Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar. Its ruling celestial body is the Moon and its symbol comes from the Lunar constellation of the crab. It is believed that this is the crab that was crushed by Hercules and placed among the stars by Hera.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Dates: June 22nd - July 22nd
Symbol: Crab
Zodiac Element: Water
Associated Colour: Silver
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Pisces and Scorpio
Cancer Personality Traits: Nurturing, protective and sensitive

In this article, we explore the Cancer birthstones and the meanings behind them, including various other healing crystals that Cancerians should wear!

What Is the Cancer Birthstone?

It can be argued that there are multiple birthstones for Cancer. However, there is one crystal that never fails to make the list, and it’s considered to be the primary birthstone for Cancer; this is the Ruby.


Ruby birthstone

Ruby is a blood-red pigmented gemstone that was first discovered over 2,500 years ago in South East Asia. It has been a treasured stone ever since, symbolising love, passion and commitment, and has become a popular jewellery choice for Royal families.

As well as being adored for its beauty, Ruby was acknowledged and used for its array of healing properties. For Cancerians especially, Ruby can bring balance to their heart by igniting the powers of the heart chakra. With the heart chakra awakened, this powerful gemstone focuses its efforts on helping its wearer work towards their passions and achieve their life goals. As Cancerians are natural givers, much of their energy is spent looking after and caring for others, and wearing Ruby can help them regain their lost energy. Besides this, Ruby can boost confidence and bring security and stability into a Cancerian’s life (something that this zodiac figure seeks to achieve).

What Are the Best Crystals for Cancer?

In addition to Cancer’s primary birthstone, there is a special selection of healing crystals that work wonders for Cancerians, especially during the Cancer season. Each has its own connection to this zodiac sign and brings with it the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate.


Moonstone crystal

Moonstone represents Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, making it a supportive crystal for Cancerians. This sacred gemstone is known to bring good luck during times of new beginnings and important events in one's life. As descendants of this zodiac tend to stick to their routines and prefer their comfort zones, Moonstone can help them ease into times of change with a more positive outlook.


Emerald crystal

The green Emerald is an extremely powerful crystal for Cancer. When worn it’s believed that it can enhance the qualities of emotional stability and well-being that a Cancer already possesses. The Emerald’s link to mother nature and balance resonates well with the nurturing side of this zodiac sign, as Cancerians tend to have a need to look after others.



Arising from within the ocean, Pearl connects deeply with this water sign. It symbolises purity and sincerity and uses its connection with the water to ease the mood of a Cancerian who needs to deal with complex emotions. It is also an auspicious gem, harnessing energies from Mars and Jupiter to bring good luck to its wearer.


Calcite crystal

Known as the stone of manifestation, Calcite is usually worn to aid Cancerians to achieve their personal and professional goals. Cancerians are naturally gifted and creative individuals and this crystal provides mental clarity, giving opportunity for ideas and imagination to flow freely. Calcite also has the ability to balance the chakras and has been used for thousands of years to promote energy flow and clear the body of any blockages.


Aquamarine crystal

As another water element crystal, Aquamarine naturally complements Cancerians. Descendants of this zodiac sign feel emotions more deeply than others and can sometimes drown in them. Wearing Aquamarine can bring on a calming presence and ease feelings of anxiety. Alongside this, the crystal can encourage intellect over overwhelming emotions, presenting logic and clarity to the mind.


Opal crystal

Opal is considered to be the stone of transformation. When worn, deep-rooted issues are released, allowing them to float to the surface. This provides an opportunity for the wearer to heal these past traumas. With more clarity, a Cancerian can now feel their negative vibrations transform into positive healing energy. Opal can also challenge a Cancerian’s thinking, shining positivity onto negative thought patterns.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystal

Energising the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is a fine addition to a Cancerian’s crystal collection. As Cancerians are known to be naturally loyal and loving, this crystal matches and amplifies these qualities, filling their hearts with further compassion and love for others. Rose Quartz also directs this flow of empathy inwards, reminding its wearer to look after themselves and protect their own feelings, as these can often be forgotten when looking after others.


Chalcedony gemstone

Chalcedony has been carried as a talisman for many years and it is believed to repel evil and dissolve arising conflict. Cancerians that may struggle with balancing the will of the heart and mind would benefit from wearing Chalcedony, as this crystal can harmonise both areas.
As well as its shielding powers, Chalcedony has the strength to lift someone out of sadness and melancholy and encourage them to feel optimistic once again.

Which Crystals Should Cancer Avoid?

Although many healing crystals bring prosperity and love to the lives of Cancer descendants, there is one crystal that does not, and therefore it should be avoided. This is the Blue Sapphire.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire crystal

As stunning as the Blue Sapphire crystal is, it is unfortunately harmful to Cancerians. It is ruled by Saturn, which is an enemy of the Moon (Cancer’s ruling celestial body). Due to this troublesome relationship between the planets, Blue Sapphire is unable to bring fortunate results to a Cancerian.

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