The courses provided by Centre of Excellence Online are designed to provide customers with real-world skills that will help them to begin a career, augment their current careers, or to improve their lives in either an overall or very specific way, depending on the course. Here we showcase some of our student's success stories.

Emma Kirkham, managing director of Yorkshire Advanced Aesthetics Ltd (, has one such story, having used the skills gained from the classroom-based Hypnotherapy Practitioner and online Gastric Band Hypnotherapy courses, to offer more services to her customers.

Emma on the Classroom-based Hypnotherapy Course

Sara (one of Centre of Excellence's trainers) was so inspiring and energetic in the delivery of the course. The course was very interactive with plenty of demonstrations, explanations of how things worked and lots and lots of putting it into practice. For me the practice and guidance was what I wanted from the course, I got that and so much more! I now understand more about how our minds work and how powerful our thoughts are and try to be more mindful of this and the words I say to people. I also realised a few things about myself during the course, such the root cause of a phobia I have which has now helped me not to fully overcome this, but not be so dramatic over it.

Emma on the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course

I really enjoyed finding out more about gastric bands, especially around the risks and side effects of the surgical band and how the hypnotherapy band is a much better and safer option. I also liked how easy the course was to navigate - set out as 'appointments' instead of 'chapters'. The course has helped enhance my knowledge around this area and given me a greater understanding of eating habits (including my own). I also really liked the marketing section of the course as this was extremely helpful in giving me ideas for marketing that I hadn't thought of.

Emma's Story

Yorkshire Advanced Aesthetics Logo

Founding Yorkshire Advanced Aesthetics Ltd

In 2012, having suffered with work-related stress, Emma Kirkham took the bold decision to retrain in a more rewarding career in beauty & holistics, adding more and more treatments to her roster as she qualified in them, but she wanted to add something to set her apart from other beauticians.

Why Emma Studied with Centre of Excellence

Having battled with her own weight, and seeing how others did the same through a previous role as a Slimming World Consultant, Emma strived to make high-end treatments more accessible, and so invested in body sculpting machines; offering treatments at affordable prices, but this only dealt with the physical side of treatment, not the psychological side.

I couldn't change how they viewed themselves as many people still looked at themselves and saw a 'fat' person.

What arose from this was that customers would lose weight, and be pleased with the physical results, but would still view themselves in a negative state. Although the exterior had changed dramatically, the mind did not appreciate the benefits. Seeing this disconnect between mind and body, and wanting to offer a wider range of treatments, led Emma to join us on the Classroom-based Hypnotherapy Practitioner course, and later enrol on the online Gastric Band Hypnotherapy course.

How Skills Learnt at Centre of Excellence Helped the Business

Hypnotherapy now allows me to offer my clients a fully holistic approach, as well as helping other clients get the motivation to lose weight and exercise more, or find the root cause of their negative eating habits.

An example of the difference that the courses have made to the business can be seen in the success of Emma's clients. One such client had 3 sessions of weight loss hypnotherapy across 4 weeks. She lost 9lbs by the final session, and found it easy to do. This helped the client gain confidence and in turn has helped the reputation of the business, as they have provided a great service and left customers happy.

Having completed Centre of Excellence's classroom-based Hypnotherapy and online Gastric Band Hypnotherapy courses, Emma has just started the Life Coaching course and is looking forward to offer yet more treatments to her customers. She's already eyeing up a NLP course as well...

I want to continue doing the best for my clients and because the courses are so easy to do in your own time around other commitments. Also because I was so impressed with the company when on my weeks Hypnotherapy course.

Good luck for the future, Emma!

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