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A woman smiling and enjoying cold water swimming benefits after a swim in a lake.

6 Cold Water Swimming Benefits for Your Body and Mind

Picture a quiet and still body of water as the sun rises and reflects in the ripples, accompanied by a gentle breeze and early ... Read More

A mother and grandmother pictured enjoying good maternal mental health alongside a smiling little girl.

Maternal Mental Health Month: CoE Mums Share Their Advice For Motherhood

May is Maternal Mental Health Month. This time of year is so important in raising awareness of not only the joys but also the ... Read More

Jola Aljakhbir has found the right endometriosis treatment for her through Centre of Excellence.

Endo Awareness: How I Sent My Illness Into ‘Remission’ with the Right Endometriosis Treatment

Imagine a pain that starts in your abdomen and radiates through your body. It can flare up at any moment — in the supermarket, ... Read More

A woman in an ice lake discovering how to swim outdoors in ice cold water.

How to Safely Swim Outdoors in Cold Water Throughout Winter

The joys of cold water swimming are so plentiful — from anecdotal depression and stress reduction to chronic pain management ... Read More

Digestive Detoxing: How to Make Ginger Tea

Even though it fuels and nourishes our bodies, many of us are guilty of taking for granted the incredible processes that aid ... Read More

Learning Helped Me Fight My Own 24/7 Battle With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Please note, this article is not intended as medical advice. Should you be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder or ... Read More

Skin Anatomy: An Examination of the Body’s Largest Organ

Your body is an incredible thing; a system of approximately 10 trillion cells divided into structures and mechanisms that make ... Read More

Woman doing face yoga, making an 'O-shape' with her mouth

Face Yoga – Get Your Face Moving

Yoga has long been known for its rejuvenating effects on the body and mind – helping millions of people look and feel ... Read More

Woman tying the laces of her trainers before going running

10 Reasons to Start Running

Are you thinking about taking your first steps towards becoming a runner? Running has to be one of the simplest, cheapest and ... Read More

Couple with hot chocolate and marshmallows, feeling Christmassy

8 Hygge Tips for an Extra Christmassy Christmas

Are you beginning to feel the Christmas spirit? Do you hear the sleigh bells ring? Are your presents already beautifully wrapped ... Read More

An example of hygge - a couple in knitwear cuddle up together under a blanket, watching a film

Get Cosy with Hygge – Enjoy the Everyday, Every Day

You may have seen this word floating around headlines on the internet or on a stack of books at your local bookshop. But what ... Read More

Woman using yoga for back pain

Yoga for Back Pain – 6 Easy, Try-at-Home Poses

Chronic back pain is a consequence of the sedentary lifestyle most of us are leading these days, topped by unhealthy food habits ... Read More