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Egyptology Audio Course
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Egyptology Diploma Course

What Will You Learn?

Known as one of the greatest and oldest-known civilizations, Ancient Egypt was both an incredibly interesting and important part of human history. The Egyptology Diploma Course gives you the opportunity to uncover this history, as you are guided through its various periods, religions, beliefs, rulers, and knowledge.

The Egyptology Diploma Course begins by sending you far back, to take a broad look at the history of Ancient Egypt, with an overview of how the society progressed over time. You’ll journey through the following periods: Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom, First Intermediate...

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Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Module 1 – Historical Overview I
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Early Dynastic Period
  • Part 2: First Intermediate Period
  • Part 3: Middle Kingdom
Module 2 – Historical Overview II
  • Part 1: Second Intermediate Period
  • Part 2: New Kingdom
Module 3 – Historical Overview III
  • Part 1: Late Period
  • Part 2: Ptolemaic Period
Module 4 – Ancient Egyptian Religion and Magic
  • Part 1: Deities
  • Part 2: Cosmology
  • Part 3: Religion
  • Part 4: Magic
Module 5 – Death and the Afterlife
  • Part 1: Beliefs about Death and the Afterlife
  • Part 2: Mummification
  • Part 3: Tombs
Module 6 – Kings, Queens and Pharaohs
  • Part 1: Naming and Terminology
  • Part 2: The Divinity of Rulers
  • Part 3: Important Figures
Module 7 – Ancient Egyptian Knowledge I
  • Part 1: Medicine
  • Part 2: Astronomy
  • Part 3: Electricity
Module 8 – Ancient Egyptian Knowledge II
  • Part 1: Architecture
  • Part 2: Spiritual Technology
  • Part 3: Alien Assistance
Module 9 – Racial Issues
  • Part 1: A Historical Question
  • Part 2: Ancient Egyptian Viewpoints
Module 10 – Egyptology Then and Now
  • Part 1: Victorian Egyptology
  • Part 2: Re-Examining Ancient Egypt
  • Conclusion

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