protect them. It bestows this protective effect on an Aries by stripping negative energy from their chakra. If worn around the ankles it can offer rooting properties and relief from health issues that relate to the root or sacral chakra. Also known as “Heliotrope”, this crystal is a blood cleanser and is said to heighten intuition and perception. It pairs well with an Aries with sensitive, creative, and temperamental tendencies.


A diamond crystal

Strong and resilient to a fault, it’s no surprise that an Aries should have a particular affinity with the diamond. This beloved stone offers additional stability and balance to those born under a fire sign, and also serves as a lucky stone for an Aries. The diamond shares Mars as a ruling planet but delivers inner strength not via cries for battle, but by enduring sympathy and radiant love. For a potentially wild and reckless Aries, it brings glorious harmony that can’t be shaken.

Like the bloodstone, diamond was traditionally worn to encourage victory in battle. It’s the zenith of white light, combining all seven rays into one breathtaking union. Although Aries stones are traditionally red, their varied natures are reflected by crystals of other colours. The fact that the often-translucent diamond is their best friend therefore feels very fitting. The diamond represents truth and vision, bringing an extra layer of mental clarity and focus to an Aries. It’s a potent guide on the path to self-realisation and spiritual enlightenment.

What Crystals Are Good for Aries?

A gentle water stone that can help to clear the mind of an excitable Aries, aquamarine helps to ground hot tempers and encourage peaceful relationships. It also adds a little flexibility to an Aries who is seeking to flow with life’s tides. It’s associated with March as a standalone stone, and pairs very well with diamond for zen-like positivity, and bloodstone for stress-relief.

Black Onyx

A black onyx gemstone

Onyx is a stone of strength, symbolising passion and power not only for oneself but also for others, as well as spiritual awakening. It shields an Aries from negativity, guards the psyche, grounds them in the rational world and boosts self-control. It’s easy for an Aries to think that their way is the only way, so black onyx reveals new viewpoints they might have overlooked.


A carnelian gemstone

Carnelian helps an Aries to embrace their life’s true purpose, offering courage and strength even during periods of stress. It’s helpful for manifestation too. It’s a traditional Aries stone and is linked to the sacral chakra, reigniting an Aries’ signature creativity, sense of self-worth and passion. However, do be wary of the overstimulation that this fire stone can cause!


A citrine crystal

A healing crystal and a source of positive energy, citrine can help to translate an Aries’ drive to succeed into favour and wealth. It cleanses the aura and banishes negative energy – bringing out the leadership skills of an Aries, whilst helping them to accept criticism. A balancer of the solar plexus chakra, it’s an effective manifester: perfect for an Aries, the sign of new beginnings!


A garnet crystal

Another traditional Aries stone of passion and energy that heightens self-esteem and attracts success. Garnet will protect an Aries from deception and help them to build respectful dialogue. It also brings vitality, helps to dispel negativity and enhances psychic abilities. In essence, garnet reflects an Aries’ natural energy and amplifies it so that it’ll endure even in hard situations.

Red Jasper

A red jasper gemstone

Another red stone that balances all that high-intensity energy and ensures lasting motivation. The particular attraction of this stone for an Aries comes from its ability to encourage thought before action, which can be a struggle for people born under this sign. Another manifestation crystal, it works with the root chakra and efficiently amplifies grounding.

Clear Quartz

A clear quartz crystal

The epitome of an all-purpose crystal, clear quartz brings out an Aries’ energy, along with a sense of balance (as opposed to the calm that other crystals offer). It grounds, amplifies, heals, cleanses and soothes. Clear quartz pairs excellently with carnelian, as it will prevent all that fiery energy from turning into self-centredness. It’s even said to be useful for weight loss.

Rose Quartz

A rose quartz crystal

Associated with unconditional love, rose quartz helps an Aries to feel more loving and foster better connections. It’s your go-to when looking for new relationships (romantic or platonic). Rose quartz reduces negativity and stress. Promoting selflessness, it’s the counterbalance to the accidental selfishness of some Aries and dispels all of the angst that Mars can bring.

Which Crystals Should Aries Avoid?

As always, some crystals are more suitable than others. Sometimes, their unsuitability may be linked to their relationship with Aries energies or the rulership of Mars. At other times, it may stem from the other crystals that we’re already recommending. With both of those categories in mind, we’re including the below as crystals for an Aries to avoid.


An amethyst crystal

A surprise inclusion in this section, we include the amethyst here only because its calming nature conflicts with carnelian’s energy boosting. Otherwise, amethyst brings a lightness of spirit and helps an Aries to channel their ambition in serene and healthy ways. This stone tempers intense stones and amplifies weaker ones, so its suitability depends on your intentions.


A moldavite crystal

An Aries should avoid - or at the very least be cautious of - crystals that are associated with Saturn or Venus. Moldavite is one such crystal, although we could have also mentioned black obsidian, smoky quartz and lapis lazuli. Once again, that’s not to say that these stones will have no benefit to an Aries, but they may conflict with the wider goals they want to achieve.

Blue Lace Agate

A blue lace agate crystal

Blue lace agate comforts an Aries who may be feeling insecure, lost, stressed or beset by grief. It brings positivity, eases the mind and combats negativity… but when an Aries uses it in conjunction with citrine it can also be confusing for the body. The energies of citrine and blue lace agate conflict with each other, so ultimately it becomes a problematic pairing.

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