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You may remember an article we published in February - Centre of Excellence Featured in Vote 100 Album. In the article, we discussed how more and more women are now becoming female entrepreneurs and how much the role women play in society has changed over the last 100 years.

We’re excited to announce that Centre of Excellence CEO and founder, Sara Lou-Ann Jones, is due to be featured in the official Vote100 commemorative album compiled by the History of Parliament Trust. The album, entitled "Voice & Vote", marks the 100th year of women gaining the right to vote in the UK.

As a featured contributor, Sara will be sharing her inspiring story, as well as attending Westminster Abbey tomorrow (Wednesday 27th June 2018), to celebrate the book’s launch. As Vote 100’s representative for the Online Education Industry, Sara’s hope is that her contribution to the album will inspire future female entrepreneurship and encourage more women to follow their dreams.

Written by academics and experts, and featuring a fascinating selection of archival images and documentation, the book tells the story of the struggle for women to get the vote, how the vote was won and how the fight for equality continues to this day.

Voice & Vote is available from Wednesday 27th June 2018 from publisher, St James’s House.

You can read Sara’s inspiring story in the book below:

Voice & Vote - Vote 100 Commemorative Album - Extract

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