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Personal Trainer working on tablet computer

Business Opportunities for Personal Trainers

Today’s Personal Trainers need to be much more than fitness trainers counting sets and reps. To thrive in the fitness industry, ... Read More

Women Practicing Yoga - Warrior Pose

Yoga vs Pilates: Which is Best for You?

Are you interested in yoga and Pilates but don’t know which to choose? Discover the differences and find out which is best for ... Read More

Close up of woman with fruit water in glass bottle

7 Steps to Your Healthiest Month Yet

Drink More Water Most of us know that we should drink more water, but it’s one of the easiest “simple habits” to ignore. ... Read More

Personal Trainer Discussing Progress with Client

5 Ways Personal Trainers Can Motivate Their Clients

As a personal trainer, part of your job is to motivate clients. Do you do these 5 things? Make Sure Your Client Feels Comfortable ... Read More

Determined Man

Fire Up Your Fitness Motivation in February

Are your New Year fitness goals starting to slip? These 9 tips will fire you up again! 1. Make a vision board Cut out ... Read More

Woman exercising indoors

Lousy Weather? Get Cardio Workouts Done Indoors

This time of year can be frustrating for cardio athletes. Don’t let the weather get in the way of your goals. Get your cardio ... Read More

Sports woman screaming with fists clenched, determined to succeed

Re-Start Your Fitness Routine

You were super-focused on your fitness goals in November. What happened? Here’s how to get your motivation back on track for ... Read More

Crowded Gym

9 Ways to Beat the January Gym Crowd

Gym crowded with New Year newbies vowing to get fit? Stay calm and focused with our 9 tried-and-tested ways to make a busy gym ... Read More

Man jogging in winter snow

Exercise Over Christmas with These No-Gym Workouts

Can’t get to the gym over Christmas? Don’t worry, it’s easy to burn calories with these three festive at-home workouts. ... Read More

Man Holding Nutritional Supplements

Are Nutritional Supplements Necessary?

Sports supplements are big news, with people drinking protein smoothies for breakfast, chugging sports drinks during workouts, ... Read More

Happy Man Riding a Bike

The 5 Everyday Habits of Naturally Slim People

We all know them: the naturally slim and athletic guys and girls who seem to maintain their weight effortlessly. How do they do ... Read More

Woman doing yoga in her bedroom

Surprising Benefits Of Yoga (They Don’t Tell You This In Class!)

Anyone who’s ever done a downward-facing dog knows that yoga is great for stretching and relaxation. But the true benefits of ... Read More