Lyran Starseeds are outgoing individuals who long for adventure, are in touch with their creative side, and usually exhibit excellent leadership skills. They have very distinct personalities, especially when compared with other types of Starseeds. They are undoubtedly some of the most confident and outgoing people. 

A Starseed Dreaming

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Their mission is to help mankind and pass on their knowledge and wisdom. They fully understand the difficulty of the battle between the soul and ego, and they usually impart their wisdom to earthlings wherever they can. 

But what else can we learn about the Lyrans? This blog details everything you need to know about this unique starseed. 

The Lyran starseed is a soul who spent its first several incarnations on one of the planets in the constellation of Lyra. The soul from Lyra is sometimes referred to as a ‘Vegan’ or Vega starseed.

In the New Age Beliefs, Lyran Starseeds originate from the Lyra constellation, which is one of the smallest constellations in the night sky but is considered significant in various mythologies and esoteric teachings. When considering the history of the Starseeds, Lyrans are considered one of the oldest civilisations in our galaxy, and they have been described as precursors to human life on Earth as well as several other alien species. Lyran Starseeds are also slightly unique because they have a strong and distinct link to the Divine Masculine, unlike other Starseeds, which do not have a connection to one specific gender. 

Lyrans make up around 0.3% of the world’s population. Their very small population is explained by the fact that the original Lyrans were said to be amongst the oldest beings in existence. Because of this, many recorded Lyran Starseeds are actually descendants instead of original Starseeds. Some historical and public figures, such as William Shakespeare, Emmeline Pankhurst, Elon Musk, and Bill Clinton, are amongst the most famous Lyrans. 

Lyran Starseed Origins 

Unlike some Starseeds, mainly Arcturus Starseeds, Lyran does not have a distinct philosopher who is credited with coining the term. Instead, the term Lyran Starseed came about from various New Age beliefs, which are closely tied to ideas about extraterrestrial life and spirituality. More broadly speaking, the term ‘Starseed’ refers to the notion that some humans on Earth are spiritual entities with origins in distant star systems; these individuals are thought to have come to Earth to bring knowledge and assist in spiritual evolution. Lyrans Starseeds are said to be one of the oldest and most important Starseeds. They are a rare starseed race that existed long before the history books of this planet were first written!

Lyran people are ancient celestial beings from the Lyra constellation, which is considered one of the oldest constellations in the sky. They are often depicted as precursors to human civilisation and are said to have established colonies in other star systems such as the Pleiades, the Hyades, and Vega.

Another notable aspect of their origin is their close relationship with cats, lions and birds. Lyran Starseeds were originally imagined as feline-like or bird-like creatures. Their link to these animals is closely related to the fact that felines were one of the two primary races in our universe. It is said that 45 Felines volunteered to come to this universe to observe and set up the universe structure that they had perfected in their original universe. 

Lyran Starseeds Traits

Lyran Starseeds have some distinct and notable features. While not all Lyran people exhibit all of these traits and attributes, the following are some of the most common Lyran Starseed traits:

Adventurous and Fearless

Lyrans are most well known for their adventurous and fearless nature. They think nothing of taking a spontaneous trip across the country, skydiving from an incredible height, or engaging in some other form of outlandish activity. Their fearless nature extends beyond courageous and risky pastimes and into their general way of thinking too. They do not fear change. In fact, they simply do not understand why others become fearful when circumstances change. They believe there is no point in living in fear of what tomorrow will bring. 

Strong Leadership and Natural Charisma

Being a strong leader and oozing natural charisma may not come easy to all of us, however, if you find that people are drawn to you and, in general, people take a liking to you, then it could be a sign you are a Lyran Starseed. Lyran Starseeds are said to be strong leaders and so likeable that people can’t help but be drawn to them. 

One reason they are considered fantastic natural leaders is their excellent communication skills. They find communicating what they want easy, and this is extremely important when it comes to their mission of passing down their incredible wisdom and knowledge to help develop humanity on Earth. 

Pull To Masculine Energy 

Lyran Starseeds often feel a pull towards masculine energy, which is usually exhibited in their authority and strong-willed demeanour. For example, if they have a goal in mind, they will not stop until they achieve it. 

They also have a strong link to the divine masculine. The divine masculine refers to a spiritual, psychological, and archetypal ideal of masculinity that embodies positive attributes traditionally associated with the masculine: strength, action, assertiveness, and responsibility. The divine masculine is less about identifying gender roles and more about examining where energy is focused. Lyrans Starseeds clearly exhibit more masculine energy and attributes. 

Problem Solver

Lyran individuals are said to be exceptional problem solvers. They are very goal-oriented and obsessed with getting things done. They absorb information like a sponge and demonstrate extreme intelligence in all aspects of life. They are not just great at finding solutions to hard-to-master problems, but they actually take great pride in their ability to solve issues. 

Enlighted Starseed

Finding Deeper Meaning in Art

While others may simply consume a piece of art, Lyran Starseeds always looks for a deeper meaning. They see art as a valuable and informative form of expression. They may watch a film and examine its cultural impact and semantic meaning, and if they listen to music, they will dissect the underlying meaning of the lyrics. 

Genuine Belief in Humanity 

Lyrans Starseeds’ mission is to pass down wisdom and knowledge to humanity. However, their affiliation with humanity goes beyond that. They have a genuine belief in humanity, are optimistic about human nature, and believe in human potential.

They understand that there is good and bad in the world, but they believe that humans are capable of so much more than they are now. 

Trustworthy Persona

Similar to Pleiadian Starseeds, Lyrans exude quiet confidence. Many humans gravitate towards this effortless confidence, which makes them feel that Lyrans are trustworthy and otherwise upstanding individuals.

Rebellious Nature 

Lyrans dislike authority figures and because of this, they have quite a rebellious nature. The aversion to authority is due to the fact that Lyrans acknowledge that the only way for beings to evolve their consciousness is by bypassing the ego, and authority is essentially a byproduct of ego, as it makes you believe you should have power over others. 

Drawn to Stars

Do you find yourself staring up at the stars and being fascinated by them? If you do, then it could be a sign you are a Lyran Starseed. Looking into a vast and expansive world of stars is said to be very enjoyable for Lyran people. There is something about stargazing for Lyrans that really helps to put things in perspective.

Determined But Reserved

Similar to other Starseeds, Lyran Starseeds feel they are on a mission. This manifests in a determined nature, where they will stop at nothing until they have achieved their goals. Although Lyran Starseeds are determined, they are usually quite reserved. They can be calmed and sophisticated but rest aroused; they know how to get where they want.


Lyran Starseeds are very independent and do not feel they have to rely on anyone. They know the importance of saying no and are selective about relationships, which makes them more independent than other people.

People Person 

Lyran Starseeds are well known for being well-liked and having many friends. This is largely due to their natural charisma and ability to connect with people on a personal level.

Lyran Starseed Appearance 

Lyrans Starseeds, in their extraterrestrial form, are more feline-like or bird-like. However, in their human form, they do not look too dissimilar to other humans. They do have some distinguishable features, mainly that they are slightly taller on average than other humans. Their most recognisable feature is their Lyran eyes. The Lyran eyes are often cat-like and, more often than not, green. 

Due to their rebellious nature and distinct individuality, they may present their appearance in a unique way and are extremely unlikely to follow trends. For example, they may wear unconventional and stand-out pieces of clothing. They may also frequently refresh their wardrobe so their style never becomes stale or outdated. 


Lyran Starseed Markings 

Contrary to popular belief, Starseed markings do not refer to physical markings but rather a set of characteristics, behaviours, and perhaps emotional or psychic signs that are believed to indicate a person's origins from the Lyra constellation. While some of the previously mentioned traits could be considered markings, here is a further list of some of the most common Lyran Starseed markings: 

Strong Leadership Qualities 

Lyrans are often described as natural leaders who are dynamic, influential, and passionate about helping others grow.

Connection to Animals and Nature 

Many Lyran starseeds are said to have a profound connection with animals and nature, feeling a kinship or a protective instinct towards them.

Old Souls

Lyrans are often described as old souls who possess wisdom beyond their years and an innate understanding of the universe and its workings.

Lyran Eyes

Lyran eyes are one of the most distinguishable features. They are sometimes said to have intense or penetrating eyes that seem to look through people, often making others feel as if they are being deeply seen. 

A Creative Side

We all indulge in our creative side from time to time, but Lyran Starseeds have a distinct creative side. Their interest in innovation and creativity leads them to find unique solutions to problems and push boundaries in their creative endeavours. 

Lyran Starseed Symbols 

Lyran Starseed symbols signify the Lyran people’s connection to their origins in the Lyra constellation. Some of the most recognisable Lyran Starseed symbols include: 

Feline, Bird and Lion Association 

Lyrans are strongly associated with cats, birds, and lions, which is why they are often imagined as feline, bird, or lion-like creatures before their human incarnations. 

Celestial Imagery

Stars, galaxies, and other celestial motifs are common symbols used to represent a connection to the cosmos and Starseed's starry origins. 

Swords or Shields

Lyrans are often imagined as warriors. Because of this, they are likely associated with swords and shields. 

Geometric Shapes 

Some geometric shapes such as spirals, circles, and Metatron’s Cube can be seen as Lyran Starseed symbols. 

Illustrations of Light 

Illustrations of light, such as rays or beams of light, are often associated with Lyran Starseeds. The connection to light is said to draw the cosmic connection between Lyrans and their extraterrestrial origin. 

The Harp Connection

Given that the constellation of Lyra is often associated with the mythological Greek lyre, musical symbols such as harps or other string instruments might represent Lyran heritage. These symbols emphasise harmony, creativity, and the celestial music of the spheres.

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