Rae’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and transformation. It's a tale that mirrors the journey of many learners who have found enjoyment in Centre of Excellence's diverse and empowering educational environment.

Rae’s Story

Three years ago, Rae faced a significant life change when she became disabled. This period brought overwhelming challenges - but amidst the turbulence, Rae discovered a beacon of hope and opportunity in Centre of Excellence. It started with a passion for fashion design, a course that became a source of strength and focus during the toughest days.

"I became disabled three years ago. I started my fashion design diploma just as I started getting really poorly. It helped me get through the worst days and gave me something to focus on," Rae recalls. This initial step into the world of fashion design and dressmaking was just the beginning of a transformative journey. Rae adds, "I have since completed the Fashion Design and Dressmaking Business Diploma and am currently studying the Jewellery-Making Diploma."

Educational Empowerment

Centre of Excellence's flexible learning model was a perfect fit for Rae. "There are so many reasons why I decided to study with Centre of Excellence. The access and ease of studying as and when I can is one of the best. Also, the wide range of courses is phenomenal," Rae explains. This flexibility is a cornerstone of what we do, allowing learners like Rae to study their courses in a way that fits their individual needs and schedules.

What stands out most in Rae's journey is the deep personal growth and empowerment. "I’ve gained skills and qualifications I didn’t think I’d be able to gain being disabled.” Ray shares. “But this is only the beginning now." These words reflect our commitment to making education inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances.

Rae's aspirations didn’t stop at fashion design. Driven by newfound confidence and expertise, Rae ventured into jewellery making. This new passion is both a hobby and a stepping stone to a bigger dream: "Now I love my fashion, and I’m venturing into the jewellery market to go with my fashion. I hope to open my jewellery business as soon as possible."

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Rae offers this candid advice for those considering online education: "My advice for people thinking of taking an online course, is Do it! Don’t think about it - and if you have to think about it, think of why you SHOULD do it and why it’s good for you!” In an emotional statement, Rae adds, “Thank you for helping me be me again!”

Take Your First Step with Centre of Excellence

Inspired by Rae's story? It's time to explore the world of possibilities that awaits you at Centre of Excellence. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Affordability: Our courses are reasonably priced, offering great value.
  • Flexible Timing: Study at your own pace, whenever and wherever.
  • Diverse Range of Subjects: From history to hobbies, business to the supernatural, we have it all.
  • Comprehensive Support and Guidance: You'll have a personal tutor and access to our vibrant Facebook Study Group.

Don’t wait. Discover your potential, unlock new skills, and begin your own journey of transformation. Explore our courses now and begin your story of success and fulfilment. Remember, every course you take is a step towards achieving your dreams. 

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