Mentalism: The Art of Memorisation, the Memory Palace and Memory Manipulation

The most common synonym for mentalism is mind reading. But actually, the art of mentalism is so much more than that. From memorisation to lie detection, mentalism is the ability to hone your intuition, refine your analytical senses, and attune the incredible power of your mind. Broadly speaking, ...

A woman in the woods with an owl, one of the correspondences of Lilith.

Was Lilith the First Feminist in Folklore?

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The Secret Life of Insects and Their Many Defence Mechanisms

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Exploring Earth’s Beautiful Biomes

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Finding the Milky Way and Other Observable Galaxies

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Fascinating Animal Behaviour You Might Recognise in Your Friends

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How to Sew an Adorable Pin Cushion for Your Sewing Kit

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How Studying CBT for Depression and Anxiety Helped Me Overcome a Nervous Breakdown

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