Helen's story is one of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of education. At a time when challenges seemed all-consuming, Centre of Excellence became a beacon of hope and a source of strength for her.

Helen’s Story

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Helen's journey with us began during a very difficult time in her life. Long-term housebound due to chronic illnesses and registered blind since birth, Helen faced obstacles that would have deterred many. She recalls, "After failing my AS levels many years earlier, I had convinced myself I was destined to fail in whatever I did in the future." However, Helen's unwavering spirit and determination to make the good out of her situation led her to take a leap of faith with Centre of Excellence, starting with a course in Numerology, a subject she was familiar with.

Unwavering Spirit and Determination

This decision marked the beginning of an incredible learning adventure. Helen has since completed an astounding 46 courses with multiple distinctions, covering a wide array of subjects from Astrology to Herbalist, and even the intriguing Shadow Mastery Diploma Course, which, as Helen puts it, "literally kept jumping out the screen at me urging me to do it."

The Centre of Excellence's online learning platform, with its diverse range of subjects, offered Helen an opportunity to explore her interests deeply. "Studying gives me a much-needed reason to get up, regardless of how bad the symptoms are," she shares. "I try and do as much as I can each day and have something to look forward to when results come home."

Thriving in her Studies

Despite the complexities added by her limited vision, Helen found ways to adapt and thrive in her studies. She says, "I have managed to find ways of doing around things and have loved every single second." This adaptability and joy in learning highlight the Centre of Excellence's commitment to inclusivity and support for every learner.

Helen's participation in our vibrant online study group brought her into contact with people from all over the world, enriching her educational journey. This sense of community is a cornerstone of our approach, fostering an environment where learners can support and learn from each other.

As Helen envisions combining everything she has learned into a coaching business, she reflects, "My biggest piece of advice is never to give up on your dreams; regardless of your situation, there are always adaptations out there that can be made for you to succeed."

Her gratitude towards the Centre of Excellence is profound. "The last few years have been hell on earth as my health has slowly declined, but the Centre of Excellence and all the courses you have enabled me to study are what keeps me going, and my life would be so much more unbearable without it," she expresses.

Transform Your Life Through Online Education

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