Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign of the astrological calendar, named after its associated constellation, also known as Sagittarius. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, whose cosmic energies influence this zodiac sign.

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Dates: November 22nd - December 21st
Symbol: Archer
Zodiac Element: Fire
Associated Colour: Purple
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Aries and Leo
Sagittarius Personality Traits: Born travellers, optimistic, spiritual and intelligent

We explore the meaning behind the various Sagittarius birthstones and seek out some of the best crystals for Sagittarius.

What is the Sagittarius Birthstone?

The Sagittarius star sign crosses over between the months of November and December, with each month possessing its own unique birthstone.


A turquoise birthstone

Turquoise is the most popular stone associated with Sagittarius and it’s connected to those born in November. Its blue and green opaque appearance embodies its connection with water, which is again reflected in its healing properties. This encourages the flowing and harmonising of the mind.

By acquiring energies from Jupiter, the Turquoise gemstone balances conflicting emotions in a Sagittarius and encircles them in an aura that soothes their mind against negative thoughts and anxiety. Maintaining its role as a protector, the Turquoise crystal is also a companion for the adventitious Sagittarius on their travels, and has been used as a protective charm for centuries.

Blue Topaz

A blue topaz birthstone

The December birthstone for Sagittarius is the Blue Topaz. This stone attracts good fortune to those who possess it, and it blesses their lives with good health and happiness. It’s closely linked to the throat chakra and supports those practising clear communication with the self and others, encouraging truthful speaking.

For the inquisitive Sagittarius, the Blue Topaz is a fine accompaniment, as it passes on its qualities of problem-solving and intelligence, allowing for improved mental precision when studying or learning.

Which Crystals Should a Sagittarius Wear?

In addition to Sagittarius’ two main birthstones, there are many gemstones and crystals that are known to bring beneficial properties. By wearing one or more of the crystals mentioned below, you can have confidence that you’re shielded from negative vibrations during the Sagittarius season.


An amethyst crystal

Amethyst is a violet-coloured Quartz crystal, ruled by Jupiter, and it acts as a powerful ally for Sagittarius. Throughout history, this crystal has been used to treat addictions and bring emotional healing to wearers. As well as stimulating intuition and perception, the Amethyst crystal places importance on the stillness of the mind, improving mental focus.

Black Obsidian

A black obsidian crystal

Formed from lava bursting from volcanoes, this volcanic stone maintains its close connection to the Earth. It resonates well with Sagittarius, keeping you grounded, encouraging acceptance of past mistakes and valuing lessons learnt. Its most noted power lies in creating a protective barrier around you, shielding you from harmful energies and strengthening your aura. Wearing it as a bracelet on your left hand can activate these healing properties for you.


A citrine crystal

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Merchant’s stone’, the Citrine crystal can brighten up some of your darkest days. Its radiant yellow and orange colouration foretells its healing properties for the wearer of this stone. It is known to energise the soul and awaken your mind to the positives in your life, bringing a more optimistic attitude as you move forward on your path. It can be worn either as a pendant or a ring.


A ruby crystal

Also linked to the element of Fire, the Ruby gemstone reignites passion and enthusiasm in the life of a Sagittarius who may be feeling demotivated or blue. It can help you get back on track and accomplish your personal goals by instilling self-confidence in your heart and awakening a desire for life. It’s usually worn as a bracelet or as a ring on your right hand.


A sodalite gemstone

A beautiful dark blue stone that’s especially favourable to those who are more sensitive to the energies that Sagittarius season brings. Sodalite heightens intuition and brings clarity to the mind, enhancing the spiritual side of Sagittarius. You should look to wear this calming stone, either as earrings or a necklace, in order to attract a more mindful approach to situations throughout your daily life.


A tanzanite crystal

This royal blue and purple gemstone is a desirable crystal for Sagittarius. It supports their spiritual side and aids their journey to reaching a higher level of consciousness. During times of tension and anxiety, wearing Tanzanite can alleviate these negative pressures and provide a reassuring state of mind instead. Keep this crystal close to your throat and chest in the form of a pendant to maximise its healing abilities.


A zircon crystal

Zircon is a mineral that can be found in many natural colours, including golden, brown, green and colourless. It’s been popular amongst travellers and adventurers due to its protective quality. Wearing it can therefore prove to be quite valuable when you’re faced with precarious situations. This crystal inspires truthfulness in its beholder and balances the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of the being.

Which Crystals Should a Sagittarius Avoid?

There aren’t many crystals to avoid for a Sagittarius, but a few examples to be cautious of are:



Pearls are linked to Venus and the Moon and are more suited to sun signs. They should only be worn by a Sagittarius in special circumstances. For a Sagittarius, wearing Pearls can contribute to the onset of nightmares and increased mental tension and stress.


A diamond crystal

Wearing a Diamond as a Sagittarius is not advised. Diamonds are blessed by their ruling planet, Venus, which is damaging for Sagittarius ascendants. For a Sagittarius, a Diamond is the opposite of auspicious and can instead bring forth trouble with finances and health.

Not a Sagittarius? Find out what the most powerful crystals are for a variety of circumstances, or discover your Zodiac Birthstone and explore the healing crystals that favour your star sign.

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