Feeling anxious or stressed can often feel like carrying a heavy burden that no one else can see. It's a common experience, yet each person's struggle with anxiety is uniquely their own. Whether it's a constant companion or arises during challenging times, finding ways to manage anxiety is key to leading a fulfilling life. 

One powerful tool in your well-being toolkit can be affirmations for anxiety. In this post, we'll explore how positive affirmations can help with anxiety, introduce specific "I am" statements to empower you and discuss the potential of rewiring your brain for a calmer, more positive outlook.

Do Affirmations Help with Anxiety?

Affirmations can be a powerful tool in managing anxiety. They work by slowly reshaping your thought patterns and encouraging a more positive and supportive inner dialogue. This shift can help reduce feelings of anxiety and increase feelings of calm and confidence.

111 Positive and Healing Affirmations for Anxiety

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Whether you’re feeling anxious or want to introduce a daily mirror work practice into your life, these 111 positive affirmations for anxiety are a fantastic place to start. Read them in your head or out loud, and make a note of the ones that resonate with you: 

  1. I possess the strength to navigate through my day with ease.
  1. I choose peace over worry.
  1. Every day, I grow stronger and more relaxed.
  1. I am deserving of a peaceful life.
  1. My mind is clearing, and I am in control.
  1. Anxiety does not define me.
  1. I release all my concerns and embrace tranquillity.
  1. I am surrounded by love and support.
  1. I am safe and supported, even in difficult times.
  1. My challenges bring opportunities for growth.
  1. I trust in my ability to unlock peace within me.
  1. I let go of what I cannot change.
  1. My heart is open to new and healing experiences.
  1. I am kind to myself and my journey.
  1. I focus on the present, not the past or the future.
  1. I am more than my anxious thoughts.
  1. I am guided by courage, not fear.
  1. Every breath I take fills me with calm.
  1. I embrace my strength and resilience.
  1. I am a beacon of peace in a busy world.
  1. My spirit is tranquil and grateful.
  1. I allow myself to feel and then let go.
  1. I find joy in the simple moments.
  1. Peace flows through me like a river.
  1. I am connected to the calming energy of the universe.
  1. My mind is clear; my body is peaceful.
  1. I choose to feel grounded and centred.
  1. I am worthy of serenity and happiness.
  1. I trust the journey of my life.
  1. Challenges make me stronger.
  1. I am gentle with myself in moments of anxiety.
  1. Every day is a new opportunity for peace.
  1. I am loved, even when I feel alone.
  1. My wellbeing is my priority.
  1. I have the power to calm my mind.
  1. I release fear and welcome love.
  1. I am patient with my growth and healing.
  1. My potential to succeed is infinite.
  1. I am brave, bold, and beautiful.
  1. I deserve to feel at peace with myself.
  1. I am letting go of stress with every exhale.
  1. I am present in the joy of the moment.
  1. My mind is a sanctuary of peace.
  1. I am resilient, strong, and brave.
  1. I welcome relaxation and peace into my body.
  1. I am aligned with the energy of calm.
  1. Anxiety is just a visitor in my life, not a permanent resident.
  1. I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation on peace.
  1. I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul.
  1. I choose to nourish my mind with positive thoughts.
  1. I am capable of overcoming any challenges that come my way.
  1. I acknowledge my anxiety but do not let it control me.
  1. I am anchored in the experience of the present moment.
  1. I am free from anxiety and open to tranquillity.
  1. I am focused on progress, not perfection.
  1. I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.
  1. I am surrounded by an aura of calm.
  1. I embrace the rhythm of my breath to guide me to peace.
  1. I am the master of my emotions.
  1. I choose to radiate confidence, strength, and calm.
  1. I let go of worries that drain my energy.
  1. I am deserving of a break and a breath.
  1. I cultivate patience, understanding, and compassion for myself.
  1. I am in harmony with the flow of life.
  1. I replace fear with curiosity and open-heartedness.
  1. I am grounded in the assurance of my well-being.
  1. My courage is stronger than my fear.
  1. I am a positive force in the world.
  1. I possess all the calm and peace I need within me.
  1. I welcome peace into every corner of my life.
  1. My mind is too full of beauty to hold any room for worry.
  1. I choose to focus on hope, not fear.
  1. I am on a journey, ever-growing and learning.
  1. I find strength in my calm.
  1. I am confident in my ability to solve problems.
  1. I trust myself to navigate my life.
  1. I allow my body to relax and release tension.
  1. I am worthy of peace and joy.
  1. I give myself space to grow and learn.
  1. I embrace the unknown with open arms and a calm heart.
  1. I am a pillar of strength and stability.
  1. Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
  1. I have the power to protect my peace.
  1. I am in tune with the needs of my mind and body.
  1. I choose to live beyond my fears.
  1. I radiate confidence, serenity, and calm.
  1. I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness.
  1. I embrace each day with a peaceful heart.
  1. I let go of the past and worry about the future.
  1. I am filled with gratitude for all my moments—the peaceful and the challenging.
  1. I am a work of art, constantly evolving and growing.
  1. I trust the process of life and what it brings me.
  1. My inner peace is untouchable and unwavering.
  1. I honour my need for rest and reflection.
  1. I am connected to a wellspring of inner peace.
  1. I choose to fill my mind with positive, nourishing thoughts.
  1. I find peace in letting go and trust in the universe.
  1. I am deserving of a calm mind and a warm heart.
  1. I nourish my soul with thoughts of love, peace, and hope.
  1. I am open to all the positivity life has to offer.
  1. My nature is to be at peace.
  1. I embrace my journey with a calm spirit and a smile.
  1. I am at peace with my progress and my path.
  1. I trust that I am on the right path.
  1. I am calm, collected, and very capable.
  1. I am free to create the life I desire.
  1. I find deep peace within myself as I am.
  1. I let my worries go and embrace peace in this moment.
  1. I am a beacon of love and tranquillity.
  1. I choose to live a calm and peaceful life every day.
  1. I am in control of my breathing.

Questions and Answers on Using Affirmations for Anxiety

Three sticky notes with the following written on; 'I am strong', 'I am worthy', 'I am enough'

What Are the "I Am" Statements for Anxiety?

"I am" statements for anxiety are affirmations that start with "I am" to assert control over your thoughts and feelings. They are powerful because they help reinforce your identity and capability to manage anxiety, such as "I am strong," "I am capable," and "I am worthy of peace."

What Is a Positive Affirmation for Difficult Times?

A positive affirmation for difficult times might be, "I am resilient and can handle life's challenges with grace and strength." This kind of statement helps remind you of your inner strength and the ability to overcome adversity.

Can You Rewire Your Brain from Anxiety?

Research on neuroplasticity suggests that it's possible to rewire your brain from anxiety. Consistent practice of positive affirmations, mindfulness, and other positive mental habits can help create new, healthier neural pathways, reducing the prevalence of anxious thoughts.

Can I Manifest My Anxiety Away?

While you can't simply manifest anxiety away with no effort, combining positive affirmations with actionable steps towards managing your anxiety can lead to significant improvements. Manifestation works best when paired with actions that align with your affirmations and goals.

How Often Should I Repeat Affirmations for Anxiety?

The frequency of repeating affirmations can vary from person to person, but a good practice is to repeat them daily. Morning and evening are ideal times; they can help set a positive tone for your day and soothe your mind before sleep. Consistency is key, so find a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Can Affirmations for Anxiety Replace Therapy?

While affirmations are a powerful tool for mental wellness, they should not be seen as a replacement for therapy if you're dealing with significant anxiety. Instead, think of them as a complementary practice. Therapy can provide tailored guidance and coping strategies, while affirmations can help reinforce a positive mindset.

What Should I Do if I Struggle to Believe in My Affirmations?

It's normal for affirmations to feel a bit forced or insincere at first, especially if you're dealing with low self-esteem or severe anxiety. Start with affirmations that feel believable to you, and focus on the feeling they are meant to evoke rather than the words themselves. Over time, as you practice, the affirmations will start to feel more authentic.

How Can I Make Affirmations More Effective?

To enhance the effectiveness of affirmations, try to engage with them fully. Speak them out loud, write them down, or incorporate them into a meditation or mindfulness practice. Visualise what the affirmations represent, and try to feel the emotions they are meant to bring. Pairing affirmations with positive actions that align with your statements can also amplify their impact.

Are There Specific Affirmations for Different Types of Anxiety?

Different affirmations can target various aspects of anxiety, such as social anxiety, health anxiety, or general worry. Tailoring your affirmations to address specific fears or challenges you're facing can make them more resonant and powerful. For instance, affirmations like "I am confident and calm in social situations" can be particularly helpful if you're dealing with social anxiety.

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