Neelam Jagasia Puri has been drawn to the esoteric arts since she was a child. Armed with the belief that we are all born with intuitive gifts, Neelam — an astrologer, medium, and psychic — has been honing her intuitions so that she may help people, including royals, in her role as “a kind of spiritual agony aunt”.

Mystic Neelam, as she is professionally known, has an impressive roster of clients, which includes authors, the elderly, solicitors and people in the public eye, as well as civil servants and NHS professionals working through the pandemic. One of her readings was also recently featured in Hello! Magazine.

But despite the glamour, Neelam tells Centre of Excellence that her career highlight as an astrologer “has been to help people believe in themselves and their uniqueness so that they can make the most of their life and be happy”. She adds, “It doesn't matter if they are royalty or not — in my eyes, every human plays a valuable part on the planet and makes the world a better place. I do not see experiences as barriers, but rather, as signs of the extent of spiritual development within us.”

Mystic Neelam, a celebrity astrologer, sits in a chair holding flowers and smiling.

With that said, the astrologer is honoured each time a client — under the strictest of confidentiality — shares their life journey with her.

Neelam takes a holistic, authentic and inclusive approach to her gifts. It has been this way ever since she began learning the ancient art of astrology at age 11. An “authentic seer”, when asked to describe herself according to her astrological characteristics, Neelam said, “Honest, like my Sun sign Sagittarius, a deep thinker due to my Scorpio Moon, and a seeker of harmony and peace with my Mars in Libra”.

Neelam then joked, “The rest is private!”

Jokes aside, Neelam told Centre of Excellence that she had hidden her gifts for a long time due to misconceptions surrounding astrology and what it means to be an astrologer.

A modern astrologer using charts for readings.

She said, “Contrary to myth, people like myself serve a purpose to help others in a unique way. At times, people save themselves a lot of heartache by coming to us.”

The Role of an Astrologer

Neelam believes that when astrologers, mediums, and seers like herself share wisdom — a combination of knowledge, experience, and insights — and offer positive options, it can enhance the lives of clients struggling with a variety of issues including career and business development, love, family and relationships, and even issues relating to discrimination.

Neelam adds, “Often, they have not been able to receive the particular kind of help they need from anywhere else. You are the last port of call when the agencies that support people in society have failed.

While Neelam accepts that there are “charlatans”, there are many who do contribute positively. She adds, “I know my remit as an astrologer. I do not replace professionals such as counsellors, doctors, or those in the legal field. If I recognise a client needs further expertise, I will definitely suggest this.”

Neelam’s understanding of both the benefits and limitations of being an astrologer is evidenced by a profound respect for its history. Indeed, only in recent times have astrology and astronomy been separated. She explains, “It is as useful today – for different purposes – as it was many centuries ago, when kings would consult their astrologers before they fought a battle.”

Old sky map depicting boreal and austral hemispheres with constellations and zodiac signs as used by an astrologer.

Neelam adds, “What's more, if these ancient arts are not used, they will go extinct and a vast, rich knowledge that was used many centuries ago will be lost.”

Likewise, Neelam has always been deeply connected to nature, which gives her the “true clarity needed to practice” her work. She adds, “I love nature and believe that we are all linked together as one big family on Earth.”

With over four decades of learning how to use tools such as the stars, prayer, and meditative practice — as well as 14 years of professional experience — Neelam looked to consolidate her abilities with the Astrology Diploma through Centre of Excellence, achieving a distinction. The talented astrologer found the learning process simple and effective, particularly being able to learn at her own pace.

The Astrology Diploma of astrologer, Mystic Neelam.

She said, “The knowledge was detailed enough for me to apply the information almost straight away. The knowledge was to a professional standard...It was a good consolidation for me. It also helped me to gain a clear grasp of complex concepts so I can explain them to my clients in a simple way.”

Moreover, Neelam believes gaining her diploma with Centre of Excellence enhanced her credibility at work. She explained, “I work privately but I also work for a highly reputable psychic company and I have been featured in prestigious publications. This, undoubtedly, has drawn various clients to my business and also contributed to my most recent positive testimonials.”

During the pandemic, Neelam has adapted to take her readings as an astrologer and psychic online, through her website Mystic Neelam, where you can book readings. She looks forward to resuming in-person readings, once it is safe to do so.

Cropped view of astrologer drawing birth chart with watercolour drawing on table.

In terms of her work as an astrologer, Neelam likes to “go deeper beyond the surface of their lives” and share with clients what she sees by embracing a person's spirituality and helping them to also enhance it so that they can grow and progress. She adds, “I want to be authentic and help people find their true selves. Authenticity is about finding out who you are and working with that and that's exactly my approach.”

Despite working in a sometimes misunderstood field, often criticised for inauthenticity, Neelam said, “I realise now, having worked for over 14 years in this work, that people really do benefit from a spiritual aspect to their lives. Clients go away more aware, at peace, and with hope.”

Neelam believes that even the most hopeless of situations can be managed with the right support. “And I guess that's what I do,” she adds, eloquently summing up the role of an astrologer: “I listen, I really care and I want to help as best as I can, without judgement.”

Neelam can be contacted at

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