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In today’s busy world, more and more of us are cottoning on to the fact that crafting, be it knitting, crochet, jewellery making, embroidery or picking up a paintbrush, helps to ease stress, improve mood and boost happiness. Those niggling worries going around in our heads seem to melt away when we’re fully absorbed and focused on a creative task. Not only that but the wonderful sense of achievement when the project is finished has got to be good for us! With this in mind, here are five simple ideas to try, all with an inspirational feel-good twist.

Crafting Projects to Boost Mind and Motivation

Weight Loss Pebble Jars

If you’re slimming down, here’s a great motivational crafting project for you! Take two glass jars. Decorate a label for one that says “Pounds Lost” and one for the other with “Pounds to Go”. Then use glass paints to customise your jars. Pop a glass pebble or marble in each jar accordingly to represent each pound on your journey so far. Keep moving the pebbles over as you work towards achieving your weight-loss goal.

Frame Your Thoughts

As with crafting, inspirational quotes have the power to lift us up when we’re feeling down, so why not combine the two? Search Pinterest to find those you can really relate to, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook, where we regularly post our favourites. Print them out onto quality paper – or try your hand at modern calligraphy – and pop them in a frame. Upcycle old ornate frames by painting them in coordinating colours and hang a selection in a gallery-style collection for an uplifting display that will always make you smile.

Crystal Necklace

Crystals are natural wellbeing and energy boosters and a really good way to harness their positivity and protection is to make them into jewellery. Create your own personal talisman by choosing a crystal that represents your birthstone, or simply select one that you feel particularly drawn to. Wire wrapping a crystal is an easy necklace technique to try (there are some good examples on YouTube) which involves wrapping thin wire randomly around the stone and then forming a loop at the top so that it can be attached to a chain.

Spin a Yarn

The satisfaction that comes with knitting or crocheting a super cosy blanket will give you a lovely warm feeling inside. Making blanket squares can be as simple or as intricate as you wish, depending on your crafting ability. A good size to aim for with your squares is 20cm. You’ll need to stitch together 35 squares (7 across and 5 down) to make a blanket that’s 1.4m by 1m. Dig out your needles and cast on to use up any leftover wool you might have lying around, or have fun creating new colour-coordinated designs with some gorgeous new yarns.

Sew Scent-sational!

Making scented drawer sachets is a lovely way to combine both sewing and aromatherapy as you can use essential oils to fragrance them, depending on the mood you want to create. All you need is two squares of leftover fabric, around 12cm x 12cm. Use pinking shears along the edges of your fabric so that it doesn’t fray, then simply place the two squares, right sides facing outwards, and use a sewing machine to zig-zag stitch around the edge, leaving a gap along one side to insert the filling. Put a few drops of your chosen essential oil onto some cotton wool and stuff. Stitch up the gap to finish and place in a drawer for a waft of heavenly fragrance every time you open it.

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