Humans have lived on planet Earth for millennia, and our advances during those years have led us to understand that worlds and galaxies exist beyond our own. Many other planets exhibit tantalising hints that they may be capable of supporting life, and so our minds are drawn to the idea of visitors from the stars. For some, this manifests in a desire to look outwards in quest for UFOs, but for others the answers lie within. In this article, we want to discuss the latter, and explore the fascinating world of the starseed.

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What is a Starseed?

The universe is not random, but is a grand drama between light and dark that’s being played out on a cosmic scale. In a very real sense, it is a “Cosmic Game”, and every soul has a part to play. Some souls specifically volunteer to come to Earth during periods of transition, temporarily forgetting their cosmic origins. These souls are known as starseeds.

A starseed is a person who has lived previous - usually extraterrestrial - lives (you may have encountered this idea within the concept of reincarnation). Earth souls reincarnate on earth, but starseeds are conduits between other realms and the Earth. An otherworldly spiritual aura inhabits their human form. They have a profound connection to the cosmos and, using mediation, they can communicate with other galaxies. They can also communicate with “light language”: a way of bypassing conventional limitations and making connections via the language of the soul.

Starseeds are sent to change the world. They can be activists, healers, or catalysts of social change, and are sometimes known by other names, such as star people or indigo children. The souls of starseeds carry inner wisdom, and they may possess unique and special abilities that can remain dormant until an appointed time. Their main goal is usually to serve humanity with their unique abilities. Having gained divine wisdom over numerous lifetimes, starseeds seek to fulfil a higher purpose that guides others to a golden age of reawakening and possibility. In most cases, the mission of a starseed will be a positive one, although malevolent starseeds do exist, and are opposed by the actions of their positive counterparts.

The idea of star people was first popularised in 1976 by Brad Steiger, an American writer and author of Gods of Aquarius, who speculated about the idea of humans who came from a gene pool that was affected by extraterrestrial visitations. 

Types of Starseed 

There are a great many different types of starseed, but some of the most commonly-identified include:


Originating from the Pleiades star cluster, Pleiadian starseeds are loving, intuitive, empathetic, creative, and sensitive individuals who have a mission to bring peace and spirituality to Earth. They are some of the oldest souls, and are among the more common starseed types. They are therefore also one of the best understood. Pleiadian starseeds have a special connection to the Divine Feminine and Akashic records.  


Originating from Sirius, one of the most important stars to play a role in spiritual awakening, Sirian starseeds are peacekeepers and guardians: bold, strong-willed, and passionate beings with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. They often exhibit a focus on technology, innovation, and spiritual teaching.


Hailing from the Orion constellation, Orion starseeds are said to be insightful, analytical, and committed to justice and wisdom. They are attuned to ancient wisdom, which often manifests as an entrepreneurial or scientific spirit! Orion starseeds work to overcome challenges, and are therefore seen as “warriors for the light”.


Coming from the Andromeda galaxy (often thought to be home to various extraterrestrial civilisations), Andromedan starseeds are said to be wise beyond their years and have a strong sense of justice. They are creative and innovative, and tend to have a strong calling to bring new ideas and technologies to Earth.


Originating from the Lyra constellation, Lyran starseeds are said to be the oldest souls in the galaxy, and are creative and excellent communicators. Sometimes depicted as being the ancestors of humans, Lyrans may have a stronger than usual connection to the Earth (especially to Egypt: one of their closest links to home) and a desire to heal and uplift. Lyran starseeds have a special connection to the Divine Masculine.  


All the way from Arcturus (said to be home to highly evolved and spiritually advanced beings from a 5th dimension), Arcturian starseeds possess profound and innovative qualities of wisdom and healing, and a strong desire to help others awaken spiritually. They often feel more comfortable in their human forms than other starseeds.


As you’d expect, Venusian starseeds are from Venus, and are compassionate, loving, gentle, and artistic. They have a great interest in the ancient civilisations of Earth, as well as outer space. The ancient Egyptian goddess of love and motherhood, Hathor, is thought to have come from Venus in the fourth dimension.


Ancient souls originating from Lemuria, Lemurian starseeds (and Atlantean starseeds) are believed to have made Earth their home sooner than any other type. They are said to be healers and teachers, and keepers of ancient wisdom. Although the defunct civilisation of Lemuria was on Earth (before its downfall at the hands of dark reptilians), its people were advanced enough to communicate with and travel to other planets. 


Ancient souls from Atlantis, Atlantean starseeds are truth seekers and are technologically adept. Like Lemurian starseeds, Atlanteans starseeds no longer have a physical territory on Earth, as their ancestors abused their success until they were destroyed. However, those who survived their realm’s downfall had often travelled to other planets or dimensions, so can return to Earth as starseeds.

Indigo Children

Younger souls that are here to lead others into a new age, Indigo Children are independent, strong-willed, and disruptive to outdated systems. They are agents of peace and justice, and have no tolerance for evil. Indigo Children are often born with memories of their divine gifts, qualities, and mission intact, and come from a spiritual dimension of Earth that hasn’t yet finished ascending. 

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Crystal Children

Often grouped with Indigo Children, Crystal Children share the former’s mission to usher humanity into a better future. They are natural healers and lovers of nature, and have a strong connection with Pleiadian energy. Crystal Children bring joy, light, and harmony to all that they touch.

Rainbow Children

The third of the starseed types to often be grouped with Indigo Children, Rainbow Children are the youngest souls of all, and are still working to understand their role. Although their awareness of their nature can make them seem a little detached, they excel as healers and teachers, and rarely fall victim to illnesses or health issues.


A unique type of starseed, Lightworkers aren’t tied to any specific planet, realm or celestial body, and are instead defined by their mission to spread light, love, kindness, and goodness. Their goal is to encourage spiritual evolution, and to help the Earth (and other worlds) to tap into higher frequency information and rise in consciousness.


Hailing from the planet Mintaka that once lay within Orion’s belt, Minkaten starseeds are among the original lightworkers. They’re fascinated by astrology and crystals, and are gifted with extraordinarily strong intuition. Because Mintaken no longer exists, Mintaken starseeds can feel intensely homesick, but often find solace around water.


Feline starseeds also originate within the Lyran constellation, and can be glimpsed within the cat-like artwork of some ancient civilisations. Feline starseeds are detached from the physical and in tune with the spiritual. They exist in a higher dimension to humans, and often have telepathic or psychic abilities


Just as Lemurian and Atlantean starseeds survived the downfall of their realms on Earth, finding refuge among the stars, Maldek starseeds survived their planet’s destruction. Maldek was a planet in our Solar System that died as a consequence of misusing technological power, and greed. On Earth, Maldek starseeds try to teach humans how to better use technology and other tools to avoid a robotic apocalypse.


Avian starseeds come from a purely spiritual realm, and journey to Earth to teach humans about metaphysics and spiritual truths. In essence, they serve as spirit guides, showing how a more spiritual life can lead to an advanced civilisation. As their name suggests, Avian starseeds often have bird-like qualities.


Martian starseeds come from the planet Mars, and seek to connect with the human race and assist with its advancement. The call of Martian starseeds might be why Earth astronomers have always felt a strong pull to Mars. The appearance of Martian starseeds is a mystery, although they tend to feel a connection with water and fire.


Among the first spiritual beings to travel from a higher dimension and incarnate in human bodies, Polarian starseeds come from the North Star, Polaris. They are highly empathetic, and are able to feel the Earth’s energies at a very deep level. As a result, they are able to serve as mediators between humans and planet Earth. 


Fleeing from Beta Centauri to escape slavery, some Hadarian starseeds settled on Earth and seek to build strong and happy relationships. Shy and introverted, their loving natures can make them susceptible to manipulation, but their past and present struggles can’t dampen their enthusiasm to spread unconditional love.


Shape-shifting, lizard-like starseeds of unknown origins who try to crush humanity’s spiritual enlightenment, Reptilian starseeds rarely have a positive goal. They desire control over humans for their own benefit, and plunge those who they influence into greed and selfishness. They played a part in the destruction of Lemuria and other realms, and are opposed by many of the other starseed types.


A type of Reptilian starseed from the constellation Draco, Draconian starseeds seek to unite many people to a common goal, although whether this mission is for good or evil depends on the starseed. Some can be greedy and manipulative leaders, but others are diligent workers who guide awakened humans to accomplish just causes. 

Agarthian Beings

Rather than originating offworld, Agarthian Beings actually come from a faery realm within Earth itself, and are therefore deeply connected to the planet. They actively protect the environment, and remember even forgotten Earthly catastrophes like the sinking of Atlantis.

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Starseed Awakening Symptoms

Many starseeds are unaware of their own tremendous gifts and potential, and live in a “sleepwalking” state for many years… until they awaken to their true nature. Many Starseeds awaken over time. Realisation that you’re a starseed might be a process that gradually unveils memories that shine a light onto your past, origins, or purpose. Others may experience a flood of returning memories at an exact moment, as higher beings trigger their awakening. Some symptoms of an awakening starseed include:

A Nagging Feeling…

Some people have always had the feeling that they come from another planet. To others, that feeling might not make logical sense, but not everything can be explained with logic. Intuition is very important and, for starseeds, it means that they are in tune with their higher voice and inner calling. If your “gut” is telling you that you come from somewhere further afield than planet earth, you very possibly do.

Close Connections

Babies and animals find starseeds magnetic, readily approaching them and being extremely friendly towards them. If this description resonates with you, then the babies and animals in question could be sensing your true nature as a starseed. If you can also communicate with animals, hearing their inner voices, then this is another telltale sign.

Not Fitting In

We don’t mean this in a negative sense! If you are considered to be unconventional, a rebel, a black sheep, or just find yourself thinking differently to most other people - perhaps even considering “normal” actions to be illogical - then the reason could be because you’re from another planet. Remember, don’t let yourself be swayed from your clear sense of identity and purpose; you’ve not been sent to follow the crowd!

Challenging Circumstances

Some people are beset with more physical and mental health challenges than others. There are many reasons for this, but one of them could be that some of these sufferers are starseeds. The souls of starseeds aren’t used to having human bodies, and they also want to help to ease the burden that lies upon humanity. This means that they often feel overwhelmed, and need to recharge via some alone time.

Psychic Abilities

Starseeds have open minds when it comes to discussions that concern supernatural or extraterrestrial possibilities. If you have innate psychic abilities - like clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, energy healing, or empathic tendencies - then you could be a starseed. Starseeds gain insight from their spirit guides (e.g. star-dwelling beings, angels, etc), and this gives them a great awareness of the energies in the world around them.

A Lack of Belonging

Some people never feel at home, feeling homesick, or unsettled even if they’ve lived in a place for years. Sometimes, these people also feel a certain affinity with the stars, or even treasure vague recollections of a life beyond our star system. If that sounds like you, then it’s another sign that you could be a starseed but, for now, you should learn to embrace your human experience.  

All symptoms of starseed awakening are, of course, subjective, and are open to personal interpretations. However, if you’d like to understand starseeds at a deeper level and delve into their mission to unveil higher frequency information to mankind, or feel that you may have originated from a higher dimension or different star system yourself, then our Starseed Diploma Course is for you. 

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