Meet Dee, one of our inspiring students at the Centre of Excellence. Through studying our comprehensive courses, Dee transformed her passions into a flourishing business and now runs her own Acupuncture Practice. Her story is proof that education can lead to real-life success and fulfilment. 

Let’s discover how Dee’s educational journey with us led to the birth of her own business.

Discovering New Passions

Photograph of CoE student, Dee

Dee's journey began with her love for gardening and a desire to help others heal. She chose the Bach Flower Remedies Diploma at Centre of Excellence because it connected her gardening interest with her passion for healing therapies. 

"I studied Bach Remedies with Centre of Excellence as I love gardening and healing therapies; the two interests I had went well together," reflected Dee. This course was just the start, allowing her to combine her personal interests with professional growth.

Expanding Her Skills

Curious about other healing methods, Dee also began studying our Craniosacral Therapy Diploma. At her Acupuncture Practice, her focus is on offering holistic care, which means she looks at the whole person, not just one issue. 

Dee treats many conditions, including infertility, PTSD, and anxiety related to menopause. "I really wanted to see what other therapies had to offer. My acupuncture practice is holistic and people-centred," she explained.

Enjoying Flexible Learning

At Centre of Excellence, Dee appreciated being able to learn at her own pace. This flexibility allowed her to manage her studies alongside other responsibilities. 

"I enjoyed learning something new and going through each section. I bought the printed copy of the course as I am a visual learner and found it really helpful and well laid out," She recalled. The flexibility and support made her learning experience enjoyable and effective.

Overcoming Challenges

Starting a business is always a challenge, and Dee was able to push through the discomfort and embrace the learning opportunities along the way.  "A very sharp learning curve setting up my business and a lot to learn," She noted. 

However, Dee’s determination paid off. Now, she's thrilled with her new career and encourages others, saying, "Believe in yourself, you can do it!" 

Dee's inspiring story shows that with the right education and support, starting a new career is possible at any stage of life.

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