Linda, a vibrant and enthusiastic learner, shares her remarkable journey with us at Centre of Excellence, an online learning platform known for its transformative educational experiences.

Linda’s Learning Story

Before discovering our courses, Linda, like many, found her artistic pursuits confined within the walls of a weekly art class. However, the onset of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown presented her with a unique opportunity. She recalls, "I attended a weekly tutor-led art class for quite a while, but felt I was not gaining any wider knowledge. Then COVID hit, classes stopped. I grabbed the opportunity to broaden and deepen my art by studying the diplomas, which I would never have done without COVID lockdown."

This newfound avenue led Linda to the rich and diverse world of online courses offered by the Centre of Excellence. Embracing the chance to explore her passion further, she enrolled in various courses, including Drawing for Beginners, Introduction to Figurative Art and Portraiture, Printmaking, and Calligraphy.

A picture of Linda's incredible artwork
Linda's incredible artwork

A Transformative Journey

Linda's journey through these courses was nothing short of transformative. She found joy and inspiration in learning about perspective, colour theory, writing styles, and the application of tonal value and colour. "What I enjoyed most was learning about perspective, colour theory, writing styles, and how to use and apply tonal value and colour. And the realisation that I can actually draw and paint. The courses pushed me outside my comfort zone, which I was nervous about at first, but I soon realised how much I learned through making mistakes and creating something I was pleased with," Linda reflects.

The impact of this learning journey on Linda's confidence and artistic skills is clear. She established a successful Facebook group, gaining a following that appreciates and supports her art. Linda’s achievements include her being able to sell her art, donating the proceeds to charity. She proudly states, "I have a newfound confidence in my work. I have a very successful Facebook group following. I have the confidence to share my work and have sold pieces worldwide. I donate some sale proceeds to the cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now. Donations now exceed £1,200."

Tips for Prospective Students

Linda's advice to prospective learners is heartfelt and encouraging. "Do it! I was hesitant at first, but the CofE community is an extremely supportive and very positive group of like-minded people. Do a course that interests you so you enjoy learning more about a subject you enjoy. Don't rush the modules; there is no time limit."

Linda's experiences encapsulate our goal at Centre of Excellence - to inspire, empower, support, and include every learner. She concludes her story with gratitude and enthusiasm for future learning, "I thoroughly enjoyed the courses. The art courses' self-analysis feature made me look and think about what I had created. I became my own critic - and that, I have found, is a very good skill, which I would never be able to do without the knowledge I learned from the courses."

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