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What You'll Learn from the Course

Whether actively or passively, your memory is something that you use every day. The Improve Your Memory Diploma Course teaches you the mechanics behind memory and teaches techniques that will aid your ability to recall information, in both your academic and everyday life.

To begin to improve your memory, you must first understand memory itself. You will discover how memories form, what factors go into their creation, what the various types of memories are and how each type differs. The Improve Your Memory Diploma Course also looks at the...

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Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1: The Mysteries of the Human Brain
  • Part 1: What is memory?
  • Part 2: Different types of Memories
  • Part 3: Short term memory
  • Part 4: Declarative memory
  • Part 5: Altering the detail of a memory
  • Part 6: Research on the Human Brain
  • Part 7: What is Memory Bias?
  • Part 8: How unconscious memory bias affects us
  • Part 9: Summary
Module 2: Memory Principles
  • Part 1: What are memory principles?
  • Part 2: Repetition
  • Part 3: Exaggeration
  • Part 4: Chunking
  • Part 5: Association, Imagination and Location
  • Part 6: How to Visualise and Associate
  • Part 7: Visualization
  • Part 8: Meditation
  • Part 9: Summary
Module 3: Memory Systems & Techniques
  • Part 1: Using Mnemonic Devices
  • Part 2: Note taking techniques
  • Part 3: Using Songs, Rhymes & Alliteration
  • Part 4: The Story Method
  • Part 5: The Link Method
  • Part 6: The Method of Loci
  • Part 7: Similar Sounding Technique
  • Part 8: Summary
Module 4: The Numeric Peg System
  • Part 1: The Numeric Peg System
  • Part 2: Linking numbers to pegs help your memory
  • Part 3: Memorizing Ten Items 
  • Part 4: Memorizing More Than Ten Items
  • Part 5: Summary
Module 5: Situational Methods
  • Part 1: Remembering Names
  • Part 2: Remembering Presentations
  • Part 3: Remembering What You Read
  • Part 4: Remembering Passwords
  • Part 5: Remembering Important Dates
  • Part 6: Remembering Numbers
  • Part 7: Remembering Formulas
  • Part 8: Remembering Your To-Do List
  • Part 9: Memorizing Foreign Language Words
  • Part 10: Memorizing Speech & Scripts
  • Part 11: Summary
Module 6: Passing it on
  • Part 1: How to Teach these Principles to Others
  • Part 2: Real Life Application
  • Part 3: Become an ‘Improve Your Memory Trainer’
  • Part 4: Summary

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