Sirian Starseeds exude love, compassion and a deep desire to change the world for the better. Sirian beings have a special energy, and whether they know it or not, they are touted to play an important role in the ascension of humanity on Earth. While it may seem cliche to say it, these beings are truly a gift from the stars. Their general loving nature is infectious and enthralling, which leads to many of us accepting Sirian beings into our lives with open arms. 

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Sirian Starseeds are peacekeepers and guardians: bold, strong-willed, and passionate with a keen sense of responsibility and leadership. They often focus on technology, innovation, and spiritual teaching, embodying the roles of protectors and visionaries in their pursuit of harmony and progress.

They originate from Sirius: located in the constellation of Canis Major, one of the most important star systems in the aspect of spiritual awakenings and technological advancements. However, Sirian Starseeds are not always fully aware of their purpose. In fact, many Sirian Starseeds remain dormant, unaware of their otherworldly abilities and cosmic purpose. They instead find themselves carrying out their mission subconsciously, but they are still just as effective. 

Could you be a Sirian Starseed and not realise it? In this blog, we detail the Sirian Starseed's meanings, their traits, their physical appearance and everything else you will need to know. 

Sirian Starseed Traits & Characteristics

Sirian Starseeds are loved by a lot of people, and many attribute this to their distinct characteristics. Here are some of the most common Sirian Starseeds traits:

Innate Wisdom

Sirian Starseeds have deep internal wisdom and innate knowledge which goes far beyond their human years. Because of this, many people are drawn to them and lean on them for guidance and advice on their own lives. 

Surprisingly Empathic

Sirians aren’t just all-knowing beings; they can be surprisingly personable too. They frequently display their empathic side, picking up on the nuances of people’s behaviour, helping them to understand when they are feeling upset or down. 

Long for Learning 

Sirians could not have acquired their innate wisdom without gaining knowledge in the first place. Sirian beings are said to love learning and prioritise the preservation of knowledge.

Strong Sense of Their Mission

Similar to Pleiadian Starseeds and other starseed souls, Sirians have a strong sense that they are on a mission. Their missions revolve around helping humans to advance technologically and personally. They will stop at nothing to help make a positive impact on the world. 

Connection to Ancient Civilisations

Sirians are often drawn to ancient civilisations, particularly those with advanced knowledge and technologies, such as Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt. They may feel a sense of familiarity or past-life connections to these cultures.

Cartoon of a Starseed

Natural Charisma 

Sirians are said to be naturally likeable and can make friends rather easily. Their natural charisma is a skill they utilise to draw others to their cause. 

Strong Leadership 

Because of their wisdom, natural charisma and empathic side, Sirians are seen as perfect leaders, drawing many people to their cause and inspiring all who follow them. 


Sirian beings have an overall questioning nature. Their curiosity often leads them to question and challenge the status quo. 

A Sensitive Side

Don’t let their commanding presence fool you: these Starseeds have a deeply sensitive side and can easily become overwhelmed by external stimuli. 


Sirian Starseeds are very energetic individuals, projecting vibrant and infectious energy onto all around them. 

Healing Abilities 

Many Sirians possess natural healing abilities. They draw on their empathic side and will often go above and beyond to ensure they cure patients. This sometimes leads them to turn to alternative forms of medicine, as they will do anything to help those they are treating. 

Intuitive and Psychic Abilities

Sirians are often believed to possess heightened intuitive and psychic abilities. They may have strong gut feelings, vivid dreams, or the ability to sense energies and emotions.

Even Tempered and Reserved 

Even in the most frustrating and hostile situations, Sirian Starseeds can be extremely even-tempered and reserved, meaning they can successfully navigate even the most nerve-wracking environments. 

Deep Connection with Water

Sirians are often drawn to water and may have an affinity for the ocean, lakes, and other bodies of water. Furthermore, they may feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation near water.

Affinity for Animals

Many Sirian Starseeds have a deep love and connection with animals. Not only will many of them have pets at home, but they will opt for professions which revolve around animals. They have a deep desire to protect and care for animals, which sometimes leads to them becoming vets. 

Creativity and Artistic

Creativity and an artistic side are common amongst starseeds, and Sirian Starseeds are no exception. They may excel in various forms of artistic expression, such as music, visual arts, writing, or other creative endeavours.

Love and Connection to Nature 

Sirian beings thrive in natural environments. Furthermore, their strong connection to nature can sometimes result in them protecting the environment as part of their mission. 

Connection to Sirius 

Unsurprisingly, Sirian Starseeds have a strong connection to the Sirius star system. This often results in them having vivid dreams about their spiritual origin. 

Sense of Alienation

Despite their many talents and positive traits, Sirian Starseeds might feel a sense of alienation or think that they do not fit in with mainstream society. They may struggle with a feeling of being different or misunderstood.

Sirian Starseed's Physical Appearance

Unlike some of the other starseeds, where descriptions of their physical appearance are particularly sparse, Sirian Starseeds often have a distinguishable appearance and carry a certain aura. 

Sirian Starseeds are typically tall. While they may come in all shapes and sizes, they tend to be on the slender side or have a vaguely muscular tone. They are also known for their large, expressive eyes, high cheekbones and typically pointed noses. 

Painting of a female Starseed

Starseeds from Sirius A often exhibit traits that are reminiscent of cats or dogs, while those from Sirius B are said to have more mermaid-like characteristics. They may also possess features such as pointed ears or wide-set eyes.

These beings love expressing themselves in unique and interesting ways. This is often reflected in their choice of clothing. They usually opt for eccentric styles and vibrant colours, and they can sometimes have an overabundance of tattoos. It would not be unusual to see a Sirian rocking frills and patterned clothing while sporting a tribal tattoo and body piercings. 

If you don’t look like this but think you still may be a Sirian Starseed, don’t worry! These are just some common physical traits and are by no means universal.

Sirian Starseed Markings

Sirian Starseeds are known for their unique physical markings, such as dots, lines, and scars adorning their bodies. In the new age Starseed belief, birthmarks are considered to be reflections of one's cosmic origins, serving as a celestial link to their starry ancestors. Sirian Starseed birthmarks often possess geometric markings, characterised by sharp angles or intricate linear patterns.   

These intriguing marks often take the form of triangles or stars, though they can appear in various shapes. Sirian Starseed symbols may also be water-related. The birthmarks may appear as waves, ripples or other fluid forms which may resemble or represent the sea or ocean. These marks signify the innovation, advanced technology, and profound connection to water elements that define Sirian Starseeds.

Typically, these mystical birthmarks are concentrated on the arms, shoulders, and backs of Sirian Starseeds, adding to their otherworldly allure and deep connection to the cosmos.

Sirians Stars

Stars in the sky.

There are three Sirian Stars commonly referenced in New Age spiritual practice. The trinity of stars is often associated with the following attributes: 

Sirius A

Sirius A is commonly aligned with the Christ consciousness and is also aligned with the Ascended Masters of the Light and Councils of Light. 

Sirius B

Starseeds hailing from the Sirius B star have a distinct connection to fish and other sea-based animals (especially whales and dolphins). 

Sirius C

Sirius C has a direct correlation to the Divine Feminine, total empowerment and the healing of the universe. 

Sirian Starseeds Birth Chart 

Starseed looking at different planets

In astrological analysis, a Sirian Starseed birth chart is believed to exhibit specific markers that indicate a connection to the Sirius star system. Here are the key indicators and their meanings:

Prominent Water Sign Placements

Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, or Stelliums in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These signs are associated with intuition, emotional depth, and spirituality, which are common traits of Sirian Starseeds.

Neptune and Pluto Influences


Significant placements or strong aspects to personal planets, especially the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. These indicate heightened spiritual awareness and intuition.


Major placements or aspects suggest profound transformational abilities and a deep understanding of esoteric knowledge.

Moon's Nodes

North Node

Placement in Water Signs or significant houses reflects a Sirian soul mission and the direction of spiritual growth and purpose.

South Node

Placement in Water Signs indicates past life connections to Sirian wisdom and experiences.

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