Do you ever feel like you're not of this world or have a strong calling to help others? If so, you might be tapping into the essence of an Earth Angel. In this article, we explore what it means to be an Earth Angel and how to connect with this spiritual side of your being!

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What is an Earth Angel?

The concept of Earth angels comes from the belief that higher-dimensional spiritual beings incarnate on Earth to help humanity. These enlightened souls are thought to originate from angelic realms, the cosmos, or paradise dimensions. They volunteer to take human form and provide guidance, healing, and light during pivotal times in humanity's evolution. 

References to earth angel-like beings trace back to ancient traditions. The Hebrew Bible describes nephilim or "fallen angels" who descended to Earth. In Buddhism, bodhisattvas postpone nirvana to aid others on the path to enlightenment. The Greeks also had daimons: divine spirits that inspired philosophers and prophets.

Types of Earth Angels


Lightworkers are beings who have come to Earth with the purpose of spreading unconditional love and raising the vibration of the planet. They emit peaceful, joyful energy and have an uplifting presence that brings out the light in others. Lightworkers feel called to help humanity awaken to higher states of consciousness and their own divine nature. They use their gifts of writing, speaking and healing to inspire others.


Healers are earth angels who use their compassionate hearts and natural gifts to restore balance and wholeness in people. Some are energy healers who channel Source Energy or realign chakras. Others heal by using talk therapy, life coaching, or alternative and natural medicine. They are focused on addressing the root causes of imbalance, not just the symptoms, as they believe that suffering is more than skin deep and is actually deep-rooted in our subconscious. 

Guides and Mentors

Guides and mentors have developed wisdom through lifetimes of spiritual seeking. They selflessly serve humanity by sharing their experience to empower others on their path. Working on this Earth as counsellors and advisors, they help people awaken to find their truth and life purpose. The reason why guides are able to help others in this way is because they are attuned to energies beyond the physical realm. As a result, they use techniques that include communicating with spirit guides and angelic beings.


Starseeds are old souls who originate from other planets, star systems, or realms. They volunteer to reincarnate on Earth and undertake a mission to advance humanity's evolution. Many starseeds are also lightworkers and healers who have high vibrational frequencies. Starseeds act as spiritual teachers, sharing truths to awaken consciousness and recall our collective divinity and unity with all life. 


Environmentalists have a deep spiritual connection to nature and believe that all life on Earth is here for a purpose. As earth angels, they work to protect the planet and restore harmony between humanity and the natural world. They take action through conservation work, activism and educating others about the importance of protecting nature. 

5 Signs you Might be an Earth Angel

If you are an earth angel, you’ll likely recognise these telltale signs that you are a higher-dimensional being who’s here to spread light.

  1. Feeling like you don't belong

Feeling like you don't belong on Earth is a common sign for earth angels. Your soul remembers its divine origins and higher-dimensional existence. As a result, this world often feels confining and chaotic. You’ll regularly find yourself yearning for meaning beyond the mundane, seeking deeper purpose and feeling called to help others.

  1. Strong sense of purpose

Having a strong sense of purpose or mission is central for earth angels. You intuitively know why you are here and what gifts you have to share, even if others don't understand. It is your soul’s purpose that motivates you and brings you fulfilment, regardless of getting external validation. 

  1. Attracting those in need

Earth angels attract people in need of guidance, healing, or support. Helping others align with their truth comes naturally to you, and your energy acts as a beacon for those who need compassion and light. You are confident when seeking to uplift spirits and give counsel to those who need it. 

  1. Experiencing synchronicities or "angelic" encounters

Synchronicities and "angelic" encounters are common signs for earth angels. You notice meaningful coincidences as divine guidance (e.g. feathers, rainbows, butterflies and number sequences that carry messages and affirmations). You may also see auras, angels, or spirits, and perceive energies beyond the physical.

  1. Feeling a deep connection to the planet

If you have Earth Angel origins, you probably feel a deep connection to the planet and its inhabitants, recognising all life as sacred and intricately linked. Environmentalism and animal welfare will be passions or interests for you. You may also be able to communicate with nature spirits, animals and plants. Ultimately, the idea of protecting the Earth fulfils your soul.

Connecting With Your Inner Earth Angel

If you resonate with any of the five signs above, then you may have heavenly roots and be an Earth Angel who’s been incarnated on Earth to bring light to the world.

With practices that focus on spiritual growth, you can further awaken this divine nature with yourself. Meditation is essential for going within and aligning with your soul's higher purpose and innate wisdom. Quiet contemplation and breathwork help earth angels tune out external noise, communicate with spirit guides, and mentally download cosmic insights. Yoga, qigong, and other energy work can keep your vibration high and strengthen your gifts as a channel for Source Energy. 

To stay grounded in their mission, earth angels need a community of like-minded souls. Finding and connecting with other empaths, lightworkers, and spiritual mentors provides confirmation you are not alone. Support networks reinforce that your abilities and calling are real, needed, and part of a higher divine plan. 

You can also keep a journal that records any synchronicities, angel encounters, visions, or dreams, allowing you to track your spiritual growth. Getting involved in creative arts like painting, playing music or writing are all closely linked to the soul’s true purpose, and doing something creative allows your soul to be free and your imagination to expand. 

If you resonate with the signs, souls gifts, and lightwork that’s mentioned here, you may yet discover you are an earth angel. To further explore your spiritual origins and identity as an enlightened being in physical form, consider taking our Earth Angels Diploma Course for only £29 (save £98)! 

Our course provides deeper insight into identifying earth angels and determining if you are one. You will gain a greater understanding of earth angel relationships, soul contracts, life purposes, and manifestation abilities. Most importantly, the course empowers you to fully embrace your divine nature, trust your abilities, and fulfil your sacred mission as an earth angel to bring more light to the planet!

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