As last year’s lockdown Christmas gifts gather dust — that pizza oven and hot tub definitely felt like a good investment at the time — why not give the lasting and transformative gift of knowledge this year? Our lifelong access courses can really change lives. Whether your loved one is looking to start their own business and gain financial independence, hoping to ignite passion through a beloved hobby, or simply expand their understanding of the world, we are certain we have the right online course gifts to make this Christmas the start of something truly magical.

We are confident we have something for everyone, from the green-fingered to gastronomically talented. So, let’s dive right in.

Online Course Gifts for Adventurers

There’s no doubt, we’ve all learned to appreciate the transformative effects of a breath of fresh air this year. But some have been bitten by the outdoors bug more than others. If this sounds like your loved one, why not gift them the joy of Shinrin Yoku — the Japanese art of forest bathing.

A woman sits in the forest after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing.

Online Course Gifts for Green-Fingered Gardeners

Likewise, those lucky enough to have some outdoor space at home have taken solace in the garden this year. From petunias to pansies, we’ve got courses covering all kinds of floristry. In fact, we offer a Greenfingers Starter Pack, which includes four of our best-selling gardening courses; Herb Gardening, Gardening and Landscape Design Business, Organic Gardening, and Urban Food Gardening. Alternatively, the Homesteading Diploma Course can help elevate the knowledge and skill of even the most proficient gardeners and enable them to start living ‘The Good Life’ by growing their own sweet-smelling herbs.

Online Course Gifts for Budding Linguists

Do you know a potential polyglot who would like to become a truly global citizen in this increasingly connected world? Perhaps one of our Language Diploma Courses could inspire them to travel the world, meet new people, and absorb different cultures. Each course is accompanied by audio to help guide learners through their journey. The Mandarin Chinese for Beginners Diploma Course might be particularly beneficial for those looking to upskill in the workplace.

A man studies language in Hong Kong after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in Mandarin Chinese.

Online Course Gifts for History Buffs

If your loved one would like to escape into the past, our History Diploma Courses span the timeline of the world, from Norse Mythology to the History of the Suffragettes. Written by experts, these fascinating courses will help them delve into the past. You never know what it might help them learn about our present, too.

Online Course Gifts for Crafty Folk

Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty. But a hobby isn’t just for the festive season. It can bring purpose to creative souls and even a second income stream through selling homemade products. Give someone with a penchant for printmaking or a passion for papercraft something to get stuck into all year round. Our Crochet Diploma Course, with the craft’s burgeoning trend in the independent maker markets, is particularly popular. But we offer plenty of other Hobby and Craft Diploma Courses, so we know you’ll find them the right one.

A woman weaves a basket after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in Crochet.

Online Course Gifts for Technology Fans

Do you know the next Elon Musk? Technological advancements are snowballing in this post-industrial world and it’ll take more than a layman’s understanding to keep up! The Introduction to Robotics Diploma Course could help someone you know to stand out from the crowd.

Online Course Gifts for Spiritualists

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Centre of Excellence offers an array of Spiritual Development Diploma Courses. From Natural Magic and Wicca to Angel Healing and Connecting With Your Spirit Guides, we are proud to offer accredited and certified courses for these much-maligned interests. Start with our comprehensive and exciting Tarot Diploma Course; it will teach your loved one everything that they need to know to be able to interpret Tarot Cards and give detailed readings, as well as a deeper appreciation for the so-called Occult Sciences.

A man release a turtle to the sea after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in Animal Care.

Online Course Gifts for Animal Lovers

We can all agree that we don’t deserve animals. If this sounds like something someone you know might say, one of our Animal Care Diploma Courses could offer them an educational place to channel all that love. Are they a cat person and a dog person? Perhaps the Zoology Diploma Course can offer them a good grounding on all the creatures of the animal kingdom — from the birds to the bees. They might even be inspired to start a career in animal care.

Online Course Gifts for Kids

Let’s blast off into outer space! The future astronaut in your life will certainly love our interactive and cosmically cool Exploring Outer Space for Kids Course! If they prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, why not go back to the time of the Dinosaurs, or enjoy the feeling of togetherness offered by studying the Wellbeing for Kids Course from the comfort of your home. These courses will spark the little ones’ imaginations and are also designed for those looking to make home education fun!

Three children dressing up as astronauts after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in Exploring Outer Space.

Online Course Gifts for Parents & Caregivers

Here at Centre of Excellence, we understand how important it is to keep young people and other vulnerable individuals safe from harm, particularly online. The knowledge gained from the Safeguarding Diploma Course will inform and advise on how to create safe spaces. For those looking to provide alternative education for their little ones, our Home Education Diploma Course is still completely free of charge as we support those seeking the right schooling for each individual child. Our other Child Education Diploma Courses may also offer what the parent in your life is looking for.

Online Course Gifts for Holistic Health

Our range of Holistic Therapy Diploma Courses has helped so many people to feel empowered in their own health and wellbeing and in helping others, too. From acupuncture to iridology, these alternative therapies are anecdotally known to change lives for the better in some cases. If someone you love has shown interest in alternative treatments for an illness or would like to become a Holistic Health Practitioner, take a look at the selection. One of our best-sellers is the Chakra and Aura Healing Diploma Course, thanks to its all-encompassing examination of the health of body, mind and spirit.

A female businessowner smiles in her workshop after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in business and marketing.

Online Course Gifts for Business Owners

Starting your own business is a daunting task. As the end of the year draws closer, it’s only natural that people begin to take stock and consider their aspirations for the next. Make them feel supported in their dreams by gifting them the Start Your Own Online Business Bundle; a bundle of courses designed to equip them with all the tools they need to turn their bright idea into a success. For the future-thinkers and entrepreneurs, give them the Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Diploma Course. You never know, they could be buying you a new car next year if it works out!

Online Course Gifts for Those Interested in the Mind

If there’s someone in your life who always seems to think outside the box, dig a little deeper, or demonstrates excellent emotional intelligence, perhaps one of our Psychology Diploma Courses will occupy their mind and broaden their horizons. Throw in a passion for performance and you might just have the future Derren Brown on your hands. Nurture their incredible capabilities with the Mentalism Diploma Course.

A woman writes her novel after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in writing.

Online Course Gifts for Writers

Does the sound of typing remind you of someone? Or the scratch of a furiously scribbling pen? Perhaps there’s someone who could use the guidance of the Novel Writing Diploma Course to help get that debut published. Or do you know a budding blogger who would like to make their passion for writing a full-time pursuit? Check out our Writing Diploma Courses for more inspiration.

Online Course Gifts for People Who Love the Earth

If you know someone who is looking to save our Earth, a little education goes a long way! Although many brands claim to be sustainable and greenwashing is rife, don’t get bogged down in the guilt of buying material Christmas gifts. Give them the gift of learning this year with the Conservation Diploma Course or one of our other Earth Science Courses. They will certainly appreciate that you’ve gone to the effort of purchasing a thoughtful present that won’t harm the planet.

A yogi expands his practice after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in yoga and fitness.

Online Course Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

While most of us are focused on merriment and excess at Christmas, you’ll no doubt know someone sticking to their diet and fitness plan like a trooper. It sounds like they might have what it takes to help others on their fitness journeys, too. Perhaps Personal Training is in their future? If they enjoy being active for a bit of peace and quiet, on the other hand, one of our Fitness and Wellbeing Courses is sure to inspire them and elevate their workouts to get the blood pumping well into the new year.

Online Course Gifts for Yogis

Christmas can be a little chaotic. Wouldn’t we all like some moments of mindfulness to break up the merriment? Well, gifting your favourite yogi the Ultimate Yogi Bundle could just put that good, calming energy out into the world. Alternatively, if they have cracked the back of the basics, how about the Face Yoga Diploma Course for something a little different? Or browse all of our Yoga and Mindfulness Diploma Courses.

A pastry chef decorates a yule log after being given one of the Centre of Excellence online course gifts in baking.

Online Course Gifts for Foodies

Food, glorious food! Whether your cup of tea is opulence and luxury or nourishingly tasty, our Diet and Nutrition Courses cover all bases from starter to main to dessert. As it’s Christmas, choose a treat and deliver the Cake Baking and Decorating Diploma Course to the foodie you love. Next year, you might just find a festive showstopper on your table!

Remember, all Centre of Excellence courses can be accessed whenever and wherever they want through a bespoke Learning Centre for a whole lifetime. Your loved one will also get access to our online Study Group of supportive learners 24/7 as well as our brand new Centre of Excellence app that they can download for free from the App Store and Play Store. We can’t wait to welcome them on board!

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