Philosophy, with its rich array of questions, ideas, and discussions, is a field that touches every aspect of life. It's about exploring the big questions – like the nature of existence, what it means to live a good life, and how we should govern ourselves. 

If you’re intrigued by these questions but perhaps not a fan of dense philosophical texts, podcasts offer a brilliant way to dive into these topics. Philosophy podcasts can break down complex ideas into more digestible, conversational pieces, making them accessible to a broad audience. Below, we'll explore some of the best philosophy podcasts out there, perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of philosophical inquiry or deepen their understanding.

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1. Philosophy Bites

About: Philosophy Bites is a leading podcast for those interested in delving into philosophical concepts in an accessible, compelling format. This podcast offers concise discussions with some of the world's leading philosophers, making it an ideal point of entry for newcomers to philosophy.

Key Feature: Each episode zeroes in on a distinct philosophical issue, unpacking complex thoughts into digestible insights. This approach provides a robust foundation across various philosophical themes without inundating the listener.

Host: The show is helmed by Nigel Warburton, a freelance philosopher known for his ability to demystify philosophical ideas, and David Edmonds, a journalist and broadcaster with a knack for engaging storytelling. Together, they create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all levels of philosophical interest.

2. The Partially Examined Life

About: The Partially Examined Life offers a more in-depth exploration of philosophy, making it suitable for those ready to dive deeper into the subject. Its longer episodes resemble engaging conversations among philosophically inclined friends, dissecting and debating ideas in various philosophical texts.

Key Feature: The podcast stands out for its casual approach to discussing philosophy, inviting listeners to feel part of the conversation. This method especially appeals to those who enjoy a more thorough examination of philosophical concepts.

Host: A collective of philosophy enthusiasts, including academics and self-taught thinkers, drive the discussion. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to a rich array of perspectives, making each episode a unique intellectual journey.

Best philosophy podcasts

3. Philosophize This!

About: Philosophize This! seeks to make the expansive history of philosophy accessible to a broad audience. The Host, Stephen West, navigates the intricate ideas of the greatest philosophers in history, presenting their thoughts in an engaging and enlightening narrative.

Key Feature: This podcast shines in its ability to offer a comprehensive overview of philosophy's evolution from ancient times to the present. West’s narrative style makes complex ideas approachable for listeners of all backgrounds.

Host: Stephen West is known for his clear, relatable manner of storytelling, which enables listeners to easily follow along and understand the depths of philosophical theory and its relevance throughout history. His passion for philosophy is evident, making each episode truly captivating.

4. The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

About: Hosted by Peter Adamson, The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps is a comprehensive guide throughout philosophical history. Adamson aims to cover every corner of philosophical thought, presenting a continuous narrative that leaves no stone unturned.

Key Feature: This podcast is known for its depth and breadth, covering philosophers and ideas that are often overlooked. It’s an invaluable resource for those who desire a thorough understanding of philosophy's evolution.

Host: Peter Adamson, a professor of philosophy, brings his extensive knowledge and passion to the podcast. His dedication to covering the full spectrum of philosophical thought makes each episode informative and enlightening.

5. Making Sense with Sam Harris

About: Making Sense with Sam Harris explores many topics, including many that touch on philosophical themes such as ethics, free will, and consciousness. Harris's background in neuroscience, philosophy, and authorship allows him to merge philosophical inquiry with scientific research in engaging conversations.

Key Feature: The podcast stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, weaving together philosophy and science to offer insights into some of society's most pressing questions. It’s especially appealing to listeners curious about the intersection of philosophy with other fields.

Host: Sam Harris, with his expertise, leads discussions that are as deep as they are broad. His ability to engage with complex subjects in an accessible manner makes the podcast a treasure trove of intellectual exploration.

Best philosophy podcasts

6. Very Bad Wizards

About: Very Bad Wizards is a unique blend of philosophy and psychology, providing listeners with engaging discussions on ethics, morality, and human behaviour. The podcast navigates the intricate connections between how we think and why we act, all through a philosophical and psychological lens.

Key Feature: This podcast's unique combination of deep philosophical analysis and psychological insights offers listeners a multidimensional perspective on a wide range of topics. The hosts’ engaging dialogue is peppered with humour, making complex subjects more approachable and enjoyable.

Host: The duo behind the podcast, Tamler Sommers, a philosopher, and David Pizarro, a psychologist, bring a dynamic chemistry to their discussions. Their varied backgrounds allow for rich conversations that are both intellectually stimulating and entertaining.

7. In Our Time: Philosophy

About: In Our Time: Philosophy is a distinguished programme from BBC Radio 4, steered by Melvyn Bragg. It assembles a panel of experts to delve into the lives and works of historical philosophers alongside key philosophical concepts, making it packed full of wisdom and knowledge.

Key Feature: The programme's standout feature is its panel discussion format, offering listeners a rich, multi-perspective examination of philosophical topics. This approach ensures a depth of dialogue that is intellectually rigorous and accessible.

Host: Melvyn Bragg, known for his eloquent moderation, guides each discussion with a keen eye, ensuring that complex ideas are unfolded in a manner approachable to all listeners, from novices to seasoned philosophers.

8. The Philosophy Guy

About: Hosted by Brenden Weber, The Philosophy Guy podcast is a bridge between philosophical thought and the everyday experiences of the modern world. Through discussions on pop culture, current events, and more, Weber makes philosophy deeply relevant to contemporary life.

Key Feature: The podcast's casual, conversational style allows Weber to demystify complex philosophical concepts, making them relatable to the listener's own life and cultural experiences. It’s an engaging way to see how philosophy permeates every aspect of our lives, from the media we consume to the societal issues we face.

Host: Brenden Weber's approachable and insightful commentary invites listeners into a world where philosophy meets daily life, encouraging them to consider deeper meanings and ethical questions raised by familiar cultural phenomena.

Best philosophy podcasts

9. Hi-Phi Nation

About: Hi-Phi Nation brings a fresh, innovative approach to exploring philosophical ideas, merging storytelling with investigative philosophy. Host Barry Lam ventures beyond traditional academic discussions, instead linking philosophical concepts with real-world stories and experiences.

Key Feature: The unique narrative approach of blending real-life stories with philosophical analysis offers listeners a compelling way to engage with philosophy. It highlights the relevance of philosophical thought in addressing and understanding the complexities and nuances of human life.

Host: Barry Lam, an associate professor of philosophy, brings his academic expertise and storytelling prowess to each episode. His ability to weave philosophical discourse into engaging narratives makes for a listenable, thought-provoking podcast.

10. The Unmute Podcast

About: The Unmute Podcast stands at the intersection of philosophy and the pressing issues of our time. Host Myisha Cherry orchestrates insightful conversations with philosophers on various topics, including race, love, gender, and justice, aligning philosophical inquiry with the heart of current social debates.

Key Feature: This podcast directly applies philosophical perspectives to understand and address contemporary societal challenges. It's an invaluable resource for listeners seeking to deepen their understanding of today's issues through a philosophical lens.

Host: Myisha Cherry brings an engaging and inquisitive interview style, fostering thought-provoking discussions that are deeply relevant to our modern world. Her ability to connect philosophical ideas with real-life situations enhances the podcast's appeal to a broad audience, encouraging a deeper consideration of how philosophy informs our understanding of and engagement with the world.

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