Ever met someone who you instantly felt comfortable with? Whether you know it or not, what you’re picking up on is their aura. We are all surrounded by an unseen energy field that radiates differently according to our health, emotional state, and spiritual openness. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about auras, how to read your aura, and how to work with auras to reach your full potential. 

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What are Auras?

Before you work with auras, it's essential that you have a good understanding of them. Here we'll cover the definition of auras, scientific approaches, as well as the spiritual perspective on energy fields.

Definition of aura

An aura is a colour-specific energy field that surrounds all living things, including humans, animals, and even plants. It is a form of energy that radiates a few inches to a few feet in an oval shape around the body, and can change based on thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

Auras are referenced in many traditions, including yoga and hinduism. There are differences between each discipline, however they all agree on the idea of the aura as an extension of the energy field of the human body. 

Are auras backed by science?

Although science hasn’t confirmed the existence of auras yet, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. We know that the human body emits a small electromagnetic frequency, and it is possible that this is what people pick up on when they see an aura. 

Scientific research is still ongoing, and it could only be a matter of time before auras become scientifically validated. Ancient traditions and cultures have seen the importance of auras for centuries, so we can be sure that there's a lot to learn from studying this amazing phenomenon. 

Whether you can perceive auras or you’re simply fascinated by them, it is your own spiritual journey that matters. Our course on auras and aura healing covers everything you need to know about developing this skill. 

Spiritual perspectives on auras

An aura is an important part of most spiritual practices. This is because your energy field is an excellent guide on current levels of openness, receptivity, and emotions. We are so much more than our physical bodies, and by connecting with auras, we can learn so much about ourselves and others. 

Feeling stressed out and low on energy? Your aura will reflect this. Equally, if you’re feeling fulfilled and confident, you will radiate this positivity. As we navigate life’s challenges, our aura becomes our ally, showing us where we need to grow and heal. 

As the famous quote explains, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Learning to see your aura takes your spiritual practice to a greater level than ever before. 

Is an aura an energy field?

In a way, yes! An energy field is something that is measurable, such as the Earth’s electromagnetic field, known as the Schumann resonance. We can’t measure auras in this way yet, but people who can see auras describe it as an energy field that is unique to every living being. 

Sometimes an aura is described as a vibrational frequency, or vibe for short. It turns out that humans are pretty good and sensing each other’s vibes. If you spend time with someone and feel drained afterwards, this might be because the person has a low frequency energy field. Equally, if you spend time with a person and feel energised and uplifted, it’s because their aura is probably very strong and healthy. 

Our auras are made up of a collection of energy fields which are known as energetic bodies. Each energy field corresponds to the seven main chakras within the body. These subtle forms of energy overlap and intertwine, and contribute to our overall aura. Our course on chakra and aura healing explores the connection between the two and is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge on this topic. 

The seven layers of the aura

  1. Physical aura plane: this represents our physical health and connects to the root chakra. It is the closest to the body and is the easiest to see with the naked eye. 
  2. Emotional aura plane: this part of the aura links to our feelings and connects to the sacral chakra. It often changes in colour depending on fluctuating moods, and can appear muddy if you’re experiencing emotional stress. 
  3. Mental aura plane: this plane represents our state of mind and the ego. It connects to the solar plexus chakra and will often produce coloured sparks when you engage in a mentally stimulating task. 
  4. Astral body aura plane: the astral body represents our spiritual health and our ability to give and receive love. It links to the heart chakra and if it’s healthy, it glows with a vibrant pink/red colour. 
  5. Etheric aura plane: moving further out, the etheric aura plane is the home of psychic abilities. It connects to the throat chakra and is the home of pure potentiality and authentic self expression. 
  6. Celestial aura plane: this part of the aura is where our intuition and dreams are held. It emanates from the third eye chakra. It is the home of unconditional love and bliss, and glows in a rainbow colour when healthy. 
  7. Causal aura plane: the last and most expansive aura plane is a combination of all other layers and radiates from the crown chakra. It stores all information about our soul purpose and has a beautiful golden glow. 

How to see your aura

It is possible to see your aura and the aura of others with some guidance and training. Learning to read energy fields is a valuable skill that can teach you so much about the wellbeing of yourself and others. Developing any new skill takes time and practice, so be patient with yourself if you don’t see auras immediately.

How to prepare to see your aura

Preparing to see your aura is an essential part of the process, and the better you prepare, the stronger your visions are likely to be. Here are some tips to help you get in the right mindset: 

  • Clear doubt and uncertainty from your mind. Trying to see your energy flow will be impossible if you feel doubtful from the start. Get into a curious mindset and allow yourself to be surprised. Release all expectations and open yourself up to possibilities. Try a mini-meditation to quiet your mind, or some free writing to move through doubt. 
  • Ground yourself. Being grounded means you are connected to your body, are in the present moment, and feel a sense of peace. Try spending some time in nature with your bare feet on the earth in order to ground instantly. 
  • Create a calm environment. A busy setting will affect your ability to see your aura. Minimise distractions by silencing or switching off electrical devices, lighting a candle or incense, and playing calming music. Make sure you’re in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Step-by-step guide to seeing your aura

Anyone can find their aura. It’s about trusting your intuition and giving yourself the time and space to develop this skill. Here are two ways you can see your aura. Try both multiple times to see which one works best for you.

Method one: using a mirror

  1. Stand against a white background with a mirror in front of you. Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to arrive in the present moment and invite your body and mind to relax. 
  2. Gently open your eyes, look in the mirror, and focus on the centre of your forehead. Keep your attention here for a minute or two. Allow your focus to soften. 
  3. Without moving your eyes, bring your attention to the space surrounding your head and shoulders, about a few inches away from your body. 
  4. As you keep your focus on this space, you will begin to see colours. This is your aura! Keep your awareness open as you observe your energy field. 

Method two: using your hands

  1. Place both hands in front of you at chest height with palms facing upwards. You can do this either seated or standing. 
  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. Allow yourself to fully relax. 
  3. After a few minutes, open your eyes and focus on your hands. Keep your eyes in one spot for a minute or two. 
  4. Without moving your eyes, bring your attention to the outline of your hands, and tap into the energy radiating from this space. As you connect to your aura, you will notice colours surrounding your hands. Maintain an open mindset as you observe your energy. 

Both methods require lots of practice and patience. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t see your aura right away. Once you see your aura, it’s time to move to the next step. 

Aura colours and their meanings

Now that you have developed your ability to see your aura, here comes the fun part! Energy fields are always made up of one or more colours. Here are their meanings. If you ever feel confused, remember the basic rule: each colour links to one of the main chakras. 

Black/Brown Aura 

A dark coloured aura means you are holding onto negativity which is stopping the flow of energy to your chakras. It is a sign you need to release mental, emotional, or spiritual blockages, and you might need to examine your behaviour towards others as this is often a sign of selfishness. 

Grey Aura 

This aura is an indication of stagnant energy, usually from indecision or a lack of motivation. It’s also a sign that you feel pessimistic and would benefit from opening yourself up to new possibilities and connections. This is a sign to invite more joy and playfulness into your life. 

Red Aura

A red aura is a sign of passion, action, and determination. This indicates that you feel rooted enough to move forward with clarity, and you feel a sense of peace and safety within yourself. If your aura is bright red, you might need to bring in a form of rest to balance out your passion.

Orange Aura

This aura is associated with creativity and vitality. A glowing orange aura is a strong sign that you feel fulfilled on a creative level and you allow your emotions to flow freely. It also represents good health and balanced relationships which allow you to express your full potential. 

Yellow Aura

A yellow aura indicates playfulness, optimism, and a healthy sense of self. It’s a strong sign that you are inquisitive and open minded, and are willing to take the next steps in your spiritual journey. Keep following your curiosities in order to learn more about yourself and others. 

Green Aura

People with a green aura tend to be kind, compassionate, and open-hearted. You are radiating a warm and nurturing energy and are likely experiencing high levels of love for yourself or others. It’s also a sign that you are connected to nature and value spending time outdoors. 

Blue Aura

This aura is associated with self-expression, communication, and integrity. You are willing to speak your truth and are sensitive to the words of others. A blue aura is also a sign of a strong and developing intuition and the ability to read the energy of other people. 

Indigo Aura

An indigo aura is associated with intuitive and psychic abilities and a deep spiritual connection. It is also a sign that you’re an old soul containing wisdom from many lifetimes, which means that you might struggle to feel present in everyday life. It’s important to ground yourself regularly.

Violet Aura

People with a violet aura are gifted on a spiritual level and often work as healers, intuitives, and guides. You value deep and meaningful connections and are unconcerned with surface level conversations. You are here to find your soul purpose and help improve the lives of others. 

White Aura

A white aura is a sign of balance, integration, and calmness. Each chakra is open and flowing, and it’s a sign of good health on all levels. This is the rarest of all aura colours, which means you’re likely to absorb others’ energy. Cleansing your energy is essential to protect yourself.

Golden Aura 

People with a gold aura are spiritually advanced, emotionally aware, and a joy to be around. They radiate a warm and inviting energy and have a clear understanding of their soul mission in this lifetime. They are guided by compassion and are always seeking the next level of growth. 

Rainbow Aura

Rainbow auras are associated with lightworkers, healers, and those attuned to higher dimensions. You have committed to your personal and spiritual growth and as a result your chakras are open and flowing. You are grounded in the present moment and value connection.

Cloudy Aura

A cloudy aura indicates a spiritual, mental, or emotional blockage. You might be going through a difficult period in life or facing challenges. This is a sign to honour your feelings, and connect to your authenticity. As you take care of yourself, your aura will strengthen and regain colour. 

Learning how to see your aura colour is an excellent way to check in on your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. As you become familiar with your own aura and the aura of others, you will develop your psychic gifts and progress on your spiritual journey. 

It’s important to note that aura colours can change frequently. It’s a good idea to check in with your energy field on a regular basis and make a note of the colours you see in order to track your growth. 

Aura projection techniques

The more you work with your aura, the stronger it will become. The next stage involves learning to project your aura to enhance your own energy and the energy of others. It’s important to learn how to regulate your energy field, especially if you are surrounded by lots of energy and interact with people on a daily basis. 

Method one: colour focus

This is a great method to use when you want to enhance your aura. If you notice your aura is a certain colour but you would like it to be a different colour, you have the ability to change it. Using the power of visualisation from third eye chakra, imagine your energy field glowing in your desired colour. See yourself surrounded in this colour with it flowing from your head to your feet.

Depending on how spiritually connected you are, this aura projection might happen instantly or over time. It’s important to keep up a regular visualisation practice and to maintain patience as you work with your aura. As with all spiritual work, you have to commit to a regular self growth practice in order to see results.

Method two: aura protection

Projecting your energy field is an excellent way to boost your confidence and feel a sense of empowerment. This method involves using the power of your third eye chakra to visualise your aura extending further from your body. As you see your aura growing, focus on the colours you wish to embody and feel a sense of wellbeing. 

It’s a good idea to project your aura when you feel in need of energetic protection. If you are spending time with people or environments that drain your energy, seeing yourself surrounded by a glowing energy field will help protect your energy and keep you grounded. 

Method three: using your aura to help others

You may notice people in your life who are in need of an energetic boost. If you have strong energy, it’s possible for you to send some of your excess energy to those in need. Those with healer auras or spiritual gifts are more likely to feel this desire. You may even do this without realising. By envisioning a person surrounded by a loving energy, you can help strengthen their own energy field. 

You should only project your aura to help others if you have a strong spiritual discipline and understand how to maintain your own energy in the process. If you already give more than you receive, it’s important that you focus on strengthening your own aura before helping others. 

Do I have a healer's aura?

Those with an interest in holistic health, wellness, and spirituality are more likely to have a healer’s aura. This type of aura is often golden, indigo, violet, or rainbow coloured, and shimmers brightly. If you think you have a healer’s aura, you may have psychic gifts that are waiting to be expressed. 

Identifying a healer aura involves looking at the aura colour and also checking in with the general energy of a person. Those with healer auras often exude a warm and inviting energy and appear wise beyond their years. They also radiate a sense of magnetism due to a stronger than usual energy field. 

If you recognise a healer’s aura in yourself or others, take note! This is a rare gift and a sign to follow your soul purpose and connect with your intuition. Make sure you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in order to keep your aura strong. 

How to find your aura: a summary

Learning to see your aura, identify aura colours, and project your aura is an important part of any spiritual journey. Reading energy fields is an excellent way to check in on the wellbeing of yourself and others and is a skill that can be cultivated over time. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in enhancing your spiritual gifts, our courses in Auras and Aura Reading and Chakra and Aura Healing will teach you everything you need to know about aura work. You can currently purchase these courses for £29 each (saving £118!). You’ll learn the theory and practice of becoming a skilled aura reading expert and how to work with energy centres for the benefit of yourself and others. 

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