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As a personal trainer, part of your job is to motivate clients. Do you do these 5 things?

Make Sure Your Client Feels Comfortable

Do you know how your client really feels about coming to the gym, working out in the park, or training in a 1-2-1 situation with you? It can be very challenging for people, and personal trainers often don’t appreciate just how alien it can feel. Ask your client to share their feelings about working out. And if there are any emotional barriers to training - from the moment they arrive at the facility to the moment they leave - address them.

Take Them for Coffee

How often do you sit down with PT clients outside of training sessions? Make time to take your client outside of the gym environment, to neutral territory (like a coffee shop) to review their progress. Find out if their existing goals are still enough for them? Have their circumstances changed? Have they reached their goal? How can you work with them to set a new goal, identify a mini goal along the way, or design something achievable that will work with their lifestyle?

Check in Outside of the Gym

Very few PTs communicate with their clients outside of training sessions. Ask your client if a text, WhatsApp message, email or Facebook message would help them feel focused and motivated. Consider sending inspirational quotes at challenging times of the day, or sharing ideas, recipes or your own challenges (and solutions) to make them feel supported.

Challenge, but Provide Solutions

If you’ve got a PT client who seems to be struggling with motivation, start a conversation about it. Don’t accuse them, but suggest that you’re getting a sense that they’re having trouble getting motivated lately. If you’re wrong, they’ll reassure you (and probably put in extra effort!) But your instincts are probably correct. In which case, the floor is open for you both to explore practical solutions. You’ll be adding value, and showing that you’re tuned in to their moods.

Help your Client Set Meaningful Rewards

Do you know how your client incentivises himself or herself? Perhaps they are struggling with knowing how to celebrate progress now they have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Help them see that they can treat, rewards and applaud their achievements without breaking their diet or health routine. Discuss what would be a meaningful incentive for them (their health, their body shape, their family, a sport or fitness goal) and show them ways to reward progress whilst staying healthy.

Becoming a personal trainer who really understands your clients on an emotional level will add a massive amount of value to your services as a PT.

Communication, listening skills, emotional awareness, empathy and problem-solving will make you stand out as the PT who does much more than just get people in shape.

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