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CoE student Hope on her wealth building journey.

Financial Intelligence & Wealth Building Gave Me The Confidence To Start My Own Business

Money. It’s something many of us feel uncomfortable talking about despite it being an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. ... Read More

New Year, New Side Hustle: Online Courses That Could Help You Generate a Second Income

With a new year comes the opportunity to take stock of our aspirations and shape new goals to work towards. For some, that may ... Read More

A woman in the process of cutting slices as she learns how to make soap.

Your Essential Guide on How to Make Soap You Can Sell

So, you want to make soap and turn it into a life-changing business? You have come to the right place! Soap has a long and rich ... Read More

Sabrina Clarke, a student of candle making at Centre of Excellence.

Candle Making Changed My Life: One Woman’s Sweet-Smelling Journey to Independence

Scent can be a powerful evocation; a memory, a feeling, or even a fresh start. Candle making certainly offered just that to ... Read More

A woman on the phone hoping to start a business.

The Essential Tools You Need to Start a Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

So, you want to start a business? You have an idea, the drive and ambition, and you’re willing to carve out the time to hit the ... Read More

My Life As an Astrologer to the Stars

Neelam Jagasia Puri has been drawn to the esoteric arts since she was a child. Armed with the belief that we are all born with ... Read More

A sleek grey and white home office including a desk, chair and plants

How to Interior Design Yourself the Perfect Home Office

The way we work has changed. Ticking through your professional to-do list in a home office is no longer the sole domain of ... Read More

A woman, who has become a virtual assistant, working at computer in her living room

How to Become A Virtual Assistant and Run Your Own Home Business

With jobs becoming ever more pressured and offering fewer opportunities to progress, you may feel it is time for a change. ... Read More

People working in hr

Working in HR – Why I Love It

Polly has been working in HR (Human Resources) for six years now. She leads a team in a large HR department in a big water ... Read More

Smiling woman on the train listening to business podcasts on her smart phone

Business Podcasts – Inspiration and Advice

In this article of our new series, we introduce you to some business podcasts you might like to explore alongside your learning. ... Read More

Cake shop showing off its product on a table below an 'Open' sign

Cake Shop – Why I Started My Own Business

I knew Lauren Roffey when she was baking her way through the stress of a PHD in Norwich. Then she would turn out beautiful cakes ... Read More

Woman with her own knitting business looks through a gap in her knitting needles

How Redundancy Led Me to Create a Knitting Business

"For the first time ever I was a stay at home mum. It was really frustrating, I wasn’t very patient, and I just felt I was ... Read More