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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Diploma Course

15 Modules

  • Certified Course
  • Accredited Course
  • Online study
  • Tutor support
  • No time limit for completing your course
  • 150 hours of study
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What Will You Learn?

DBT is a practical, hands-on therapy which can be used to help everyone, even you don’t have a mood disorder. From this course you will learn about emotions and how to change them, become more able to interact better with others, be more mindful, and learn how to handle difficult situations proficiently.

The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Diploma Course begins by outlining what DBT is, why and how it was developed (including a little about its creator, Marsha M Linehan), and how it is used. From this foundational knowledge, you’ll quickly gain an understanding of the...

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Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1 – DBT Overview
  • Part 1: What is DBT?
  • Part 2: The History of DBT
  • Part 3: What Does it Mean to be Dialectical?
  • Part 4: Who is DBT for?
  • Module 1 Assessment
Module 2 - Biosocial Theory and How Emotion Dysregulation Develops
  • Part 1: Deconstructing Emotion Dysregulation
  • Part 2: Biosocial Theory
  • Part 3: Skills Modules by Category
  • Module 2 Assessment
Module 3 – Rationale for DBTs Structure
  • Part 1: DBT’s Many Working Parts
  • Part 2: DBT Stages
  • Module 3 Assessment
Module 4 – Different DBT Skills Learning Environments
  • Part 1: Different Types of DBT Therapeutic Environments
  • Part 2: DBT Basics
  • Part 3: Forming a Group
  • Part 4: How is DBT Different from other Types of Therapy
  • Module 4 Assessment
Module 5 – Filling Your Toolbox
  • Part 1: The Diary Card
  • Part 2: Half Smile and Willing Hands
  • Module 5 Assessment
Module 6 – Analysing Problem Behaviour
  • Part 1: Chain Analysis
  • Part 2: Chain Analysis Guide and Worksheets
  • Module 6 Assessment
Module 7 - DBT Mindfulness Skills
  • Part 1: DBT Mindfulness Skills
  • Part 2: 5-Minute Mindfulness Exercises
  • Part 3: Introducing You to Core Mindfulness Skills
  • Part 4: Describe Skills
  • Part 5: The Mindfulness How Skills
  • Module 7 Assessment
Module 8 – Emotion Regulation
  • Part 3: Checking the Facts
  • Part 1: The Purpose of Emotions
  • Part 2: When is Emotion Regulation Used
  • Part 4: Changing Emotions – Opposite Action
  • Part 5: Problem Solving
  • Part 6: Reducing Vulnerability to Emotion Mind – Introduction to ABC PLEASE Skills
  • Part 7: Build Mastery
  • Part 8: Cope Ahead
  • Part 9: Managing Very Difficult Emotions
  • Module 8 Assessment
Module 9 - Distress Tolerance Skills
  • Part 1: Crisis Survival Skill
  • Part 2: Self-Soothe Through the Five Senses
  • Part 3: Reality Acceptance Skills
  • Module 9 Assessment
Module 10 - Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Part 3: Building Relationships and Ending Destructive Ones
  • Part 1: Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Part 2: FAST – When Keeping Self-Respect is the Priority
  • Module 10 Assessment
Module 11 – Typical Individual Sessions and Possible Group Issues for Leaders
  • Part 1: Routine of a Typical Individual Session
  • Part 2: Group Sessions
  • Module 11 Assessment
Appendix I
  • Introduction to Core Mindfulness Skills
  • DBT Skills Training Goals
  • DBT Skills Training Guidelines
  • DBT Skills Training Assumptions
  • DBT Skills Diary Card
  • DBT Skills Training Goals
  • Chain Analysis Worksheet
  • Missing Links Analysis
  • Practising Mindfulness HOW Skills
  • Goals of Mindfulness Practice
Appendix II
  • Observe with Your 5-Senses
  • Describing: Putting Things Into Words
  • Participate: Engaging in the World
  • What Emotions Do for Me Worksheet
  • Emotion Myths Worksheet
  • Universal Emotion Worksheet
  • Check the Facts Worksheet
  • Opposite Action Worksheet
  • Problem-Solving Worksheet
  • Positive Experiences Worksheet
Appendix III
  • Long Term Positive Experiences Worksheet and Build Mastery
  • Cope Ahead Worksheet
  • PLEASE Worksheet
  • Troubleshooting Difficult Emotions Worksheet
  • STOP Worksheet
  • Pros and Cons Worksheet
  • Wise Mind ACCEPTS
  • IMPROVE the Moment
  • Radical Acceptance Worksheet
  • Turning the Mind
Appendix IV
  • Willingness Worksheet
  • DEARMAN Worksheet
  • GIVE Worksheet
  • FAST Worksheet
  • Dialectics Worksheet
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Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has been designed to ease the effects of depression, anxiety, stress, inner chaos, moodiness, impulsiveness, and self-destructiveness, as well as helping us to improve our relationships. It is also used to treat substance abuse, PTSD, and eating disorders.

With this in mind, the course is perfect for those affected by the various conditions above to study, as well as for therapists wishing to add to their existing skills profile. However, the ability to understand and change our emotions, gain improved interpersonal relationships, handle stressful situations better, and be more mindful every day, are traits we can all use.


The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. This is a Level 3 course and will give you 150 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

This course is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits, all of which can be found here.

Upon completion of your course assessments, you receive 2 certificates. A certified Diploma certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners can also receive a certificate of achievement from ABC Awards and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the units the learner has completed as part of the course. (This certificate is optional and costs an additional £15).

ABC Awards is a leading national Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, and the Welsh Government. It has a long-established reputation for developing and awarding high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

This course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.

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