Have you ever found yourself wishing for a little magical assistance to encourage someone special to take notice, or to deepen the bond between you and your partner? If so, you're not alone in this desire. 

Across cultures and histories, people have turned to love spells to attract love and foster commitment. In this guide, we'll explore various spells and rituals designed to bring love into your life, from traditional pagan spells to the gentle power of rose quartz.

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Understanding Love Spells

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A love spell is a form of intention setting aimed at manifesting love or strengthening a romantic bond. These spells range from simple affirmations to complex rituals involving multiple elements and phases. The key to a successful love spell lies in the strength of your intention and your openness to giving and receiving love.

How to Put a Love Spell on Someone

Putting a love spell on someone should always be done with the highest ethical standards in mind. Instead of attempting to dominate someone's will, focus on spells that enhance your attractiveness and confidence, naturally drawing the right person towards you.

Manifesting with Good Intentions and Respecting Free Will

When using magic to bring love into your life, it's important to do it in a way that doesn't try to control or force someone else to feel a certain way. Think of it like inviting love in with a warm, open door rather than trying to pull it in with a lasso. 

This ethical approach ensures that the love you attract is genuine and that the relationships you nurture are based on mutual respect and authentic connection. Remember, the most powerful and lasting spells invite love into your life without compromising the autonomy and freedom of the ones you wish to draw closer.

Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

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This spell is about creating a space where love can bloom naturally between you and someone else. Practising this spell regularly will help set the stage for genuine emotions to emerge and grow.

Ethical Love Spell Example

  1. Write Your Intentions: Jot down your hopes for love and partnership on a piece of paper, focusing on the feelings you wish to experience rather than naming a specific person.
  2. Prepare Your Candles: Light one pink candle for love and one white candle for purity and true intentions.
  3. Read Aloud: Gently read your written intentions aloud, visualising your words reaching the universe and attracting the right energy.
  4. Close with a Wish: Conclude by saying, "For the highest good of all, may this harm none."
  5. Let the Candles Burn Down: Safely allow the candles to burn out, releasing your intentions.

Crush Spell

Crush spells can help highlight your energy, making it more noticeable to your crush in a positive and attractive way. These spells work to enhance natural connections and open up opportunities for interaction.

Ethical Crush Spell Example

  1. Select Your Charm: Choose a piece of rose quartz as your love charm, symbolising attraction and open-hearted energy.
  2. Morning Visualisation: Hold the rose quartz each morning and envision your crush noticing and appreciating your unique qualities, leading to natural interactions.
  3. Speak Your Intent: Whisper to the universe, "Let our paths cross with joy and mutual respect if it's meant to be."
  4. Carry the Charm: Keep the rose quartz with you, allowing its energy to guide natural encounters.

Commitment Spell

Commitment spells are crafted to deepen bonds between partners, smoothing over doubts and fostering a shared willingness to commit more deeply to each other.

Ethical Commitment Spell Example

  1. Create a Commitment Jar: Together with your partner, find a small jar that will represent your growing relationship.
  2. Write Your Dreams: Separately write down your aspirations for the relationship on paper, focusing on shared goals and dreams.
  3. Add Symbols of Love: Place symbols representing your connection into the jar, such as a small heart or a ribbon tied in a knot.
  4. Seal with Intent: Both partners should place their hands on the jar, envisioning your bond strengthening and growing over time.
  5. Display the Jar: Keep the jar in a shared space as a daily reminder of your commitment to each other and the relationship's intentions.

Pagan Spell for Love

A spell being cast with a lit candle and various crystals surrounding the candle

Pagan love spells tap into the natural energies of the earth, using herbs, candles, and the phases of the moon to attract love or enrich a current relationship with more depth and connection.

Ethical Pagan Spell Example

  1. Choose Your Timing: Align your spell with the new moon, a time for new beginnings and manifestations.
  2. Gather Your Materials: Collect two pink candles (for love), lavender (for harmony), and a piece of paper.
  3. Set Your Space: Find a quiet spot where you can focus. Lay out your materials on a clean surface.
  4. Write Your Intentions: On the piece of paper, jot down the qualities you seek in a relationship or wish to enhance in your current one. Phrase these positively and in the present tense.
  5. Arrange Your Spell: Place the candles side by side and sprinkle lavender around them in a heart shape.
  6. Light the Candles: As you light each candle, visualise your love life blossoming with the qualities you've written down.
  7. Speak Your Intentions: Read your list aloud, finishing with "May this happen for the highest good of all involved, harming none."
  8. Close the Spell: Allow the candles to burn safely, and keep the paper under your pillow or in a special place until your intentions manifest.

Rose Quartz Love Spell

Lots of pieces of rose quartz in different shapes including a large love heart piece

Using rose quartz in love spells enhances your ability to love and be loved, drawing in romantic opportunities and healing emotional wounds.

Ethical Rose Quartz Love Spell Example

  1. Cleanse Your Rose Quartz: Begin by cleansing your rose quartz under running water or with smoke from sage to clear its energy.
  2. Set Your Intention: Hold the rose quartz in your hands, closing your eyes to envision your heart opening and filling with a warm pink light.
  3. Create a Love Charm: Place the rose quartz in a small pouch along with lavender for harmony and a small piece of paper where you've written your love intentions.
  4. Seal the Charm: Tie the pouch closed with a red or pink ribbon, knotting it three times. Each knot represents love, harmony, and commitment.
  5. Activate the Charm: Hold the charm in your hands, saying, "May love flow freely to and from my heart, for the highest good of all, harming none."
  6. Carry or Place the Charm: Keep the charm with you in your bag, or place it by your bedside to attract love into your life.

Attraction Spell

Attraction spells enhance your energy, making you more magnetic to others by amplifying your inner beauty, confidence, and positive qualities.

Ethical Attraction Spell Example

  1. Prepare Your Space: Find a calm place where you can be undisturbed. Light a white candle for purity and a red candle for passion.
  2. Focus Your Intent: Write down the qualities you wish to enhance within yourself that will make you more attractive to others. Focus on qualities like confidence, kindness, or humour.
  3. Create an Attraction Sigil: Draw a simple symbol representing your intent to become more attractive. This can be done by combining letters from your written qualities into a single symbol.
  4. Charge the Sigil: Hold the paper with your sigil over the candles (safely) and visualise your energy infusing the symbol with glowing light.
  5. Activate the Sigil: Say aloud, "I am attractive; I draw love and positivity towards me with ease and grace, for the highest good of all, harming none."
  6. Carry the Sigil: Place the sigil in your wallet, pocket, or somewhere close to you as a daily reminder of your magnetic energy.

Common Questions About Love Spells

Can love spells really make someone fall in love with me?

Love spells create an energetic pathway for love to flourish rather than forcing someone to have feelings. It's about setting intentions and opening yourself up to the possibility of love, which, when done ethically, can invite positive energies and opportunities into your life.

Are love spells ethical?

When approached with respect for free will and positive intentions, love spells are an ethical practice. Ethical love spells focus on enhancing your vibrational energy, attracting love naturally rather than manipulating someone's feelings.

How long does it take for a love spell to work?

The timing can vary widely depending on those involved, the complexity of the spell, and the intentions set. It's important to trust in the process and remain open to the outcomes, knowing that what is meant for you will come in its own time.

Can I cast a love spell for someone else?

While you can cast spells with the intention of sending love and positive energy to someone else, it's crucial to respect their free will. Any spell influencing another's feelings should only be done with their knowledge and consent.

What should I do if I'm not sure about casting a love spell?

If you're uncertain, it's a good sign to pause and reflect. Learning more about the ethical practices of spellcasting can help you make informed decisions. Consider exploring educational resources, like courses on spellcasting, to deepen your understanding and ensure that your practices align with your values.

How can I enhance the effectiveness of a love spell?

Belief in your intentions, clarity of those intentions, and genuine open-heartedness are key. Engaging in practices that raise your energy and align you with the essence of love, such as meditation, affirmations, and carrying symbols of love like rose quartz, can also support your spellcasting.

What's the best way to learn more about love spells and spellcasting?

Structured learning from reputable sources is invaluable. Courses like the Spellcasting Diploma Course from Centre of Excellence provide a comprehensive foundation in spellcasting, from basics to more advanced rituals, ensuring you practice ethically and effectively.

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