While foot reflexology is better-known, hand reflexology uses points on the hand, which are far more accessible and arguably more useful, as some may struggle to access the relative points on the feet. On each hand, there are reflex points that correspond to various parts of the body. Once pressure is applied, energy blocks begin to dissipate and inner healing can begin.

Hand Reflexology Balances and Harmonises

With life being as fast-paced as it is, it’s easy for the body to fall foul of stress. In these times, it’s even more important to protect the functioning of the immune system, which is under constant attack. A gentle, nurturing therapy such as hand reflexology works in unison with the body to help protect and correct physical and physiological imbalances, through the stimulation of the nervous system. It strengthens the connection between mind and body – relieving stress and promoting deep relaxation. Many people say they sleep better following a session of hand reflexology and this, in turn, increases healing potential. However, the benefits of reflexology go far beyond relaxation, as many health conditions can be improved by utilising the easy-to-use techniques of the therapy.

Health benefits are extensive and include (but are not limited to):

  • Reduced constipation
  • Easing of shoulder aches
  • Alleviation of headaches
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Alleviation of back pain
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Opening and relieving of sinuses

Reflex points on the hands are far more flexible and hand reflexology is easier to do on yourself than foot reflexology. Also, some people are not keen on having their feet touched, so can gain incredible health benefits through hand reflexology that they would otherwise miss out on. It is worth noting that hand reflex points are deeper than those on the feet, which tend to be just under the surface. So, when applying pressure (by using the tip of the thumb or index finger), make it a little more intense and hold the point for longer.

How to Use Hand Reflexology

It is important to understand the reflex point locations on the hands before commencing. All points should be utilised for whole-health benefits, but it is possible to work on specific reflex points where there are existing health problems, such as headaches, sinus pain, neck or shoulder problems. With a reflexology chart, you can detect the reflex points on your hand and apply gentle pressure at first using the thumb or a finger. Rotate with consistent pressure using a circular motion. Do this for up to 5 seconds. Move your thumb and finger to a new spot, next to where you have just worked the reflex point, and continue applying circular pressure for up to 5 seconds.

Relaxation Technique

Here’s a simple way to provide a relaxing start to any treatment:

Using the left hand, rub the right wrist with an outward sweeping motion of the thumb. Keep the motion consistent and continue on to move the thumb into the palm of the right hand. Work slowly from the middle towards the edges of the palm. This should last approximately 60 seconds. Now work on the back of the right hand, using the thumb to work from the knuckles to the wrist. Aim for a relaxing motion and do not apply too much pressure to the back of the hand.

Release tension from the fingers by holding one finger at a time between the thumb and forefinger. Move from side to side, working the joint of the knuckle. This should be a slow, measured movement and is not intended to crack the knuckles. Continue with each digit on that hand. Then, squeeze the hand and repeat on the left hand. The fingers represent the skull, brain, glands, skin of the face, hearing and sight. The toes have the same representations.

On the right hand, begin at the top of the thumb and move your left thumb or finger down in small, incremental movements downwards to the base. Do this all over the thumb so that every part is stimulated. Then, repeat on the index finger, moving onto each of the other fingers in turn. Cover every part of the skin on both the inside of the fingers and the outside.


Hand reflexology is a complex but powerful healing therapy that encourages whole-body health and wellbeing. By working various parts of the hand, you stimulate meridians, the spine, the lungs, the shoulders, thyroid, stomach, and so on. There is much to learn with hand reflexology but with so many benefits, it is certainly worth the effort. When you use reflexology, you literally have access to your own health through your hands.

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