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General News

The Untold Benefits of Learning British Sign Language

Contrary to popular belief, speech is not a language. Speech is actually a medium by which many of us communicate. But speech isn’t always possible, and where this is the case for whatever reason, visual and spatial languages become of vital importance for communication and expression. One such ...

Healthy Foods on a Table

How To Design Your Ideal Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy nutrition can seem a minefield of conflicting information and confusing advice. Is it possible to design your healthy ... Read More

Woman doing yoga in her bedroom

Surprising Benefits Of Yoga (They Don’t Tell You This In Class!)

Anyone who’s ever done a downward-facing dog knows that yoga is great for stretching and relaxation. But the true benefits of ... Read More

Emma Kirkham – Managing Director of Yorkshire Advanced Aesthetics Ltd

Student Success Story – Emma Kirkham

The courses provided by Centre of Excellence Online are designed to provide customers with real-world skills that will help them ... Read More

Personal Trainer upskilling

Think Outside The Box: Personal Trainer Upskilling

As a personal trainer, part of your job is to motivate clients. Do you do these 5 things? Make Sure Your Client Feels Comfortable ... Read More

Bowl of raw vegetables

The Raw Food Techniques We Should All Be Using

Raw food has been hot news in nutrition for years, and the trend is here to stay. So let’s look at some of the best raw food ... Read More

Be Nice Sign

Life Lesson – #1 Be Nice

They say that in business you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down. In reality professional relationships ... Read More