It’s that time of year again! The Centre of Excellence learners have submitted entries to the COE Awards in their hundreds and the calibre this year has been incredibly impressive. From using newfound knowledge to commit to charitable work and helping others, to seeking transformational education to alleviate some of life’s obstacles and find new paths from within, you have all achieved so much this year!

In our eyes, every single entrant is deserving of a commendation for your hard work, ceaseless curiosity, and dedication to broadening those horizons! Each of the stories of how our entrants have used the courses they’ve studied truly inspires us. It’s always incredibly hard for us to choose our winners so allow us to take the time to introduce you to the Centre of Excellence Award Winners and Runners Up of 2021, by category.

CoE Awards Winner: Best Business

This award is aimed at those that have gone on to set up a business after completing a course with Centre of Excellence. We have been so impressed with how the entrants went on to use their new skills to set their businesses apart from the competition!

And the Winner is… Kayleigh Slocombe

Kayleigh blew us away with her business that combines creativity with care. This talented tattoo artist set up Lincolnshire Mastectomy Art to provide post-breast cancer tattooing, including areola and nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy surgery, as well as scar reduction therapy.

Kayleigh Slocombe, a winner of the COE Awards 2021.

CoE Awards Winner: Learner Of The Year

These entrants have really pushed the boundaries with their learning this year.

And the Winner is… Sam Wood

The whole team here at CoE was inspired by Sam’s amazing story of transformation in the face of adversity. You can read her full story about how mindfulness helped her cope with chronic pain on our blog.

CoE Awards Winner: Inspiration

These students have all shown dedication and perseverance to achieve their goals no matter what difficulties life has thrown at them.

And the Winner is… Bryony Howard

Having studied 53 courses with Centre of Excellence, Bryony’s enthusiasm for education and her inspirational story really embody our goals here at Centre of Excellence to empower people to live well with learning. We also loved her entry, which she performed through the medium of song!

CoE Awards Winner: Outstanding Therapist

This award is dedicated to the therapists who are helping their clients to make positive life changes, feel like a million dollars and send them back into the world in a state of bliss!

And the Winner is… Simon Taylor

The reviews from Simon’s clients say it all. Simon is passionate about helping people create lasting change in their lives for the better and it really shows in his work in Hypnosis, CBT, DBT, Gestalt Therapy and NLP. Perhaps this is what makes him the highest-rated therapist in his area!

CoE Awards Winner: Entrepreneur

Drive, ambition and a mindset for success are all the attributes that make a successful entrepreneur. These entrants all have these qualities in spades! They are all exceptional individuals who identified a market opportunity and built an outstanding business around it.

And the Winner is… Leticia Ferrera-Rivera

We were so impressed by Leticia’s tarot deck. This entrepreneurial woman created the cards by hand and the deck is going to be published by Hay House. What an achievement!

CoE Awards Winner: Pet Care

Here at CoE, you know we love our pets! These animal lovers have all worked hard to provide the best possible care and attention to their customers and their pets. They have all gone the extra mile for the animals in our lives.

And the Winner is… Emma Hotchkiss

Emma’s passion and dedication came through in her entry. She has set her business, Bartestree Pooches, apart from the competition with a deeply empathetic and supportive approach, using all forms of social media and WhatsApp to make sure her clients and their pups are well-catered for, becoming one of the top three dog walking services in Herefordshire and hiring three employees to execute her vision.

Emma Hotchkiss, a winner of the COE Awards 2021.

CoE Awards Winner: Contribution

Given the current climate, it has been especially inspiring to hear how these learners have helped to make a big difference in their local communities this year.

And the Winner is… Meltem Arikan

Meltem’s story is unique and moving. In 2011, as an author living in Istanbul, she wrote an absurd play that became the target of a hate campaign, and she had to leave Turkey with a single suitcase. Two years later, her partner became terminally ill in the month of their marriage and later passed. It was a turning point in which Meltem decided to help people and become a health practitioner, life coach and counsellor, showing incredible resilience and compassion.

CoE Awards Winner: Achievement

These learners have stepped out of their comfort zone and made some big changes to achieve their goals this year and we are so proud to have them among our CoE community of students!

And the Winner is… Kate Byrne

Kate developed new skills and built confidence in order to start her own business. Her company helps others through dance, with particular focus on those who might feel excluded or like there aren’t many options available to them. She hopes to get more people dancing, especially those with reduced mobility or those who struggle with social anxiety.

CoE Awards Winner: Shining Star

This award recognises those that have gone on to make a difference in the lives of others. Care, compassion and love are needed more than ever; these entrants shine so bright!

And the Winner is… Nerine Jansen

Nerine has overcome so much and really impressed everyone at CoE with her positive outlook after she and her son were subjected to narcissistic abuse. She was inspired to escape this toxic environment by her learning at Centre of Excellence and hopes to help others do the same with her new skills.

'Congratulations, to our winners, highly commended students and runners up!'

Here at Centre of Excellence, we are supremely proud to be at the heart of a vibrant community of hard-working students. The determination and enthusiasm of our students never cease to impress us and there is nothing better than seeing our graduates go on to succeed in further education, work, business or just life in general!

The whole team has taken such pleasure in hearing your stories, reading your entries and watching your video submissions. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to support the Centre of Excellence Awards 2021.

Congratulations to all our Winners, Highly Commended students and our runners up - as well as each and every learner who took the time to enter.

Happy holidays!

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Linda Mapeley
Linda Mapeley
— July 21, 2022 14:06:40
Marvellous, so inspiring to hear of these persons' success.

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