At the Centre of Excellence, we believe education can help change lives, no matter your age, experience, or circumstances. This story is about Kayli Brooks, a student whose journey reflects the resilience and determination we aim to inspire in all our learners.

Overcoming Obstacles with Determination

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At 39, Kayli has faced more than her fair share of challenges. A disabled student with two associate degrees from Ivy Tech Community College—one in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English, and another in Visual Communications with a concentration in Graphic Design—Kayli's academic path has been diverse and challenging. Despite being bullied, enduring major health issues, and undergoing eleven major surgeries, she has never let her spirit waver.

"Through all the obstacles I have been through, I have always fought to educate myself no matter what,” Kayli recounts. “I fought through being bullied at school, major health issues, chronic health issues, and being disabled to keep learning." 

Achieving Academic Excellence

Kayli's journey with Centre of Excellence began a few years ago, as she sought to deepen her knowledge and skills further. Here, she found not just courses, but a community that supported and empowered her every step of the way. Thanks to her determination to complete our courses, Kayli is now on her way towards achieving a Doctorates Degree.

"These past couple of years, I have taken all that I have learned from the courses at Centre of Excellence and created goals for my life. I have decided to become a Quantum Cosmologist and pursue my Doctorates Degree," she explains. 

Achieving impressive grades in physics courses through Stanford University and Harvard EDX program, Kayli regained her confidence, particularly in mathematics—a subject she was once told would be her undoing.

Gaining Confidence and Skills

The more Kayli studied, the more her confidence increased as she realised her life’s passions. 

"These courses have given me the opportunity to gain a broad range of knowledge, experience, and confidence in myself,” she reflects. “It has also given me confidence in my test-taking abilities through many hours of studying." Beyond academics, these experiences have enhanced her skills in research, writing, and comprehension, strengthening her resolve to never give up.

Kayli’s academic achievements are remarkable. Despite being told that she would never understand maths, she persisted and excelled. The courses at Centre of Excellence provided her with the knowledge, experience, and confidence she needed to succeed. They also reignited her passion for science and helped her set ambitious goals for her future.

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Join Kayli and Transform Your Life

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Join us at Centre of Excellence, where education empowers you to chase your dreams and make a positive global impact. Start your journey today and see where it takes you.

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