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Are you beginning to feel the Christmas spirit? Do you hear the sleigh bells ring? Are your presents already beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree? If you are currently experiencing any of these moments, then you are definitely in a Christmassy mood and ready for the festivities to set your world asparkle!

However, holidays have a bittersweet way of becoming stressful. Too much chocolate, too many responsibilities, too many gifts and guests... Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to de-stress winter celebrations and reclaim the beloved Christmassy feeling, without the addition of unwanted clutter.

Hygge - The Perfect Chrsitmassy Feeling

All across the world, the Danish concept of hygge has taken root. And what better time to embrace it than Christmas? Although it may sound strange, hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’), is a very simple concept.

Hygge is all about creating intimacy, comfort and warmth. It is an emotion, just as much as it is an act of simplifying life. Hygge helps you to find happiness and warmth as the nights become longer and darker, snow covers the ground and temperatures plummet. It also helps you to take a step away from technology, a welcome and unexpected gift for the holidays that leaves you with abundant quality time for your family and friends.

Now is the time to invite a little hygge into your home!

Put on your most Christmassy sweater, get cosy by the fire with a steaming cup of tea in hand and consider the following:

  1. Escape in the warming glow of candlelight. Turn off the lights and relax by the flame of natural light. Beeswax is best in terms of creating a flickering and glowing atmosphere, filling the air with the scent of honey. Scented soy candles in glass jars go a long way to invoke the holiday spirit - do not use them sparingly!
  2. Hang your creativity on the tree. Pick up some needles and knit or crochet a Christmassy ornament or make one out of twigs and branches found in nature. Any way you can bring some greenery into your home, do it. Let your inner artist decorate the stage of your life.
  3. Keep the hot drinks flowing. Sipping mulled wine, served in your best ceramic mugs, with your closest friends around the table, is a wonderful way to catch up on conversations that were missed earlier in the year. If tea is more your thing, try a delicious vanilla chai or a blend you have never sampled before. Hot cocoa with marshmallows and steaming coffee will never go out of fashion.
  4. Discover soft textures. A large hand-knitted blanket, boasting chunky cables, will keep you cosy and warm on the couch as you dive into your latest read. Maybe a book that you bought just for this season of slowing down…
  5. Find time to bake. Forget the store-bought boxes of cookies, it is time to reclaim your kitchen. Try a simple Scandinavian favourite such as almond cakes, cinnamon swirls, sandbakelsers, pebber nodders or krumkakes. Bake up a storm with simple ingredients and a whole lot of love to share!
  6. Simplify gift giving. Pass by the harsh wrapping paper and opt for natural, neutral, textured papers tied with a single ribbon. Of course, you can always let your presence be the gift, for that is the greatest gift of all.
  7. Game night. Now, that you have decided to slow down your consumption of technology in favour of more engaging, hygge-style, get-togethers, it is time to gather your dear ones and bring out your favourite board games and rediscover the act of playing together.
  8. Get outside! It is no secret that, to be inspired, you need to take in a breath of fresh air, even if it is a cold one! To feel truly Christmassy, put your mittens on, go for a long walk, and let the chilled air embrace you, snowflakes, ice and all.

Are you ready to hygge your Christmas and create new traditions? Start appreciating the little things in life, and you’re well on your way to making lasting moments that will be joyously remembered for years to come.

Now is the time to hang those stockings in true Christmas spirit and embrace hygge to create a magnificently Christmassy environment in your home.

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