Intuition is a natural human capacity, but in most people, it is undeveloped. Strengthening our intuition can assist us in improving our lives in myriad ways, including enhancing our relationships with others, improving our decision-making, and opening doors to spiritual connection. In this article, we will examine what intuition is and then investigate five tips that can strengthen your intuition and help you connect with your inner wisdom, including listening to your body, practising mindfulness, regular meditation, trusting your dreams, and creative magical thinking.

Tip 1: Listen to Your Body

Our bodies communicate subconscious information to us. Each of us has a unique body and a unique way of it communicating with us. The body will give us messages about a certain situation. If we practise listening to the body’s messages, our intuition will grow in leaps and bounds. To do this, try to pay attention to any changes in the body’s sensations, your energy levels or mood, and any pain signals or movements either towards or away from something. In other words, if something is right for you, your body may subtly move towards it or express an open, yes feeling. If something is wrong with you, the body may contract or subtly move away from it.

We need to express body love and learn how your body communicates to you. A yes may feel open, light, and heart-centred. A no may feel heavy or contracted. Your body is constantly giving you messages. When you pay attention, you can translate the body’s messages into intuitive insight to help make more informed decisions and assessments about a person, situation, or context. In this way, you can strengthen your intuition.

Tip 2: Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness has many definitions but one of the ways to understand this concept is to work with the practice of being present in every moment. The now-moment is the only place that we can be present or mindful. If our minds search the future or the past, as they often do, we are not present in the now. Practising mindfulness brings you into the everlasting present of the now; being present is the only state in which you can truly connect to your intuition. Intuition is really about being mindful in the now-moment.

Paying attention to your now-moment means paying attention to the environment you are in, your body, your thoughts, and your feelings. What is your body feeling? What is your heart feeling? Where is your mind? Is it engaged in your present task or worrying about some abstract fear? Is your body relaxed and engaged or tense and anxious? Noticing all of these things opens the door to your intuition.

Bringing mindfulness into your journey can help you increase your capacity to observe, and observation is a key element of excellent intuition.

Tip 3: Regular Meditation

Meditation is an important practice that can have many beneficial outcomes. One of the most important reasons to meditate is to learn to control the mind. An uncontrolled and untrained mind will contain many scatters and flurries of negative thinking and detrimental thoughts. This thought-weather clouds our intuition. Intuition requires a clear mind and, if possible, silence of thoughts to whatever degree possible.

Regular meditation, where you focus on your breath and your body, is a time when you can shift from thinking to presence and awareness.

Why is this so important when developing intuition? Because it is in a state of presence and awareness that one’s intuition will be the most accurate. Intuition does not come from thoughts but rather from the vast field of awareness. Intuition can become thoughts as we translate them into words that make sense to us, but intuition itself is not a thought: it is a silent knowing or awareness beyond all thought.

Regular meditation practice can assist you in strengthening your intuition.

Tip 4: Trust your Dreams

The dreaming mind is deeply connected to our subconscious and unconscious realms. These realms are the source of much of our creativity and intuition. It is said that everything we need to know already exists within the unconscious; merely a matter of accessing or becoming aware of it. Paying attention to the feelings and symbols that come to us in our dreams can provide valuable insights. A good way to work with and trust your dreams is to begin to record them. Keep a dream journal and write your dreams in the morning before you do anything else.

Assess your dreams for patterns, symbols, feelings, and other insights. Dreams will not speak rationally to you; rather, they are sourced from the same place intuition comes from: the mystical, the non-rational, the non-dual and the fertility of supra-rational knowing. As you work with your dreams, learn to trust the patterns and symbols arising for you to take note of.

Tip 5: Creative Magical Thinking

Creative magical thinking allows you to open up to your non-rational mind and the aspects of your brain that correspond with right-brain thinking. One way to do this is through metaphoric association. For example, say that you have asked the universe for a particular sign or an answer to your question.

Soon afterwards, you may hear a particular song during your day that will trigger you in your gut or heart because it feels like it is an answer to your question. Allowing that song to be a metaphoric association and answer to your question is a type of magical thinking. What comes to you in your reality can be seen from a magical perspective as meaningful and relevant to your life.

Magical thinking also helps us connect with deeper aspects of the self by allowing ourselves to open to new possibilities of how reality works and suspending our disbelief. We can increase our magical thinking by engaging in creative practice such as visualisation or ritual. Visualising a solution to a problem and allowing the mind to receive symbols or insights from the universe is an excellent way to open to intuition. Sometimes an intuitive insight will zig and zag into the brain like lightning. Opening to this is part of the opening to intuition.

Rituals can be part of magical thinking, for a ritual is simply engaging in a symbolic action, which can often open a doorway to the unconscious or subconscious mind so that we can create a channel for our intuition to flow. A simple ritual could merely be holding a feather in one’s hand, touching it to your third eye, asking for the mind to open, and meditating and letting the universe bring insight through images into your mind. The feather touching the third eye is a simple symbolic ritual that can help you to open to intuition.

In summary, intuition is a uniquely empowering tool that can help us to access and discern information that can help us in our lives. By listening to our bodies, practising mindfulness, meditating regularly, trusting our dreams, and working with creative magical thinking, we can strengthen our intuition and develop this magical aspect of ourselves.

Becoming attuned to intuition can take a little time, so be open to the mystical and non-rational realm from which intuition is sourced. As you become more attuned to intuition, your discernment about your life and ability to make better decisions and know what is right for you and what is not right for you will increase manifold.

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