In 1995 Carol Davis, from Cardiff, was diagnosed with severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and chronic pain. She soon became bedbound.

But Carol had big dreams and aspirations and, in her 50s, returned to education and began studying with Centre of Excellence.

"I needed to find some way of studying where there were no deadlines, as my condition is so unpredictable," she recalled.

"I discovered Centre of Excellence, did the Crystal Healing Diploma Course and passed with distinction. It took me about a year with all my health problems, but it was a distraction in a subject that I loved.

"The course was easy to read and set out in modules so I could work at my own pace, which suited me as I did them all on my phone from my bed."

Carol enjoyed studying with Centre of Excellence so much that she has now completed the Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, Healing Your Life With Crystals, and Tarot courses.

"I am so proud of myself for achieving these courses despite my debilitating illness," she told us.

"The courses have given me confidence that, although I’m in chronic pain and have severe ME, I can still achieve my goals.

"The fact that I have official certificates in these subjects makes me feel so proud and happy that, against all the odds, I have completed these! 

"I'd say to any other people with ME: give it a go, as you will get so much support from Centre of Excellence and their Facebook study group.

"Even if it takes you years to complete a course, the satisfaction and feeling you get from finishing it is amazing!”

What's Next for Carol?

"My next goal is the Advanced Tarot Diploma Course and the Crystal Magic Diploma Course," she said.

"To be honest, there are lots of courses I want to study, but crystals and tarot are my passion”

"My final words are: Follow your dreams; Never Give up; You Can do it; Believe in YOU!!"

Can I Be a Tarot Card Reader?

In this age of acceptance, many people are discovering alternative spiritualities to help guide them through life, with one of the most popular being tarot. 

Due to the practical element of this practice, it is relatively simple to set up a business and amass clients who are interested in having tarot readings.

All you need is an authentic desire to help others and maybe a little bit of help from your spirit guides!

If you're interested in learning more about crystals, our Crystal Healing Diploma Course covers a wide range of techniques.

If you’d like to discover Tarot, our Tarot Diploma Course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to interpret the cards and give detailed readings.

Enrol on either course today for just £29 (save £98 on each!), and discover the amazing benefits for yourself!

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