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At this time of year, you'll hear a lot of advice about how to live your best life in the upcoming 12 months. There are many tried and tested tools to help you achieve your goals for 2022 and an abundance of guides on how to do so. But, those folks following alternative lifestyles with esoteric interests are often forgotten. Why not try Centre of Excellence's spells for guidance and prosperity to craft the year of your dreams?

Magic, with the right intentions and energy, helps people all over the world. From charms and prayers to astral spells and shamanism, we'll guide you through the wonderful world of spellcasting and kickstart your 2022 with some spells for guidance to aid you as you embark on a great year ahead!

A witch crafting spells for guidance in a wood.

When we cast a spell, we are literally spelling out our intentions to the universe and sending a powerful message to the subconscious. Each spell cast is as individual and unique as the practitioner. But there are a few basic similarities you will find in all successful spells and they will serve you well as you plan your own spells for guidance in 2022. So, let’s dissect the magical formula for a spell.

There are five key fundamentals of successful spells.

  1. Intent: have a clear idea of what you wish the spell to achieve
  2. Desire: really want what the spell is intended to achieve
  3. Focus: give the spell a manifestation (verbal or otherwise) to focus the energy
  4. Release: be prepared to let the spell go out into the world and work its magic
  5. Belief: have conviction your spell will work in the way that is right for you

Generally, spells work when you apply a sincere appreciation and gratitude for the workings and connectedness of the universe and its energies. The emotional power and magnetic universal energy of a spell is its lifeforce so work with the Lightbody to imbue your spells with potency.

A man crafting spells for guidance in a dark woodland.

When casting spells, also remember the spiritual law of karma. As you’re here for spells for guidance, it is safe to assume you do not wish to harness malevolent spellcasting but it’s important to note the dangers of unethical spellcasting.

Love spells are a good example of what constitutes good intent. However, casting a love spell to remove someone’s free will by forcibly attracting an individual is unethical. Should you cast a love spell to attract your perfect partner, however, you are not only practising ethically by allowing for free will, but you are also more likely to succeed in your spell as you are providing the universe with good intent and acting in harmony with other beings.

After all, why bother with spells focusing on negative intent and energy when there are so many wonderful kinds of spells you can cast for your own quest to find fulfillment. From love spells to spells for guidance and prosperity, the world of spellcasting can be limitless.

A woman in a red cloak crafting spells for guidance in a dark room.

So, let’s begin. All spells start with the invocation of Sacred Space and calling upon energies and any other higher beings you wish to use as correspondences. You can call on elementals, animal allies, plant allies, your guardian angel, organ spirits as well as universal energy and the Lightbody for other spells such as hexes and quantum breath spells, to name but a few. When the spell is finished, close your Sacred Space by thanking the energies and beings and allowing them to leave.

We’ll now guide you through two spells for guidance you can use in 2022.

A book of spells for guidance using lunar cycles.

Sigil Spells for Guidance in 2022

Sigil spells are an excellent place to start for new spellcasters, the mastery of which will help you realise your goals. A sigil is simply a symbol or sign you create to represent and manifest the intent of your spell, acting as a container and medium for energy and power. These basic steps can be altered to align with your practice and purpose.

  1. Invoke Sacred Space.
  2. Write your intention down in your spellbook. Keep it simple, straightforward and positive. For example, if you want to heal in 2022, simply write the word ‘healing’.
  3. Cross out the vowels and repeating letters. So, to use the healing example, you’re left with the letters h l n g.
  4. Now take these remaining letters and move them around to create your sigil. Play around with them until you have a sigil that feels right to you. There are no rules here; they may overlap, be different sizes, and take whatever symbolic form that aligns with your intent.
  5. Activate your sigil with breath. You can do this with singing, chanting, meditating, sex, visualisation, or any other method that works for you.
  6. Infuse your sigil with the intention of the spell and the power of breath.
  7. Burn your sigil or keep it in a safe place if you prefer. Either way, release the intention and the energy to the universe in order for it to manifest.
  8. Close the Sacred Space, stop thinking of the intention and let the subconscious work its magic.

A book of spells for guidance using runes.

Spells for Guidance in 2022: Changing Your Future

Changing your future is easier than you think because you are constantly shifting your vibration and thus, the possibilities for what your future holds. Follow these steps and this spell can help you jump to the timeline you desire.

  1. Invoke Sacred Space.
  2. Call on your Lightbody and your Interdimensional Entity.
  3. Imagine, in detail, the future timeline you want, considering harmony for all as well as yourself.
  4. Write it down in your spellbook and visualise it, ensuring everything in the timeline helps you and other beings vibrate at a higher frequency.
  5. Repeat this step for a future timeline you don’t want but don’t dwell on this too much; we are simply getting a sense of contrast between the future we want and don’t want.
  6. Create a sigil that represents your desired future timeline. Infuse the sigil with breath and intent and place it on your altar.
  7. Choose an ally to help you manifest your desired future timeline and respectfully ask them to oversee your jump to this timeline.
  8. Place an icon representing your ally onto your altar, shift your vibratory state to appreciation and jump to the new future timeline.
  9. Return to consciousness and dissolve your Sacred Space.
  10. Live your new timeline and if you feel yourself jumping back to the old one, renew your appreciation for your ally.

A witch crafting spells for guidance in a wood.

Whichever spells for guidance you decide to cast, the new year is a perfect time to do so. Much like resolutions, they can send powerful messages out to the universe to help you have the year you desire.

We wish you all the best for the new year, from the COE family.

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