At Centre of Excellence, we believe education can help change lives, no matter your age, experience, or circumstances. This story is about Denise, a remarkable student who turned her passion into a business with the help of Centre of Excellence.

Island Inspiration

Denise's entrepreneurial journey began on the golden sands of Hawaii’s Oahu Island. Inspired by the island's beauty and the radiant skin of its residents, she discovered her interest in natural skincare. 

While on my many trips to Hawaii, I learned about their history of herbalism and about the wonderful oils that are naturally produced there. I could not help noticing the beautiful skin the residents had, despite living in the hot sun and strong winds,” Denise recalls. “I personally needed creams that worked as I was allergic to so many things and wanted to protect my skin and keep it healthy. I also realised how important this is to many women and men.

Photograph of CoE student, Denise

Founding Pink Coral Skin Indulgence

Denise founded Pink Coral Skin Indulgence to provide natural and effective skincare products. Recognising the need for a strong knowledge base to excel in her field, she turned to Centre of Excellence, choosing to enrol in diploma courses such as Master Herbalist, Advanced Master Herbalist, Essential Oils, and Soap Making

“The courses I studied with the Centre of Excellence were instrumental in shaping my career," Denise explains. “I strongly feel I became one of the best in my field because I learned and understood the natural ingredients I used.“ 

Overcoming Challenges

Despite facing significant challenges, including a devastating house fire and the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Denise's spirit remained unbroken. She managed to salvage her research notes and certificates from Centre of Excellence amidst the ruins, highlighting her resilience and dedication to her craft. 

Some would be deterred by such an incident, but for Denise, it fueled her resolve to rebuild and expand her business, with a renewed focus on educating others about the benefits of natural skincare. She began sourcing ingredients from all over the world and set herself the challenge of producing her own.

“While I use many ingredients from Hawaii, my ingredient list expanded to items from all over the world: Spain, Africa, Antarctica, India, Turkey, and Tahiti to name a few,” Denise shares. “I also produce some of my ingredients myself, as I further studied Master Herbalism with Centre of Excellence and my own continued research. I formulate my products myself very carefully, striving to obtain the best protection and health for our skin.”

Educating and Expanding

Today, Denise dedicates her time to selling her products, which include a widely acclaimed "miracle cream" beneficial for cancer patients, and to educating others. She participates in trade shows and manages a robust new website to reach a wider audience, sharing the knowledge she’s gained through years of study and practice.

“I am so proud to be able to make a difference for others,” Denise shares. This "miracle cream" has also made a difference for cancer patients receiving radiation. I have donated many jars of this cream to people in need.”

Explore Your Potential with Centre of Excellence

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