Have you ever felt a surge of positivity or a sudden dip in your mood without any apparent reason? This could be linked to your vibrational energy. Just as music has various pitches and frequencies, we, too, emit vibrations that affect our mood, health, and overall wellbeing. Raising your vibration means increasing your frequency to a more positive, healthier level. You might wonder, "How can I raise my vibration daily?" or "What does raising your vibration feel like?" 

Whether you're new to the concept or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this guide will walk you through what vibrations are, how to discover your own frequency, and eight practical steps to raise it.

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What are Vibrations?

Vibrations in the context of personal energy refer to the frequency at which our innermost particles are moving. Everything in the universe, including us, is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. These vibrations deeply impact our emotions, health, and spiritual well-being.

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How Do I Know My Frequency?

Identifying your personal frequency involves a mix of self-awareness and observation. It's about tuning in to how you feel, react, and interact with the world. For example, feelings of joy, peace, and love usually indicate a higher vibration, while anger, fear, or sadness often reflect a lower frequency.

The Frequency Scale

Imagine a scale with lower frequencies at one end, characterised by negative emotions and energy, and higher frequencies at the other, marked by positivity and clarity. Our goal is to move up this scale, to live in a state where positive emotions and energy are more prevalent.

Lower Frequency Emotions

At the lower end of the scale, we find emotions characterised by heavy, dense energy. These include:

  • Fear: This emotion vibrates at a very low frequency. It's often rooted in a sense of danger, whether real or perceived, and can lead to a state of paralysis or panic.
  • Guilt and Shame: These feelings resonate with very low frequencies. They can keep you stuck in a cycle of negative self-judgment and regret.
  • Anger and Hatred: Slightly higher than fear but still low in frequency, these emotions can lead to destructive patterns.
  • Grief and Sadness: While natural and sometimes necessary, these emotions vibrate at a lower frequency and can lead to a feeling of heaviness and lethargy.

Mid-Range Frequency Emotions

As we move up the scale, the energy starts to lighten, and we encounter emotions that are transitional, often leading towards higher vibrational states:

  • Contentment: This emotion represents a balanced state, where you are generally satisfied but not experiencing intense positivity.
  • Courage and Confidence: Vibrating at a noticeably higher frequency than fear, these emotions help you transition to higher states of vibration.
  • Neutrality and Willingness: These emotions are marked by an openness to change and a readiness to explore higher states of consciousness.

Higher Frequency Emotions

At the upper end of the scale, we find emotions with the lightest, most expansive energy:

  • Love and Compassion: These emotions resonate at a very high frequency. They are characterised by a sense of connection, empathy, and a deep understanding of others.
  • Joy and Happiness: Joy vibrates at one of the highest frequencies. It is an emotion that is expansive, uplifting, and infectious.
  • Peace and Enlightenment: The highest frequencies are associated with a deep sense of inner peace, balance, and an enlightened understanding of life and the universe.

Navigating the Scale

Moving up this frequency scale means acknowledging low-frequency emotions and finding ways to transition towards higher frequencies. Each emotion has its place and purpose, and understanding this scale can help you consciously elevate your vibrational state.

By tuning into your emotions and recognising where they fall on this scale, you can make more mindful choices that align with higher frequencies. This awareness is a powerful tool in your journey to raise your vibration and experience a richer, more fulfilling life.

How to Raise Your Frequency and Vibrate Higher

Elevating your vibrational frequency involves changing your everyday habits and thought patterns and making conscious choices that enhance well-being and positivity. Let's explore how you can begin this journey with eight actionable steps.

1. Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Your thoughts have a significant impact on your vibrational frequency. Each thought carries energy, which can either uplift or weigh down your overall vibration. Shifting towards positive thinking is one of the most effective ways to elevate your vibrations. It's all about acknowledging low-frequency thoughts and consciously focusing on more positive perspectives.

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Practical Steps to Cultivate Positivity:

  • Mindful Awareness: Start by becoming aware of your thought patterns. Notice when negative thoughts arise and acknowledge them without judgment.
  • Positive Affirmations: Introduce positive affirmations into your daily routine. These are uplifting statements that counteract negative thoughts and reinforce a positive mindset.
  • Gratitude Practice: Cultivate a habit of gratitude. Every day, take a moment to think about or write down things you are thankful for. Gratitude naturally shifts your focus towards the positive aspects of your life.
  • Limit Negative Influences: Be mindful of the external influences in your life, such as news, social media, or negative conversations. Limiting these inputs can help maintain a more positive thought process.
  • Visualisation: Practice visualising positive outcomes and experiences. This uplifts your mood and helps align your subconscious mind with a higher vibrational frequency.
  • Educational and Inspirational Content: Engage with books, podcasts, or courses that promote positive thinking and personal growth. Continuously educating yourself on these topics can reinforce your commitment to maintaining a positive mindset.

2. Nourish Your Body Wisely

The food you consume plays a role in determining vibrational frequency. High-vibrational foods are those that are alive and full of natural energy. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in essential nutrients and carry life energy from the sun and earth. By incorporating these into your diet, you introduce natural, vibrant energy into your body, which can raise your overall vibrational frequency.

Moreover, these foods are often less processed and free from additives, retaining their natural integrity and vibrational qualities. Foods like organic greens, ripe fruits, nuts, and seeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the body and contribute to a clearer, more positive state of mind. Drinking plenty of water, especially when purified or naturally sourced, is also key in maintaining a high vibration. Water is essential for life and helps to flush out toxins, keeping your body's energy flowing smoothly and vibrantly.

Heavily processed foods, sugars, and artificial additives often carry a lower vibrational frequency. They can contribute to feelings of lethargy and negativity, as they are harder for the body to process and lack nutritional value. By choosing high-vibrational foods, you're supporting your physical health and facilitating a more positive and higher energetic state. As you make these dietary choices, you may notice increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing, reflecting the higher vibrational energy you cultivate.

3. Connect with Nature

Nature provides an unparalleled source of high vibrational energy, and immersing yourself in natural surroundings can be incredibly uplifting. When you spend time in nature, you're exposed to life's pure, unfiltered essence. The natural world operates at a frequency that is inherently calming and rejuvenating. Whether it’s the serene stillness of a forest, the gentle lapping of waves at a beach, or the tranquil beauty of a mountain range, each setting offers a unique vibrational signature that can help realign and raise your energy levels.

Engaging your senses fully – feeling the breeze, listening to the rustle of leaves, or watching the dance of light on water – allows you to absorb the natural energy around you. This sensory interaction facilitates a deeper connection, harmonising your vibrations with the earth’s natural rhythms. It’s a process of grounding, where you can release lower vibrational energies and replace them with the serene, vibrant energy of the natural world.

Furthermore, spending time outdoors increases your exposure to sunlight, which is important for vitamin D production, a key component of physical and mental health. The benefits extend to improving mood, enhancing focus, and increasing feelings of happiness and gratitude. 

Regularly making time for nature is a conscious practice of aligning with a higher, more harmonious vibrational state. This connection serves as a reminder of the beauty and simplicity of life, encouraging a perspective shift towards positivity and peace.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a powerful tool for enhancing your vibrational frequency. When you engage in physical activity, your body releases endorphins, often known as 'feel-good' hormones. These endorphins are natural mood lifters, promoting well-being and happiness. This biochemical change improves your mood and raises your energetic vibration. Moving your body, whether through aerobic exercise, strength training, yoga, or even a simple walk, helps release stagnant energy and increase circulation, both of which are essential for maintaining a high vibrational state.

Exercise also plays a critical role in stress reduction. Reducing levels of the body's stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, facilitates a state of relaxation and calmness, aligning you with higher vibrational frequencies. Regular physical activity can help clear mental clutter, allowing for a more focused and positive mindset.

The type of exercise you choose can also influence your vibration. Activities that incorporate mindfulness, such as yoga or tai chi, work on the physical body and the energetic body, helping to balance and align your chakras or energy centres. These practices often combine movement with deep breathing, further detoxifying and energising the body. Even high-intensity exercises, like running or cycling, can lead to a state often referred to as 'runner’s high', a feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain, which is indicative of a higher vibrational state.

5. Practice Meditation


Meditation involves quieting the mind, which allows you to connect more deeply with your inner self and the present moment. This practice is essential for aligning your energy with higher frequencies, fostering peace and clarity. When you meditate, you step away from the constant chatter of the mind - the worries, plans, and distractions. This creates space for your energy to shift from the often frantic pace of everyday life to a more serene and higher vibrational state.

The benefits of meditation extend beyond the moments of practice. Regular meditation leads to an increased sense of mindfulness throughout your day. This heightened awareness makes you more attuned to your thoughts and feelings, enabling you to consciously choose those that support a higher vibration. For instance, you may become more aware of a negative thought pattern and focus instead on more uplifting and positive thoughts.

Additionally, meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which are often associated with lower vibrational frequencies. By reducing these states, your body and mind can relax and rejuvenate, further supporting a higher vibrational state. The practice can also increase your capacity for empathy and compassion, which are emotions that resonate with high vibrational frequencies.

6. Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

The energy of the people and the environments around you greatly influences your vibrational frequency. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people affects your mood, outlook, and overall vibrational state. These people radiate energy that resonates with optimism, encouragement, and joy, creating an atmosphere where higher vibrations can flourish.

Moreover, your physical environment also contributes to your vibrational frequency. Spaces that are bright, clean, and filled with natural elements like plants or natural light tend to foster a more positive and higher vibration. Cluttered, dim, or chaotic spaces can contribute to lower vibrational energy. Simple changes, like organising your living space, letting in more natural light, or adding elements of nature, can make a significant difference.

Additionally, the media and content you consume also influence your vibration. Regular exposure to negative news, violent entertainment, or pessimistic social media can lower vibrational frequency. Instead, choose uplifting, inspirational content that is aligned with your values and goals. This might include motivational books, uplifting music, or educational podcasts. By consciously curating the influences around you, you take an active role in maintaining and elevating your vibrational frequency. 

7. Embrace Aromatherapy and Colours

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Aromatherapy and colour are subtle yet powerful ways to influence your vibrational state. Both tap into the sensory experiences that directly connect to your emotions and energy levels. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts, typically essential oils, to promote health and well-being. Different scents have different effects; for example, lavender can be calming and relaxing, helping to reduce stress and elevate your vibration. Citrus scents, like orange or lemon, are known for their uplifting and energising properties. Incorporating these scents into your daily routine through diffusers, candles, or personal care products can help maintain a higher vibrational frequency.

Similarly, colours can impact your mood and energy. Colours are light of varying wavelengths; each colour has a unique vibrational frequency. Bright, warm colours like yellow, orange, and red are often associated with energy, joy, and vitality, whereas cooler colours like blue and green are linked to calmness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Integrating these colours into your environment through clothing, decor, or art can help create a space that resonates with the energy you wish to cultivate.

Moreover, combining aromatherapy and colour therapy can be especially effective. For instance, using a lavender-scented candle in a room with soothing blue tones can create a tranquil space conducive to meditation and relaxation. On the other hand, using a citrus-scented diffuser in a brightly coloured room can energise and stimulate mental clarity. By being mindful of the sensory elements in your surroundings, you can create an environment that not only appeals to your senses but also supports your desire to maintain a high vibrational state.

8. Foster Gratitude and Compassion

Fostering gratitude and compassion is essential for enhancing your vibrational frequency. These emotions transform your inner landscape, shifting from a focus on lack or negativity to one of abundance and empathy

When you regularly express gratitude, you acknowledge the positive aspects of your life, no matter how small. This shift in focus naturally elevates your vibration, attracting more positivity and contentment. Keeping a gratitude journal where you list things you're thankful for each day will help reinforce your awareness of life's blessings, helping you maintain a high vibrational state.

Compassion involves extending kindness and understanding to others, regardless of their circumstances. Practising compassion leads to a deeper connection with others, fostering feelings of love and empathy. These feelings resonate at a high vibrational frequency, contributing to a sense of unity and collective well-being. Acts of compassion can range from small gestures of kindness to more significant acts of charity or volunteer work. Each act of compassion benefits the recipient and enhances the giver's vibrational frequency.

Moreover, engaging in practices that develop both gratitude and compassion can impact your emotional health. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which are associated with lower vibrational states. By cultivating these positive emotions, you're improving your vibrational frequency and contributing to a more positive and empathetic world. 

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