Turquoise-coloured crystals are captivating with their serene and calming hues. They range from deep oceanic blues to soft, calming shades of turquoise, each with unique properties and benefits. If you are drawn to these beautiful crystals or are curious about their potential uses, this guide will help you explore eight beautiful turquoise-coloured crystals and their properties.

1. Amazonite: The Stone of Courage and Truth


Amazonite is a stunning turquoise-coloured crystal named after the Amazon River. Known for its powerful energy, this crystal is often associated with courage and truth. Amazonite is believed to encourage cell regeneration and healing after illnesses or injuries. It is also thought to reduce muscle spasms and combat osteoporosis.

Emotionally, amazonite is a soothing stone. It helps to calm the mind and dispel negative energy. This crystal encourages open and honest communication, promoting emotional balance and peace. Spiritually, amazonite is linked to the heart and throat chakras. It helps align these energy centres, promoting love, communication, and truth.

Amazonite can be used in jewellery, carried as a protector, or placed in the home to create a peaceful environment. Meditating with amazonite can enhance clarity and courage.

2. Aquamarine: The Stone of Serenity


Aquamarine, with its beautiful light turquoise hue, evokes the clear, tranquil waters of the sea. It’s known for its calming energy and is often referred to as the stone of serenity. Aquamarine is believed to heal respiratory issues and allergies. It’s also thought to strengthen the immune system and promote overall wellness. 

Emotionally, aquamarine helps to reduce stress and calm the mind. It encourages a peaceful and serene state, making it easier to navigate through difficult situations. Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, enhancing clear communication and self-expression. It is also said to protect the aura and align the chakras.

Aquamarine is often used in jewellery, especially rings and necklaces. It can also be placed in water to create an elixir or used in meditation to enhance tranquillity.

3. Turquoise-Coloured Fluorite: The Stone of Clarity and Focus


Fluorite comes in various colours, including a striking turquoise hue, and is known for its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus. This beautiful crystal is believed to support bone health, relieve arthritis and other joint-related issues, and boost the immune system.

Emotionally, fluorite helps to clear the mind and reduce mental clutter. It enhances focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities. Spiritually, fluorite is linked to the third eye chakra, promoting intuition and insight. It helps to clear negative energy and enhance spiritual growth.

Fluorite can be used in meditation to enhance clarity and focus. It is also popular in jewellery and can be placed in the home or workspace to promote a clear and focused environment.

4. Larimar: The Stone of Tranquillity


Larimar is a rare turquoise-blue crystal found only in the Dominican Republic. It is known for its tranquil energy, often associated with the sea and sky. This soothing stone is believed to reduce stress-related conditions and support the healing of the throat, neck, and chest. It is also thought to balance thyroid and hormone levels.

Emotionally, larimar helps to soothe the emotions and calm the mind. It encourages relaxation and helps to release deep-seated fears and anxieties. Spiritually, larimar is linked to the throat chakra, enhancing clear communication and expression. It is also said to connect to the divine feminine energy, promoting nurturing and compassion.

Larimar is often used in jewellery, particularly pendants and rings. It can also be placed in the home or used during meditation to promote a tranquil and peaceful environment.

5. Chrysocolla: The Stone of Communication


Chrysocolla is a beautiful turquoise-coloured crystal known for its calming energy and association with communication and expression. It’s believed to encourage the healing of throat and respiratory issues. It is also thought to help detoxify the liver and kidneys.

Emotionally, chrysocolla helps to calm and soothe the emotions. It encourages clear communication and self-expression, making it easier to articulate thoughts and feelings. Spiritually, chrysocolla is linked to the throat chakra, enhancing communication and expression. It is also associated with the heart chakra, promoting love and compassion.

Chrysocolla can be used in jewellery, carried as a protector, or placed in the home to create a calming environment. Meditating with chrysocolla can enhance communication and self-expression.

6. Blue Lace Agate: The Stone of Tranquillity

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle and calming turquoise-coloured crystal known for its soothing energy. It’s often used to promote peace and tranquillity and is believed to help heal throat and thyroid issues, and reduce headaches and tension.

Emotionally, Blue Lace Agate helps to calm and soothe the mind. It encourages peace and tranquillity, reducing stress and anxiety. Spiritually, Blue Lace Agate is linked to the throat chakra, enhancing communication and expression. It is also thought to promote spiritual growth and understanding.

Blue Lace Agate can be used in jewellery, particularly in necklaces and earrings. It can also be placed in the home or used during meditation to promote a peaceful and calming environment.

7. Turquoise-Coloured Jasper: The Stone of Stability


Jasper comes in many colours, including a beautiful turquoise hue. It’s known for its stabilising and grounding energy, and is believed to support physical strength and endurance. It is also thought to help heal the digestive system.

Emotionally, jasper provides stability and balance. It encourages a grounded and centred state, making it easier to navigate challenges. Spiritually, jasper is linked to the root chakra, promoting grounding and stability. It helps to balance and align the chakras, enhancing overall well-being.

Jasper can be used in jewellery, particularly bracelets and rings. It can also be placed in the home or used during meditation to promote a stable and grounded environment.

8. Hemimorphite: The Stone of Light


Hemimorphite is a rare turquoise-coloured crystal known for its uplifting and light energy. It’s often associated with joy and positivity. This powerful stone is believed to help heal the skin and tissues. It’s also thought to help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.

Emotionally, hemimorphite helps to uplift the spirits and promote a positive outlook. It encourages joy and happiness, reducing feelings of sadness and depression. Spiritually, it’s linked to the throat and third eye chakras, enhancing communication and intuition. It helps to connect with higher realms and spiritual guides.

Hemimorphite can be used in jewellery, carried as a protector, or placed in the home to create a joyful and uplifting environment. Meditating with hemimorphite can enhance spiritual growth and intuition.

Common Questions About Turquoise-Coloured Crystals

Can turquoise-coloured crystals attract money and prosperity?

Certain turquoise-coloured crystals are believed to attract money and prosperity. For example, amazonite is often associated with attracting luck and financial success. Meditating with or carrying these crystals can help you manifest abundance and align your energy with prosperity.

Does turquoise help with anxiety?

Turquoise-coloured crystals like amazonite, aquamarine, and blue lace agate are known for their calming properties. They help to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of peace and tranquillity. These stones can be used in meditation, worn as jewellery, or placed in your living space to create a calming environment.

How do you cleanse and charge turquoise-coloured crystals?

To cleanse turquoise-coloured crystals, you can use various methods such as smudging with sage, placing them under running water, or leaving them in moonlight overnight. To charge these crystals, you can place them in sunlight for a few hours, use a selenite plate, or surround them with other crystals like clear quartz.

Is it okay to carve turquoise-coloured stones?

Carving turquoise-coloured stones is generally okay, but it depends on the specific type of stone. Some crystals, like turquoise, can be delicate and may require special care when being carved. Always ensure you are using proper tools and techniques to avoid damaging the stone.

What zodiac signs can wear turquoise-coloured crystals?

Turquoise-coloured crystals are beneficial for various zodiac signs. For example, aquamarine is particularly suitable for Pisces and Aries, while amazonite resonates well with Virgo and Aquarius. However, anyone can wear these crystals to benefit from their unique properties.

What does wearing turquoise-coloured crystals say about you?

Wearing turquoise-coloured crystals can signify that you value tranquillity, communication, and emotional balance. These crystals are often associated with calmness, honesty, and a deep connection to nature, reflecting a person's desire for harmony and inner peace.

How do you activate turquoise-coloured crystals?

To activate turquoise-coloured crystals, you can set your intentions clearly. Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and visualise your intentions or goals. You can also use affirmations or meditative practices to align the crystal's energy with your desires.

Why did my turquoise-coloured crystal change colour?

Turquoise-coloured crystals can change colour due to exposure to oils, cosmetics, or environmental factors. This is a natural process and does not diminish the stone's properties. To prevent this, clean your crystals regularly and avoid contact with chemicals.

Can turquoise-coloured crystals be worn every day?

Turquoise-coloured crystals can be worn every day. They are durable and can be incorporated into your daily wardrobe as jewellery or talismans. However, to maintain their beauty and properties, avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

What does the colour turquoise do to your brain?

The colour turquoise is known to have a calming effect on the brain. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and helps balance emotions. This soothing colour is often associated with tranquillity and emotional clarity, making it beneficial for mental well-being.

How do you use turquoise-coloured crystals in meditation?

To use turquoise-coloured crystals in meditation, hold the crystal in your hand or place it on the corresponding chakra. For example, place aquamarine on the throat chakra to enhance communication, or hold amazonite to promote courage and emotional balance. Focus on your breath and let the crystal's energy guide your meditation practice.

How do you store turquoise-coloured crystals?

Store turquoise-coloured crystals in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep them separate from other gemstones to prevent scratching and damage. Using a soft cloth or pouch can help protect their surface and maintain their energy.

Can turquoise-coloured crystals help with sleep?

Certain turquoise-coloured crystals like blue lace agate and larimar can promote restful sleep. Place these crystals under your pillow or beside your bed to create a calming environment and help reduce anxiety, promoting better sleep quality.

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