Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign of the astrological calendar, named after the constellation of the same name. It’s ruled by the planet Uranus, although Saturn is also a very strong influence according to more traditional thinking.

Aquarius zodiac sign

Dates: January 20th - February 18th
Symbol: Water-Bearer
Zodiac Element: Air
Associated Colour: Blue
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Gemini and Sagittarius
Aquarius Personality Traits: Open-minded, independent, intelligent, original and humanitarian.

What Is the Aquarius Birthstone?

Aquarius is a complex sign, and - fittingly - Aquarians therefore have a generous list of crystals that are favourable to them. However, as with all zodiac signs, Aquarius crosses between two months, and therefore there are two Aquarius birthstones: one for each respective month.


An amethyst birthstone

The amethyst is widely acknowledged as the main birthstone - or power stone - for Aquarius, and it’s especially powerful when paired with an Aquarian who was born in February.

The scarce colour of this blueish-purple stone was prized by ancients, and it’s infused by the energies of Uranus. Highly spiritual, it’s linked with the crown and third eye chakra. Often combined with the amplifier, Lapis Lazuli, amethyst will allow you to sharpen your intuition and connect with your higher self. Because of the ruling presence of Uranus in their sign, an Aquarian could be prone to feelings of nervousness, but the amethyst helps to keep a check on their mood swings and stabilise emotions.

Full of healing energy, this stone also encourages better sleep, a calmer mind, and reduced anxiety. It even has the ability to guard against migraines. Those born under the sign of Aquarius commonly possess psychic abilities too, and this birthstone only amplifies what’s already there.


A garnet birthstone

Garnet is often recognised as the January birthstone for Aquarius and is a potent awakener of chi or life force. It renews self-esteem and confidence and is a very powerful stone for energy regeneration. An Aquarian can quickly become exhausted as a result of all the idealistic and humanitarian cares they tend to carry, so the garnet helps them to navigate those hurdles.

As free spirits, an Aquarian can also sometimes struggle with commitment - not purely in a relationship sense, but when following through on plans or dreams - and the garnet is famously associated with that virtue. It’s a great companion stone.

Aquarius is an air sign, and those who are born under it can therefore be misunderstood as being a little detached from reality. The garnet therefore makes an excellent companion for them, as its fire not only clears out negativity but also opens the heart to deeper spirituality. Being a stone of passion, courage and willpower, garnet essentially enhances the positives of an Aquarius and helps to temper some of their negatives too.

What Are the Best Crystals for an Aquarius?

Creative and thoughtful by nature, Aquarians tend to lead deeply busy lives, and some crystals complement their personalities better than others. Whilst it’s by no means a comprehensive list, the below crystals are among the best for an Aquarian, allowing them to maximise their positive traits, and balance their negatives.


An amber crystal

A protective “crystal” (although it’s actually fossilised tree resin!) for new beginnings, amber transforms negative energy and brings emotional stability and healing to an Aquarian who’s busy trying to change the world. Amber is also connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakra, which help to instil confidence and determination. As mentioned, an Aquarian can sometimes struggle with commitment, so this stone is a perfect antidote to that.


An aquamarine crystal

A sea-green stone of courage that used to give sailors the bravery to face the open waters. Best used on a full moon, aquamarine brings clarity of mind, foresight and confidence, plus a resonance with the throat chakra that lets you speak personal truths. Because Aquarians can tend towards the introverted, aquamarine therefore empowers them in all of the right ways. Aquamarine creates a bridge to the heart chakra, helping to relieve the stress of a busy life.

Black Onyx

A black onyx gemstone

Associated with the root chakra, Black Onyx protects and helps to ground excess energy. All that anxiety or stress that stems from self-doubt or overworking therefore won’t be able to take hold of an Aquarian. This stone connects dualities in an individual’s personality and encourages self-awareness. Ancient civilisations sometimes viewed it negatively but missed the point that this stone turns weaknesses into strengths by utilising aggressive energies. Black Onyx also provides fantastic assistance when you need to release the pain of emotional trauma.


A hematite crystal

A heavy, silver-grey (or reddish) iron ore crystal that grounds and detoxifies, hematite (or haematite) has a name that derives from the Greek word for “blood”. This crystal has self-healing properties that lend themselves to overcoming trauma or self-imposed limitations. It connects you more deeply to your true purpose, which clears confusion. In a sense, hematite brings Aquarius - the air sign - back to earth, balancing idealism with reality. It’s a root chakra stone, and also blocks the EMF pollution that’s emitted by electrical devices.


A jasper gemstone

Jasper comes in many colours, but the red variety works best with Aquarius. This stone connects to the sacral and root chakras, grounding energy and encouraging creativity and self-confidence. Nicknamed “the endurance stone”, jasper helps to keep airy Aquarians anchored and protected from burnout. Useful for clearing base chakras and renowned as a lucky stone that brings prosperity, jasper also pairs brilliantly with garnet!


A moonstone crystal

Moonstone connects to the lunar cycle and feminine energy, helping Aquarians to flow with the changing seasons of life. When they’re flying high on their freedom cycle, Aquarians can sometimes become frustrated by the world’s desire to put limitations on their goals. The moonstone teaches them to respect (and remain confident about) cycles of change in the same way as the moon waxes and wanes. It’s also a great stone for reconnecting an Aquarian with their emotions if they lose touch with themselves or begin to feel isolated.

Pink/Rose Quartz

A rose quartz crystal

A stone of unconditional love and harmony, rose quartz (also known as pink quartz, hyaline quartz or strawberry rose quartz) helps to balance the heart chakra and heal wounded emotions. Aquarians are naturally compassionate and sympathetic, seeing the inner good in people and regularly dedicating themselves to battling social injustice. Rose Quartz can help them to heal from the knocks that such a path inflicts on them, making sure they don’t get so lost in the cares of others that they forget self-love. It also offers qualities of gentleness and understanding that complement their cause.


A sodalite gemstone

“The poet’s stone”. The blue and white sodalite stone has a mind-centred energy that helps an Aquarian to focus on effectively managing their busy schedules and timekeeping. It also stimulates creative ideas whilst reinforcing clarity: effectively enhancing concentration, knowledge retention and memory. In addition to these organisational qualities, sodalite also assists self-conscious Aquarians to discover like-minded people and friendships, and is connected to the throat and third eye chakra.

Which Crystals Are Unlucky for an Aquarius?

Tiger’s Eye

A tiger's eye gemstone

Aquarius’ association with Saturn means that Tiger’s Eye should be avoided. In the zodiac, Saturn is the enemy of the Sun, which means that the energy field of an Aquarian can be greatly disturbed by Tiger’s Eye. An Aquarian will likely feel increasingly agitated or prone to bouts of temper when they’re in contact with this stone.


A ruby crystal

The ruby is a potent symbol of purity and passion, but it draws its potency from the Sun. As already mentioned, the Sun can be malefic to stones that have any sort of ascendancy in Saturn. Despite harmonising with Aquarius stones like garnet and amethyst for manifestation purposes, we therefore wouldn’t recommend that an Aquarian wear ruby.

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