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Katrin's journey with Centre of Excellence is one of transformation, personal growth, and the power of education. As a stay-at-home mother with a thirst for learning, Katrin found a sanctuary in the diverse and flexible online courses offered by Centre of Excellence. Her story shows how education can be a catalyst for change and a source of joy in challenging times.

A New Chapter Begins

In 2018, Katrin's life took a new turn with the birth of her daughter. As a stay-at-home mum, she found herself seeking something more, a way to engage her mind and continue growing intellectually. "I was a stay-at-home mum at that time and didn't return to work, which proved a good decision because the COVID pandemic hit in 2020. That was when I started to look for online courses with topics I'm interested in," Katrin recalls. Her desire for a manageable yet stimulating education led her to Centre of Excellence. She discovered courses on Paganism and Druidism, beginning her journey into a world of varied and engaging topics.

A Journey of Continuous Learning

What started with courses on spiritual paths soon blossomed into an expansive journey covering numerous subjects. "I have completed 23 courses altogether, the last one being Irish Mythology and my next ones being Scottish History and Seismology," says Katrin with pride. Her journey through language, history, science, mythology, and esoteric courses highlights the variety of opportunities at Centre of Excellence. 

Education Tailored for Everyone

Katrin emphasises the inclusivity and beginner-friendliness of Centre of Excellence's courses. "You can be an absolute beginner with no knowledge and you get a wonderful overview with specific, well-researched information." The structure of the courses, with assessments to ensure understanding, adds to their effectiveness. Yet, the learning environment remains stress-free and self-paced. "Do not be scared off by the mention of assessments. The courses can be taken in your own rhythm, there are no deadlines and no restrictions. This is all about personal growth at your own pace," she advises.

More Than Just Courses

For Katrin, Centre of Excellence was more than an educational platform; it was a lifeline during the COVID lockdowns and a means of keeping her intellectually active. "They kept me sane in a time when all life was shut down," she reflects. The courses provided a challenge and excitement similar to university-level education but without the commitment and pressure. "I'm very grateful that I found CoE and it keeps growing and growing!"

Transformative Impact on Personal Life

Though Katrin hasn't used her courses professionally, the impact on her personal life has been significant. "They keep me intellectually active and as a post-grad alumni, I was really looking for something that would still challenge and excite me," she shares. This journey with Centre of Excellence became a source of joy, self-improvement, and a testament to the transformative power of education.

Join the Journey of Learning

Inspired by Katrin's story? You, too, can begin a journey of discovery and growth with Centre of Excellence. We're excited to offer our Irish Mythology course - and all others linked in this post - at a special discounted price of £29. But why stop there? Explore our full range of courses and find your passion.

Why Choose Centre of Excellence?

  • Affordability: Accessible pricing, offering greater value than many online courses.
  • Flexible Timing: Study at your pace, on your schedule.
  • Diverse Range of Subjects: From history to hobbies, we cater to all interests.
  • Comprehensive Support: Personal tutors and a vibrant community await you.

Ready to transform your life through education? Let's unlock your potential together, one course at a time!

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