Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in the astrological calendar. Its ruling planet is Mercury and it’s named after the largest of all the zodiac constellations, Virgo (Latin for ‘maiden’).

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Dates: August 23rd - September 22nd
Symbol: Maiden
Zodiac Element: Earth
Associated Colour: Green/Brown
Compatible Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn
Virgo Personality Traits: Naturally kind, methodical and humble

In this article, we explore the Virgo birthstones and the spiritual meanings behind them, including a variety of other healing crystals that Virgos should own!

What Is the Virgo Birthstone?

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire birthstone

The Blue Sapphire is most recognised for its mesmerising, deep-blue appearance and has been associated with royalty and wealth for centuries. Not only is it a beautiful stone to look at, but Blue Sapphire is believed to possess many healing qualities. In Ancient Greece, this crystal was worn by those wishing to seek guidance from the Oracle, and sometimes to fend off evil.

For Virgos, Blue Sapphire is an extremely beneficial crystal. It symbolises wisdom and, when worn by a Virgo, wonderful inner qualities rise to the surface. It can enhance your perception, psychic abilities, sense of integrity and spiritual development, as well as your connection with the divine. The third eye and throat chakras both have a close relationship with Blue Sapphire and are represented by various shades of deep blue and indigo (similar to this crystal). When activated by a Blue Sapphire, the throat chakra enables a Virgo to communicate clearly with others, while the third eye chakra gives the ability of foresight.

What Are the Best Crystals for Virgo?


Garnet crystal

The Garnet crystal is a great addition to a Virgo’s gemstone collection. Descendants of this zodiac sign steer toward logical thinking and following a methodical approach. However, the fiery Garnet inspires spontaneous energy and supports its wearer in taking risks and enjoying the process more.


Zircon crystal

Zircon is known to be a talismanic gemstone for Virgos and is believed to have magical properties. It can be used as a form of aura protection and is an effective aid to Virgos, helping them to overcome deep emotional pain or feelings of loss. The healing properties of Zircon transcend into the spiritual realm too. It can increase the bond between the physical being and the soul, creating harmony between the two.


Amazonite crystal

While Virgos can achieve great things, they often need encouragement or a plain and simple sign telling them to take a breather and slow down. The Amazonite crystal is the perfect gemstone to take on this responsibility. It also has a very close connection with the throat chakra, helping to improve communication skills for Virgos that can sometimes come across as blunt or judgmental (despite their kind-hearted intentions).


Carnelian gemstone

The Carnelian crystal acts as the stone of self-belief for a Virgo. Through reviving the inner child, Carnelian gives Virgos the ability to perceive themselves in their purest form, dispelling thoughts of self-criticism and failure. It instead reminds them of their progress and worth, reinstating the confidence that they once had before their naturally analytical mind took over. It also inspires creativity and fun, taking its wearer on a journey through the past to a simpler time in childhood.

Moss Agate

Moss agate gemstone

Moss Agate resonates well with this Earth zodiac sign. This precious gemstone strengthens the bond between a Virgo and the natural world and reminds them of their humble qualities. As Virgos can sometimes be hyper-focused on the projects in front of them (due to their methodical minds) Moss Agate allows them to slow down and take a break, appreciating the present moment and world around them.


Peridot crystal

The refreshing Peridot gemstone bursts with positive energy. When worn, it amplifies motivation, performance and quality for a Virgo who’s working extremely hard and needs focus. It’s also considered to be a good luck charm for Virgos, as Peridot’s abundant flow of positivity attracts prosperity and wealth. For best results, Peridot should be worn as a ring on either the middle or small finger.


Sardonyx crystal

Sardonyx provides a stable presence for Virgos, balancing their tendency towards obsession and achieving perfection when they have discovered a new hobby they love. It can be worn when a Virgo is in need of mental support (particularly when they’re feeling consumed and overwhelmed by tasks and incoming information) as it acts as a filter, simplifying the needs of their project. As a result, Sardonyx teaches self-control: a valuable lesson for an overactive Virgo.

Which Crystals Should Virgo Avoid?

All crystals have their own special assortment of healing properties, so it’s not surprising that when grouped and worn together some of these stones will clash with one another and bring conflict to the wearer. For a Virgo, there are a few crystal combinations that should be carefully considered before wearing.

Tiger’s Eye with Amazonite

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful gemstone and is usually worn to boost confidence and instil courage and determination. However, it does not pair well with one of Virgo’s main healing crystals, Amazonite. Amazonite is worn by a Virgo to encourage better sleep and relax the mind when feeling stressed; Tiger’s Eye promotes the opposite. These clashing energies can throw a Virgo off balance.

Blue Lace Agate with Red Jasper

The contrast between Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper is similar to that of the above (Tiger’s Eye and Amazonite). Encouraging stillness, slowing down and relaxation are all qualities that Blue Lace Agate brings to a Virgo, but disorder can arise if Red Jasper is worn at the same time. The passion and vitality that Red Jasper normally brings battles with the opposing energies of the Blue Lace Agate.

Not a Virgo? Find out what your Zodiac Birthstone is and explore the most powerful crystals that favour your star sign.

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